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/* SPDX-License-Identifier: GPL-2.0 */
#include <linux/types.h>
#include <linux/device.h>
#include <target/target_core_base.h> /* struct se_cmd */
#define TCM_LOOP_VERSION "v2.1-rc2"
#define TL_WWN_ADDR_LEN 256
#define TL_TPGS_PER_HBA 32
struct tcm_loop_cmd {
/* State of Linux/SCSI CDB+Data descriptor */
u32 sc_cmd_state;
/* Tagged command queueing */
u32 sc_cmd_tag;
/* Pointer to the CDB+Data descriptor from Linux/SCSI subsystem */
struct scsi_cmnd *sc;
/* The TCM I/O descriptor that is accessed via container_of() */
struct se_cmd tl_se_cmd;
struct completion tmr_done;
/* Sense buffer that will be mapped into outgoing status */
unsigned char tl_sense_buf[TRANSPORT_SENSE_BUFFER];
struct tcm_loop_nexus {
* Pointer to TCM session for I_T Nexus
struct se_session *se_sess;
struct tcm_loop_tpg {
unsigned short tl_tpgt;
unsigned short tl_transport_status;
enum target_prot_type tl_fabric_prot_type;
atomic_t tl_tpg_port_count;
struct se_portal_group tl_se_tpg;
struct tcm_loop_hba *tl_hba;
struct tcm_loop_nexus *tl_nexus;
struct tcm_loop_hba {
u8 tl_proto_id;
unsigned char tl_wwn_address[TL_WWN_ADDR_LEN];
struct se_hba_s *se_hba;
struct se_lun *tl_hba_lun;
struct se_port *tl_hba_lun_sep;
struct device dev;
struct Scsi_Host *sh;
struct tcm_loop_tpg tl_hba_tpgs[TL_TPGS_PER_HBA];
struct se_wwn tl_hba_wwn;