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/* SPDX-License-Identifier: GPL-2.0 */
#ifndef __PERF_SYMBOL
#define __PERF_SYMBOL 1
#include <linux/types.h>
#include <linux/refcount.h>
#include <stdbool.h>
#include <stdint.h>
#include <linux/list.h>
#include <linux/rbtree.h>
#include <stdio.h>
#include "path.h"
#include "symbol_conf.h"
#include "spark.h"
#include <libelf.h>
#include <gelf.h>
#include <elf.h>
struct dso;
struct map;
struct maps;
struct option;
struct build_id;
* libelf 0.8.x and earlier do not support ELF_C_READ_MMAP;
* for newer versions we can use mmap to reduce memory usage:
Elf_Scn *elf_section_by_name(Elf *elf, GElf_Ehdr *ep,
GElf_Shdr *shp, const char *name, size_t *idx);
* A symtab entry. When allocated this may be preceded by an annotation (see
* symbol__annotation), a browser_index (see symbol__browser_index) and rb_node
* to sort by name (see struct symbol_name_rb_node).
struct symbol {
struct rb_node rb_node;
/** Range of symbol [start, end). */
u64 start;
u64 end;
/** Length of the string name. */
u16 namelen;
/** ELF symbol type as defined for st_info. E.g STT_OBJECT or STT_FUNC. */
u8 type:4;
/** ELF binding type as defined for st_info. E.g. STB_WEAK or STB_GLOBAL. */
u8 binding:4;
/** Set true for kernel symbols of idle routines. */
u8 idle:1;
/** Resolvable but tools ignore it (e.g. idle routines). */
u8 ignore:1;
/** Symbol for an inlined function. */
u8 inlined:1;
/** Has symbol__annotate2 been performed. */
u8 annotate2:1;
/** Architecture specific. Unused except on PPC where it holds st_other. */
u8 arch_sym;
/** The name of length namelen associated with the symbol. */
char name[];
void symbol__delete(struct symbol *sym);
void symbols__delete(struct rb_root_cached *symbols);
/* symbols__for_each_entry - iterate over symbols (rb_root)
* @symbols: the rb_root of symbols
* @pos: the 'struct symbol *' to use as a loop cursor
* @nd: the 'struct rb_node *' to use as a temporary storage
#define symbols__for_each_entry(symbols, pos, nd) \
for (nd = rb_first_cached(symbols); \
nd && (pos = rb_entry(nd, struct symbol, rb_node)); \
nd = rb_next(nd))
static inline size_t symbol__size(const struct symbol *sym)
return sym->end - sym->start;
struct strlist;
struct intlist;
struct symbol_name_rb_node {
struct rb_node rb_node;
struct symbol sym;
static inline int __symbol__join_symfs(char *bf, size_t size, const char *path)
return path__join(bf, size, symbol_conf.symfs, path);
#define symbol__join_symfs(bf, path) __symbol__join_symfs(bf, sizeof(bf), path)
extern int vmlinux_path__nr_entries;
extern char **vmlinux_path;
static inline void *symbol__priv(struct symbol *sym)
return ((void *)sym) - symbol_conf.priv_size;
struct ref_reloc_sym {
const char *name;
u64 addr;
u64 unrelocated_addr;
struct addr_location {
struct thread *thread;
struct maps *maps;
struct map *map;
struct symbol *sym;
const char *srcline;
u64 addr;
char level;
u8 filtered;
u8 cpumode;
s32 cpu;
s32 socket;
int dso__load(struct dso *dso, struct map *map);
int dso__load_vmlinux(struct dso *dso, struct map *map,
const char *vmlinux, bool vmlinux_allocated);
int dso__load_vmlinux_path(struct dso *dso, struct map *map);
int __dso__load_kallsyms(struct dso *dso, const char *filename, struct map *map,
bool no_kcore);
int dso__load_kallsyms(struct dso *dso, const char *filename, struct map *map);
void dso__insert_symbol(struct dso *dso,
struct symbol *sym);
void dso__delete_symbol(struct dso *dso,
struct symbol *sym);
struct symbol *dso__find_symbol(struct dso *dso, u64 addr);
struct symbol *dso__find_symbol_by_name(struct dso *dso, const char *name);
struct symbol *symbol__next_by_name(struct symbol *sym);
struct symbol *dso__first_symbol(struct dso *dso);
struct symbol *dso__last_symbol(struct dso *dso);
struct symbol *dso__next_symbol(struct symbol *sym);
enum dso_type dso__type_fd(int fd);
int filename__read_build_id(const char *filename, struct build_id *id);
int sysfs__read_build_id(const char *filename, struct build_id *bid);
int modules__parse(const char *filename, void *arg,
int (*process_module)(void *arg, const char *name,
