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/* SPDX-License-Identifier: GPL-2.0 */
#ifndef __NX_H__
#define __NX_H__
#include <crypto/ctr.h>
#define NX_NAME "nx-crypto"
#define NX_STRING "IBM Power7+ Nest Accelerator Crypto Driver"
#define NX_VERSION "1.0"
/* a scatterlist in the format PHYP is expecting */
struct nx_sg {
u64 addr;
u32 rsvd;
u32 len;
} __attribute((packed));
#define NX_PAGE_SIZE (4096)
#define NX_MAX_SG_ENTRIES (NX_PAGE_SIZE/(sizeof(struct nx_sg)))
enum nx_status {
/* msc_triplet and max_sync_cop are used only to assist in parsing the
* openFirmware property */
struct msc_triplet {
u32 keybitlen;
u32 databytelen;
u32 sglen;
} __packed;
struct max_sync_cop {
u32 fc;
u32 mode;
u32 triplets;
struct msc_triplet trip[];
} __packed;
struct alg_props {
u32 databytelen;
u32 sglen;
struct nx_of {
u32 flags;
u32 max_sg_len;
enum nx_status status;
struct alg_props ap[NX_MAX_FC][NX_MAX_MODE][3];
struct nx_stats {
atomic_t aes_ops;
atomic64_t aes_bytes;
atomic_t sha256_ops;
atomic64_t sha256_bytes;
atomic_t sha512_ops;
atomic64_t sha512_bytes;
atomic_t sync_ops;
atomic_t errors;
atomic_t last_error;
atomic_t last_error_pid;
struct nx_crypto_driver {
struct nx_stats stats;
struct nx_of of;
struct vio_dev *viodev;
struct vio_driver viodriver;
struct dentry *dfs_root;
#define NX_GCM4106_NONCE_LEN (4)
#define NX_GCM_CTR_OFFSET (12)
struct nx_gcm_rctx {
u8 iv[16];
struct nx_gcm_priv {
u8 iauth_tag[16];
u8 nonce[NX_GCM4106_NONCE_LEN];
#define NX_CCM_AES_KEY_LEN (16)
#define NX_CCM4309_AES_KEY_LEN (19)
#define NX_CCM4309_NONCE_LEN (3)
struct nx_ccm_rctx {
u8 iv[16];
struct nx_ccm_priv {
u8 b0[16];
u8 iauth_tag[16];
u8 oauth_tag[16];
u8 nonce[NX_CCM4309_NONCE_LEN];
struct nx_xcbc_priv {
u8 key[16];
struct nx_ctr_priv {
u8 nonce[CTR_RFC3686_NONCE_SIZE];
struct nx_crypto_ctx {
spinlock_t lock; /* synchronize access to the context */
void *kmem; /* unaligned, kmalloc'd buffer */
size_t kmem_len; /* length of kmem */
struct nx_csbcpb *csbcpb; /* aligned page given to phyp @ hcall time */
struct vio_pfo_op op; /* operation struct with hcall parameters */
struct nx_csbcpb *csbcpb_aead; /* secondary csbcpb used by AEAD algs */
struct vio_pfo_op op_aead;/* operation struct for csbcpb_aead */
struct nx_sg *in_sg; /* aligned pointer into kmem to an sg list */
struct nx_sg *out_sg; /* aligned pointer into kmem to an sg list */
struct alg_props *ap; /* pointer into props based on our key size */
struct alg_props props[3];/* openFirmware properties for requests */
struct nx_stats *stats; /* pointer into an nx_crypto_driver for stats
reporting */
union {
struct nx_gcm_priv gcm;
struct nx_ccm_priv ccm;
struct nx_xcbc_priv xcbc;
struct nx_ctr_priv ctr;
} priv;
struct crypto_aead;
/* prototypes */
int nx_crypto_ctx_aes_ccm_init(struct crypto_aead *tfm);
int nx_crypto_ctx_aes_gcm_init(struct crypto_aead *tfm);
int nx_crypto_ctx_aes_xcbc_init(struct crypto_tfm *tfm);
int nx_crypto_ctx_aes_ctr_init(struct crypto_skcipher *tfm);
int nx_crypto_ctx_aes_cbc_init(struct crypto_skcipher *tfm);
int nx_crypto_ctx_aes_ecb_init(struct crypto_skcipher *tfm);
int nx_crypto_ctx_sha_init(struct crypto_tfm *tfm);
void nx_crypto_ctx_exit(struct crypto_tfm *tfm);
void nx_crypto_ctx_skcipher_exit(struct crypto_skcipher *tfm);
void nx_crypto_ctx_aead_exit(struct crypto_aead *tfm);
void nx_ctx_init(struct nx_crypto_ctx *nx_ctx, unsigned int function);
int nx_hcall_sync(struct nx_crypto_ctx *ctx, struct vio_pfo_op *op,
u32 may_sleep);
struct nx_sg *nx_build_sg_list(struct nx_sg *, u8 *, unsigned int *, u32);
int nx_build_sg_lists(struct nx_crypto_ctx *nx_ctx, const u8 *iv,
struct scatterlist *dst, struct scatterlist *src,
unsigned int *nbytes, unsigned int offset, u8 *oiv);
struct nx_sg *nx_walk_and_build(struct nx_sg *, unsigned int,
struct scatterlist *, unsigned int,
unsigned int *);
#define NX_DEBUGFS_INIT(drv) nx_debugfs_init(drv)
#define NX_DEBUGFS_FINI(drv) nx_debugfs_fini(drv)
void nx_debugfs_init(struct nx_crypto_driver *);
void nx_debugfs_fini(struct nx_crypto_driver *);
#define NX_DEBUGFS_INIT(drv) (0)
#define NX_DEBUGFS_FINI(drv) (0)
#define NX_PAGE_NUM(x) ((u64)(x) & 0xfffffffffffff000ULL)
extern struct skcipher_alg nx_cbc_aes_alg;
extern struct skcipher_alg nx_ecb_aes_alg;
extern struct aead_alg nx_gcm_aes_alg;
extern struct aead_alg nx_gcm4106_aes_alg;
extern struct skcipher_alg nx_ctr3686_aes_alg;
extern struct aead_alg nx_ccm_aes_alg;
extern struct aead_alg nx_ccm4309_aes_alg;
extern struct shash_alg nx_shash_aes_xcbc_alg;
extern struct shash_alg nx_shash_sha512_alg;
extern struct shash_alg nx_shash_sha256_alg;
extern struct nx_crypto_driver nx_driver;