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/* SPDX-License-Identifier: GPL-2.0-only */
* Driver for the NVIDIA Tegra pinmux
* Copyright (c) 2011, NVIDIA CORPORATION. All rights reserved.
#ifndef __PINMUX_TEGRA_H__
#define __PINMUX_TEGRA_H__
struct tegra_pmx {
struct device *dev;
struct pinctrl_dev *pctl;
const struct tegra_pinctrl_soc_data *soc;
const char **group_pins;
int nbanks;
void __iomem **regs;
u32 *backup_regs;
enum tegra_pinconf_param {
/* argument: tegra_pinconf_pull */
/* argument: tegra_pinconf_tristate */
/* argument: Boolean */
/* argument: Boolean */
/* argument: Boolean */
/* argument: Boolean */
/* argument: Boolean */
/* argument: Boolean */
/* argument: Boolean */
/* argument: Boolean */
/* argument: Integer, range is HW-dependant */
/* argument: Integer, range is HW-dependant */
/* argument: Integer, range is HW-dependant */
/* argument: Integer, range is HW-dependant */
/* argument: Integer, range is HW-dependant */
enum tegra_pinconf_pull {
enum tegra_pinconf_tristate {
#define TEGRA_PINCONF_PACK(_param_, _arg_) ((_param_) << 16 | (_arg_))
#define TEGRA_PINCONF_UNPACK_PARAM(_conf_) ((_conf_) >> 16)
#define TEGRA_PINCONF_UNPACK_ARG(_conf_) ((_conf_) & 0xffff)
* struct tegra_function - Tegra pinctrl mux function
* @name: The name of the function, exported to pinctrl core.
* @groups: An array of pin groups that may select this function.
* @ngroups: The number of entries in @groups.
struct tegra_function {
const char *name;
const char **groups;
unsigned ngroups;
* struct tegra_pingroup - Tegra pin group
* @name The name of the pin group.
* @pins An array of pin IDs included in this pin group.
* @npins The number of entries in @pins.
* @funcs The mux functions which can be muxed onto this group.
* @mux_reg: Mux register offset.
* This register contains the mux, einput, odrain, lock,
* ioreset, rcv_sel parameters.
* @mux_bank: Mux register bank.
* @mux_bit: Mux register bit.
* @pupd_reg: Pull-up/down register offset.
* @pupd_bank: Pull-up/down register bank.
* @pupd_bit: Pull-up/down register bit.
* @tri_reg: Tri-state register offset.
* @tri_bank: Tri-state register bank.
* @tri_bit: Tri-state register bit.
* @einput_bit: Enable-input register bit.
* @odrain_bit: Open-drain register bit.
* @lock_bit: Lock register bit.
* @ioreset_bit: IO reset register bit.
* @rcv_sel_bit: Receiver select bit.
* @drv_reg: Drive fields register offset.
* This register contains hsm, schmitt, lpmd, drvdn,
* drvup, slwr, slwf, and drvtype parameters.
* @drv_bank: Drive fields register bank.
* @hsm_bit: High Speed Mode register bit.
* @sfsel_bit: GPIO/SFIO selection register bit.
* @schmitt_bit: Schmitt register bit.
* @lpmd_bit: Low Power Mode register bit.
* @drvdn_bit: Drive Down register bit.
* @drvdn_width: Drive Down field width.
* @drvup_bit: Drive Up register bit.
* @drvup_width: Drive Up field width.
* @slwr_bit: Slew Rising register bit.
* @slwr_width: Slew Rising field width.
* @slwf_bit: Slew Falling register bit.
* @slwf_width: Slew Falling field width.
* @drvtype_bit: Drive type register bit.
* @parked_bitmask: Parked register mask. 0 if unsupported.
* -1 in a *_reg field means that feature is unsupported for this group.
* *_bank and *_reg values are irrelevant when *_reg is -1.
* When *_reg is valid, *_bit may be -1 to indicate an unsupported feature.
* A representation of a group of pins (possibly just one pin) in the Tegra
* pin controller. Each group allows some parameter or parameters to be
* configured. The most common is mux function selection. Many others exist
* such as pull-up/down, tri-state, etc. Tegra's pin controller is complex;
* certain groups may only support configuring certain parameters, hence
* each parameter is optional.
struct tegra_pingroup {
const char *name;
const unsigned *pins;
u8 npins;
u8 funcs[4];
s32 mux_reg;
s32 pupd_reg;
s32 tri_reg;
s32 drv_reg;
u32 mux_bank:2;
u32 pupd_bank:2;
u32 tri_bank:2;
u32 drv_bank:2;
s32 mux_bit:6;
s32 pupd_bit:6;
s32 tri_bit:6;
s32 einput_bit:6;
s32 odrain_bit:6;
s32 lock_bit:6;
s32 ioreset_bit:6;
s32 rcv_sel_bit:6;
s32 hsm_bit:6;
s32 sfsel_bit:6;
s32 schmitt_bit:6;
s32 lpmd_bit:6;
s32 drvdn_bit:6;
s32 drvup_bit:6;
s32 slwr_bit:6;
s32 slwf_bit:6;
s32 drvtype_bit:6;
s32 drvdn_width:6;
s32 drvup_width:6;
s32 slwr_width:6;
s32 slwf_width:6;
u32 parked_bitmask;
* struct tegra_pinctrl_soc_data - Tegra pin controller driver configuration
* @ngpios: The number of GPIO pins the pin controller HW affects.
* @pins: An array describing all pins the pin controller affects.
* All pins which are also GPIOs must be listed first within the
* array, and be numbered identically to the GPIO controller's
* numbering.
* @npins: The numbmer of entries in @pins.
* @functions: An array describing all mux functions the SoC supports.
* @nfunctions: The numbmer of entries in @functions.
* @groups: An array describing all pin groups the pin SoC supports.
* @ngroups: The numbmer of entries in @groups.
struct tegra_pinctrl_soc_data {
unsigned ngpios;
const char *gpio_compatible;
const struct pinctrl_pin_desc *pins;
unsigned npins;
struct tegra_function *functions;
unsigned nfunctions;
const struct tegra_pingroup *groups;
unsigned ngroups;
bool hsm_in_mux;
bool schmitt_in_mux;
bool drvtype_in_mux;
bool sfsel_in_mux;
extern const struct dev_pm_ops tegra_pinctrl_pm;
int tegra_pinctrl_probe(struct platform_device *pdev,
const struct tegra_pinctrl_soc_data *soc_data);