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/* SPDX-License-Identifier: GPL-2.0 */
* sl3516-ce.h - hardware cryptographic offloader for cortina/gemini SoC
* Copyright (C) 2021 Corentin LABBE <>
* General notes on this driver:
* Called either Crypto Acceleration Engine Module, Security Acceleration Engine
* or IPSEC module in the datasheet, it will be called Crypto Engine for short
* in this driver.
* The CE was designed to handle IPSEC and wifi(TKIP WEP) protocol.
* It can handle AES, DES, 3DES, MD5, WEP, TKIP, SHA1, HMAC(MD5), HMAC(SHA1),
* Michael cipher/digest suites.
* It acts the same as a network hw, with both RX and TX chained descriptors.
#include <crypto/aes.h>
#include <crypto/engine.h>
#include <crypto/scatterwalk.h>
#include <crypto/skcipher.h>
#include <linux/crypto.h>
#include <linux/debugfs.h>
#include <linux/hw_random.h>
#define TQ0_TYPE_DATA 0
#define TQ0_TYPE_CTRL BIT(0)
#define TQ1_CIPHER BIT(1)
#define TQ2_AUTH BIT(2)
#define TQ3_IV BIT(3)
#define TQ4_KEY0 BIT(4)
#define TQ5_KEY4 BIT(5)
#define TQ6_KEY6 BIT(6)
#define TQ7_AKEY0 BIT(7)
#define TQ8_AKEY2 BIT(8)
#define TQ9_AKEY2 BIT(9)
#define ECB_AES 0x2
#define DESC_LAST 0x01
#define DESC_FIRST 0x02
#define IPSEC_ID 0x0000
#define IPSEC_STATUS_REG 0x00a8
#define IPSEC_RAND_NUM_REG 0x00ac
#define IPSEC_DMA_DEVICE_ID 0xff00
#define IPSEC_DMA_STATUS 0xff04
#define IPSEC_TXDMA_CTRL 0xff08
#define IPSEC_TXDMA_CURR_DESC 0xff10
#define IPSEC_RXDMA_CTRL 0xff14
#define IPSEC_RXDMA_CURR_DESC 0xff1c
#define IPSEC_TXDMA_BUF_ADDR 0xff28
#define IPSEC_RXDMA_BUF_ADDR 0xff38
#define IPSEC_RXDMA_BUF_SIZE 0xff30
#define CE_ENCRYPTION 0x01
#define CE_DECRYPTION 0x03
#define MAXDESC 6
/* the burst value is not documented in the datasheet */
/* the burst value is not documented in the datasheet */
#define CE_CPU 0
#define CE_DMA 1
* struct sl3516_ce_descriptor - descriptor for CE operations
* @frame_ctrl: Information for the current descriptor
* @flag_status: For send packet, describe flag of operations.
* @buf_adr: pointer to a send/recv buffer for data packet
* @next_desc: control linking to other descriptors
struct descriptor {
union {
u32 raw;
* struct desc_frame_ctrl - Information for the current descriptor
* @buffer_size: the size of buffer at buf_adr
* @desc_count: Upon completion of a DMA operation, DMA
* write the number of descriptors used
* for the current frame
* @checksum: unknown
* @authcomp: unknown
* @perr: Protocol error during processing this descriptor
* @derr: Data error during processing this descriptor
* @own: 0 if owned by CPU, 1 for DMA
struct desc_frame_ctrl {
u32 buffer_size :16;
u32 desc_count :6;
u32 checksum :6;
u32 authcomp :1;
u32 perr :1;
u32 derr :1;
u32 own :1;
} bits;
} frame_ctrl;
union {
u32 raw;
* struct desc_flag_status - flag for this descriptor
* @tqflag: list of flag describing the type of operation
* to be performed.
struct desc_tx_flag_status {
u32 tqflag :10;
u32 unused :22;
} tx_flag;
} flag_status;
u32 buf_adr;
union {
u32 next_descriptor;
* struct desc_next - describe chaining of descriptors
* @sof_eof: does the descriptor is first (0x11),
* the last (0x01), middle of a chan (0x00)
* or the only one (0x11)
* @dec: AHB bus address increase (0), decrease (1)
* @eofie: End of frame interrupt enable
* @ndar: Next descriptor address
struct desc_next {
u32 sof_eof :2;
u32 dec :1;
u32 eofie :1;
u32 ndar :28;
} bits;
} next_desc;
* struct control - The value of this register is used to set the
* operation mode of the IPSec Module.
* @process_id: Used to identify the process. The number will be copied
* to the descriptor status of the received packet.
