Merge tag 'block-6.10-20240523' of git://

Pull more block updates from Jens Axboe:
 "Followup block updates, mostly due to NVMe being a bit late to the
  party. But nothing major in there, so not a big deal.

  In detail, this contains:

   - NVMe pull request via Keith:
       - Fabrics connection retries (Daniel, Hannes)
       - Fabrics logging enhancements (Tokunori)
       - RDMA delete optimization (Sagi)

   - ublk DMA alignment fix (me)

   - null_blk sparse warning fixes (Bart)

   - Discard support for brd (Keith)

   - blk-cgroup list corruption fixes (Ming)

   - blk-cgroup stat propagation fix (Waiman)

   - Regression fix for plugging stall with md (Yu)

   - Misc fixes or cleanups (David, Jeff, Justin)"

* tag 'block-6.10-20240523' of git:// (24 commits)
  null_blk: fix null-ptr-dereference while configuring 'power' and 'submit_queues'
  blk-throttle: remove unused struct 'avg_latency_bucket'
  block: fix lost bio for plug enabled bio based device
  block: t10-pi: add MODULE_DESCRIPTION()
  blk-mq: add helper for checking if one CPU is mapped to specified hctx
  blk-cgroup: Properly propagate the iostat update up the hierarchy
  blk-cgroup: fix list corruption from reorder of WRITE ->lqueued
  blk-cgroup: fix list corruption from resetting io stat
  cdrom: rearrange last_media_change check to avoid unintentional overflow
  nbd: Fix signal handling
  nbd: Remove a local variable from nbd_send_cmd()
  nbd: Improve the documentation of the locking assumptions
  nbd: Remove superfluous casts
  nbd: Use NULL to represent a pointer
  brd: implement discard support
  null_blk: Fix two sparse warnings
  ublk_drv: set DMA alignment mask to 3
  nvme-rdma, nvme-tcp: include max reconnects for reconnect logging
  nvmet-rdma: Avoid o(n^2) loop in delete_ctrl
  nvme: do not retry authentication failures