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// SPDX-License-Identifier: GPL-2.0-only
#include <linux/list.h>
#include <linux/rbtree.h>
#include <stdbool.h>
#include "pmu-events/pmu-events.h"
struct evlist;
struct evsel;
struct option;
struct rblist;
struct pmu_events_map;
struct cgroup;
* A node in a rblist keyed by the evsel. The global rblist of metric events
* generally exists in perf_stat_config. The evsel is looked up in the rblist
* yielding a list of metric_expr.
struct metric_event {
struct rb_node nd;
struct evsel *evsel;
struct list_head head; /* list of metric_expr */
* A metric referenced by a metric_expr. When parsing a metric expression IDs
* will be looked up, matching either a value (from metric_events) or a
* metric_ref. A metric_ref will then be parsed recursively. The metric_refs and
* metric_events need to be known before parsing so that their values may be
* placed in the parse context for lookup.
struct metric_ref {
const char *metric_name;
const char *metric_expr;
* One in a list of metric_expr associated with an evsel. The data is used to
* generate a metric value during stat output.
struct metric_expr {
struct list_head nd;
/** The expression to parse, for example, "instructions/cycles". */
const char *metric_expr;
/** The name of the meric such as "IPC". */
const char *metric_name;
* The "ScaleUnit" that scales and adds a unit to the metric during
* output. For example, "6.4e-05MiB" means to scale the resulting metric
* by 6.4e-05 (typically converting a unit like cache lines to something
* more human intelligible) and then add "MiB" afterward when displayed.
const char *metric_unit;
/** Null terminated array of events used by the metric. */
struct evsel **metric_events;
/** Null terminated array of referenced metrics. */
struct metric_ref *metric_refs;
/** A value substituted for '?' during parsing. */
int runtime;
struct metric_event *metricgroup__lookup(struct rblist *metric_events,
struct evsel *evsel,
bool create);
int metricgroup__parse_groups(const struct option *opt,
const char *str,
bool metric_no_group,
bool metric_no_merge,
struct rblist *metric_events);
const struct pmu_event *metricgroup__find_metric(const char *metric,
const struct pmu_events_map *map);
int metricgroup__parse_groups_test(struct evlist *evlist,
const struct pmu_events_map *map,
const char *str,
bool metric_no_group,
bool metric_no_merge,
struct rblist *metric_events);
void metricgroup__print(bool metrics, bool groups, char *filter,
bool raw, bool details, const char *pmu_name);
bool metricgroup__has_metric(const char *metric);
int arch_get_runtimeparam(const struct pmu_event *pe __maybe_unused);
void metricgroup__rblist_exit(struct rblist *metric_events);
int metricgroup__copy_metric_events(struct evlist *evlist, struct cgroup *cgrp,
struct rblist *new_metric_events,
struct rblist *old_metric_events);