Merge tag '5.15-rc6-ksmbd-fixes' of git://

Pull ksmbd fixes from Steve French:
 "Ten fixes for the ksmbd kernel server, for improved security and
  additional buffer overflow checks:

   - a security improvement to session establishment to reduce the
     possibility of dictionary attacks

   - fix to ensure that maximum i/o size negotiated in the protocol is
     not less than 64K and not more than 8MB to better match expected

   - fix for crediting (flow control) important to properly verify that
     sufficient credits are available for the requested operation

   - seven additional buffer overflow, buffer validation checks"

* tag '5.15-rc6-ksmbd-fixes' of git://
  ksmbd: add buffer validation in session setup
  ksmbd: throttle session setup failures to avoid dictionary attacks
  ksmbd: validate OutputBufferLength of QUERY_DIR, QUERY_INFO, IOCTL requests
  ksmbd: validate credit charge after validating SMB2 PDU body size
  ksmbd: add buffer validation for smb direct
  ksmbd: limit read/write/trans buffer size not to exceed 8MB
  ksmbd: validate compound response buffer
  ksmbd: fix potencial 32bit overflow from data area check in smb2_write
  ksmbd: improve credits management
  ksmbd: add validation in smb2_ioctl