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/* SPDX-License-Identifier: GPL-2.0-only */
* Copyright (c) 2010-2014, The Linux Foundation. All rights reserved.
#ifndef _CORE_H_
#define _CORE_H_
#include "dma.h"
* struct qce_device - crypto engine device structure
* @queue: crypto request queue
* @lock: the lock protects queue and req
* @done_tasklet: done tasklet object
* @req: current active request
* @result: result of current transform
* @base: virtual IO base
* @dev: pointer to device structure
* @core: core device clock
* @iface: interface clock
* @bus: bus clock
* @dma: pointer to dma data
* @burst_size: the crypto burst size
* @pipe_pair_id: which pipe pair id the device using
* @async_req_enqueue: invoked by every algorithm to enqueue a request
* @async_req_done: invoked by every algorithm to finish its request
struct qce_device {
struct crypto_queue queue;
spinlock_t lock;
struct tasklet_struct done_tasklet;
struct crypto_async_request *req;
int result;
void __iomem *base;
struct device *dev;
struct clk *core, *iface, *bus;
struct qce_dma_data dma;
int burst_size;
unsigned int pipe_pair_id;
int (*async_req_enqueue)(struct qce_device *qce,
struct crypto_async_request *req);
void (*async_req_done)(struct qce_device *qce, int ret);
* struct qce_algo_ops - algorithm operations per crypto type
* @type: should be CRYPTO_ALG_TYPE_XXX
* @register_algs: invoked by core to register the algorithms
* @unregister_algs: invoked by core to unregister the algorithms
* @async_req_handle: invoked by core to handle enqueued request
struct qce_algo_ops {
u32 type;
int (*register_algs)(struct qce_device *qce);
void (*unregister_algs)(struct qce_device *qce);
int (*async_req_handle)(struct crypto_async_request *async_req);
#endif /* _CORE_H_ */