u64 start, u64 size));
int filename__read_debuglink(const char *filename, char *debuglink,
size_t size);
struct perf_env;
int symbol__init(struct perf_env *env);
void symbol__exit(void);
void symbol__elf_init(void);
int symbol__annotation_init(void);
struct symbol *symbol__new(u64 start, u64 len, u8 binding, u8 type, const char *name);
size_t __symbol__fprintf_symname_offs(const struct symbol *sym,
const struct addr_location *al,
bool unknown_as_addr,
bool print_offsets, FILE *fp);
size_t symbol__fprintf_symname_offs(const struct symbol *sym,
const struct addr_location *al, FILE *fp);
size_t __symbol__fprintf_symname(const struct symbol *sym,
const struct addr_location *al,
bool unknown_as_addr, FILE *fp);
size_t symbol__fprintf_symname(const struct symbol *sym, FILE *fp);
size_t symbol__fprintf(struct symbol *sym, FILE *fp);
bool symbol__restricted_filename(const char *filename,
const char *restricted_filename);
int symbol__config_symfs(const struct option *opt __maybe_unused,
const char *dir, int unset __maybe_unused);
struct symsrc;
int dso__load_bfd_symbols(struct dso *dso, const char *debugfile);
int dso__load_sym(struct dso *dso, struct map *map, struct symsrc *syms_ss,
struct symsrc *runtime_ss, int kmodule);
int dso__synthesize_plt_symbols(struct dso *dso, struct symsrc *ss);
char *dso__demangle_sym(struct dso *dso, int kmodule, const char *elf_name);
void __symbols__insert(struct rb_root_cached *symbols, struct symbol *sym,
bool kernel);
void symbols__insert(struct rb_root_cached *symbols, struct symbol *sym);
void symbols__fixup_duplicate(struct rb_root_cached *symbols);
void symbols__fixup_end(struct rb_root_cached *symbols);
void maps__fixup_end(struct maps *maps);
typedef int (*mapfn_t)(u64 start, u64 len, u64 pgoff, void *data);
int file__read_maps(int fd, bool exe, mapfn_t mapfn, void *data,
bool *is_64_bit);
#define PERF_KCORE_EXTRACT "/tmp/perf-kcore-XXXXXX"
struct kcore_extract {
char *kcore_filename;
u64 addr;
u64 offs;
u64 len;
char extract_filename[sizeof(PERF_KCORE_EXTRACT)];
int fd;
int kcore_extract__create(struct kcore_extract *kce);
void kcore_extract__delete(struct kcore_extract *kce);
int kcore_copy(const char *from_dir, const char *to_dir);
int compare_proc_modules(const char *from, const char *to);
int setup_list(struct strlist **list, const char *list_str,
const char *list_name);
int setup_intlist(struct intlist **list, const char *list_str,
const char *list_name);
bool elf__needs_adjust_symbols(GElf_Ehdr ehdr);
void arch__sym_update(struct symbol *s, GElf_Sym *sym);
const char *arch__normalize_symbol_name(const char *name);
#define SYMBOL_A 0
#define SYMBOL_B 1
void arch__symbols__fixup_end(struct symbol *p, struct symbol *c);
int arch__compare_symbol_names(const char *namea, const char *nameb);
int arch__compare_symbol_names_n(const char *namea, const char *nameb,
unsigned int n);
int arch__choose_best_symbol(struct symbol *syma, struct symbol *symb);
enum symbol_tag_include {
int symbol__match_symbol_name(const char *namea, const char *nameb,
enum symbol_tag_include includes);
/* structure containing an SDT note's info */
struct sdt_note {
char *name; /* name of the note*/
char *provider; /* provider name */
char *args;
bool bit32; /* whether the location is 32 bits? */
union { /* location, base and semaphore addrs */
Elf64_Addr a64[3];
Elf32_Addr a32[3];
} addr;
struct list_head note_list; /* SDT notes' list */
int get_sdt_note_list(struct list_head *head, const char *target);
int cleanup_sdt_note_list(struct list_head *sdt_notes);
int sdt_notes__get_count(struct list_head *start);
#define SDT_PROBES_SCN ".probes"
#define SDT_BASE_SCN ".stapsdt.base"
#define SDT_NOTE_SCN ".note.stapsdt"
#define SDT_NOTE_TYPE 3
#define SDT_NOTE_NAME "stapsdt"
#define NR_ADDR 3
enum {
struct mem_info *mem_info__new(void);
struct mem_info *mem_info__get(struct mem_info *mi);
void mem_info__put(struct mem_info *mi);
static inline void __mem_info__zput(struct mem_info **mi)
*mi = NULL;
#define mem_info__zput(mi) __mem_info__zput(&mi)
int symbol__validate_sym_arguments(void);
#endif /* __PERF_SYMBOL */