* @auth_check_len: Number of 32-bit words to be checked or appended by the
* authentication module
* @auth_algorithm:
* @auth_mode: 0:append 1:Check Authentication Result
* @fcs_stream_copy: 0:enable 1:disable authentication stream copy
* @mix_key_sel: 0:use rCipherKey0-3 1:use Key Mixer
* @aesnk: AES Key Size
* @cipher_algorithm: choice of CBC/ECE and AES/DES/3DES
* @op_mode: Operation Mode for the IPSec Module
struct pkt_control_header {
u32 process_id :8;
u32 auth_check_len :3;
u32 un1 :1;
u32 auth_algorithm :3;
u32 auth_mode :1;
u32 fcs_stream_copy :1;
u32 un2 :2;
u32 mix_key_sel :1;
u32 aesnk :4;
u32 cipher_algorithm :3;
u32 un3 :1;
u32 op_mode :4;
struct pkt_control_cipher {
u32 algorithm_len :16;
u32 header_len :16;
* struct pkt_control_ecb - control packet for ECB
struct pkt_control_ecb {
struct pkt_control_header control;
struct pkt_control_cipher cipher;
unsigned char key[AES_MAX_KEY_SIZE];
* struct sl3516_ce_dev - main container for all this driver information
* @base: base address
* @clks: clocks used
* @reset: pointer to reset controller
* @dev: the platform device
* @engine: ptr to the crypto/crypto_engine
* @complete: completion for the current task on this flow
* @status: set to 1 by interrupt if task is done
* @dtx: base DMA address for TX descriptors
* @tx base address of TX descriptors
* @drx: base DMA address for RX descriptors
* @rx base address of RX descriptors
* @ctx current used TX descriptor
* @crx current used RX descriptor
* @trng hw_random structure for RNG
* @hwrng_stat_req number of HWRNG requests
* @hwrng_stat_bytes total number of bytes generated by RNG
* @stat_irq number of IRQ handled by CE
* @stat_irq_tx number of TX IRQ handled by CE
* @stat_irq_rx number of RX IRQ handled by CE
* @stat_req number of requests handled by CE
* @fallbak_sg_count_tx number of fallback due to destination SG count
* @fallbak_sg_count_rx number of fallback due to source SG count
* @fallbak_not_same_len number of fallback due to difference in SG length
* @dbgfs_dir: Debugfs dentry for statistic directory
* @dbgfs_stats: Debugfs dentry for statistic counters
struct sl3516_ce_dev {
void __iomem *base;
struct clk *clks;
struct reset_control *reset;
struct device *dev;
struct crypto_engine *engine;
struct completion complete;
int status;
dma_addr_t dtx;
struct descriptor *tx;
dma_addr_t drx;
struct descriptor *rx;
int ctx;
int crx;
struct hwrng trng;
unsigned long hwrng_stat_req;
unsigned long hwrng_stat_bytes;
unsigned long stat_irq;
unsigned long stat_irq_tx;
unsigned long stat_irq_rx;
unsigned long stat_req;
unsigned long fallback_sg_count_tx;
unsigned long fallback_sg_count_rx;
unsigned long fallback_not_same_len;
unsigned long fallback_mod16;
unsigned long fallback_align16;
struct dentry *dbgfs_dir;
struct dentry *dbgfs_stats;
void *pctrl;
dma_addr_t dctrl;
struct sginfo {
u32 addr;
u32 len;
* struct sl3516_ce_cipher_req_ctx - context for a skcipher request
* @t_src: list of mapped SGs with their size
* @t_dst: list of mapped SGs with their size
* @op_dir: direction (encrypt vs decrypt) for this request
* @pctrllen: the length of the ctrl packet
* @tqflag: the TQflag to set in data packet
* @h pointer to the pkt_control_cipher header
* @nr_sgs: number of source SG
* @nr_sgd: number of destination SG
* @fallback_req: request struct for invoking the fallback skcipher TFM
struct sl3516_ce_cipher_req_ctx {
struct sginfo t_src[MAXDESC];
struct sginfo t_dst[MAXDESC];
u32 op_dir;
unsigned int pctrllen;
u32 tqflag;
struct pkt_control_cipher *h;
int nr_sgs;
int nr_sgd;
struct skcipher_request fallback_req; // keep at the end
* struct sl3516_ce_cipher_tfm_ctx - context for a skcipher TFM
* @enginectx: crypto_engine used by this TFM
* @key: pointer to key data
* @keylen: len of the key
* @ce: pointer to the private data of driver handling this TFM
* @fallback_tfm: pointer to the fallback TFM
* enginectx must be the first element
struct sl3516_ce_cipher_tfm_ctx {
struct crypto_engine_ctx enginectx;
u32 *key;
u32 keylen;
struct sl3516_ce_dev *ce;
struct crypto_skcipher *fallback_tfm;
* struct sl3516_ce_alg_template - crypto_alg template
* @type: the CRYPTO_ALG_TYPE for this template
* @mode: value to be used in control packet for this algorithm
* @ce: pointer to the sl3516_ce_dev structure associated with
* this template
* @alg: one of sub struct must be used
* @stat_req: number of request done on this template
* @stat_fb: number of request which has fallbacked
* @stat_bytes: total data size done by this template
struct sl3516_ce_alg_template {
u32 type;
u32 mode;
struct sl3516_ce_dev *ce;
union {
struct skcipher_alg skcipher;
} alg;
unsigned long stat_req;
unsigned long stat_fb;
unsigned long stat_bytes;
int sl3516_ce_enqueue(struct crypto_async_request *areq, u32 type);
int sl3516_ce_aes_setkey(struct crypto_skcipher *tfm, const u8 *key,
unsigned int keylen);
int sl3516_ce_cipher_init(struct crypto_tfm *tfm);
void sl3516_ce_cipher_exit(struct crypto_tfm *tfm);
int sl3516_ce_skdecrypt(struct skcipher_request *areq);
int sl3516_ce_skencrypt(struct skcipher_request *areq);
int sl3516_ce_run_task(struct sl3516_ce_dev *ce,
struct sl3516_ce_cipher_req_ctx *rctx, const char *name);
int sl3516_ce_rng_register(struct sl3516_ce_dev *ce);
void sl3516_ce_rng_unregister(struct sl3516_ce_dev *ce);