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/* SPDX-License-Identifier: GPL-2.0 */
/* Marvell CN10K RPM driver
* Copyright (C) 2020 Marvell.
#include "rvu.h"
#include "cgx.h"
* struct lmac - per lmac locks and properties
* @wq_cmd_cmplt: waitq to keep the process blocked until cmd completion
* @cmd_lock: Lock to serialize the command interface
* @resp: command response
* @link_info: link related information
* @mac_to_index_bmap: Mac address to CGX table index mapping
* @event_cb: callback for linkchange events
* @event_cb_lock: lock for serializing callback with unregister
* @cgx: parent cgx port
* @mcast_filters_count: Number of multicast filters installed
* @lmac_id: lmac port id
* @cmd_pend: flag set before new command is started
* flag cleared after command response is received
* @name: lmac port name
struct lmac {
wait_queue_head_t wq_cmd_cmplt;
/* Lock to serialize the command interface */
struct mutex cmd_lock;
u64 resp;
struct cgx_link_user_info link_info;
struct rsrc_bmap mac_to_index_bmap;
struct cgx_event_cb event_cb;
/* lock for serializing callback with unregister */
spinlock_t event_cb_lock;
struct cgx *cgx;
u8 mcast_filters_count;
u8 lmac_id;
bool cmd_pend;
char *name;
/* CGX & RPM has different feature set
* update the structure fields with different one
struct mac_ops {
char *name;
/* Features like RXSTAT, TXSTAT, DMAC FILTER csrs differs by fixed
* bar offset for example
* CGX DMAC_CTL0 0x1f8
* RPM DMAC_CTL0 0x4ff8
u64 csr_offset;
/* For ATF to send events to kernel, there is no dedicated interrupt
* defined hence CGX uses OVERFLOW bit in CMR_INT. RPM block supports
* SW_INT so that ATF triggers this interrupt after processing of
* requested command
u64 int_register;
u64 int_set_reg;
/* lmac offset is different is RPM */
u8 lmac_offset;
u8 irq_offset;
u8 int_ena_bit;
u8 lmac_fwi;
u32 fifo_len;
bool non_contiguous_serdes_lane;
/* RPM & CGX differs in number of Receive/transmit stats */
u8 rx_stats_cnt;
u8 tx_stats_cnt;
/* Incase of RPM get number of lmacs from RPMX_CMR_RX_LMACS[LMAC_EXIST]
* number of setbits in lmac_exist tells number of lmacs
int (*get_nr_lmacs)(void *cgx);
u8 (*get_lmac_type)(void *cgx, int lmac_id);
int (*mac_lmac_intl_lbk)(void *cgx, int lmac_id,
bool enable);
/* Register Stats related functions */
int (*mac_get_rx_stats)(void *cgx, int lmac_id,
int idx, u64 *rx_stat);
int (*mac_get_tx_stats)(void *cgx, int lmac_id,
int idx, u64 *tx_stat);
/* Enable LMAC Pause Frame Configuration */
void (*mac_enadis_rx_pause_fwding)(void *cgxd,
int lmac_id,
bool enable);
int (*mac_get_pause_frm_status)(void *cgxd,
int lmac_id,
u8 *tx_pause,
u8 *rx_pause);
int (*mac_enadis_pause_frm)(void *cgxd,
int lmac_id,
u8 tx_pause,
u8 rx_pause);
void (*mac_pause_frm_config)(void *cgxd,
int lmac_id,
bool enable);
/* Enable/Disable Inbound PTP */
void (*mac_enadis_ptp_config)(void *cgxd,
int lmac_id,
bool enable);
struct cgx {
void __iomem *reg_base;
struct pci_dev *pdev;
u8 cgx_id;
u8 lmac_count;
struct lmac *lmac_idmap[MAX_LMAC_PER_CGX];
struct work_struct cgx_cmd_work;
struct workqueue_struct *cgx_cmd_workq;
struct list_head cgx_list;
u64 hw_features;
struct mac_ops *mac_ops;
unsigned long lmac_bmap; /* bitmap of enabled lmacs */
/* Lock to serialize read/write of global csrs like
struct mutex lock;
typedef struct cgx rpm_t;
/* Function Declarations */
void cgx_write(struct cgx *cgx, u64 lmac, u64 offset, u64 val);
u64 cgx_read(struct cgx *cgx, u64 lmac, u64 offset);
struct lmac *lmac_pdata(u8 lmac_id, struct cgx *cgx);
int cgx_fwi_cmd_send(u64 req, u64 *resp, struct lmac *lmac);
int cgx_fwi_cmd_generic(u64 req, u64 *resp, struct cgx *cgx, int lmac_id);
bool is_lmac_valid(struct cgx *cgx, int lmac_id);
struct mac_ops *rpm_get_mac_ops(void);
#endif /* LMAC_COMMON_H */