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/* SPDX-License-Identifier: GPL-2.0-or-later */
* Crypto engine API
* Copyright (c) 2016 Baolin Wang <>
#include <linux/crypto.h>
#include <linux/list.h>
#include <linux/kernel.h>
#include <linux/kthread.h>
#include <crypto/algapi.h>
#include <crypto/aead.h>
#include <crypto/akcipher.h>
#include <crypto/hash.h>
#include <crypto/skcipher.h>
#include <crypto/kpp.h>
#define ENGINE_NAME_LEN 30
* struct crypto_engine - crypto hardware engine
* @name: the engine name
* @idling: the engine is entering idle state
* @busy: request pump is busy
* @running: the engine is on working
* @retry_support: indication that the hardware allows re-execution
* of a failed backlog request
* crypto-engine, in head position to keep order
* @list: link with the global crypto engine list
* @queue_lock: spinlock to synchronise access to request queue
* @queue: the crypto queue of the engine
* @rt: whether this queue is set to run as a realtime task
* @prepare_crypt_hardware: a request will soon arrive from the queue
* so the subsystem requests the driver to prepare the hardware
* by issuing this call
* @unprepare_crypt_hardware: there are currently no more requests on the
* queue so the subsystem notifies the driver that it may relax the
* hardware by issuing this call
* @do_batch_requests: execute a batch of requests. Depends on multiple
* requests support.
* @kworker: kthread worker struct for request pump
* @pump_requests: work struct for scheduling work to the request pump
* @priv_data: the engine private data
* @cur_req: the current request which is on processing
struct crypto_engine {
char name[ENGINE_NAME_LEN];
bool idling;
bool busy;
bool running;
bool retry_support;
struct list_head list;
spinlock_t queue_lock;
struct crypto_queue queue;
struct device *dev;
bool rt;
int (*prepare_crypt_hardware)(struct crypto_engine *engine);
int (*unprepare_crypt_hardware)(struct crypto_engine *engine);
int (*do_batch_requests)(struct crypto_engine *engine);
struct kthread_worker *kworker;
struct kthread_work pump_requests;
void *priv_data;
struct crypto_async_request *cur_req;
* struct crypto_engine_op - crypto hardware engine operations
* @prepare__request: do some prepare if need before handle the current request
* @unprepare_request: undo any work done by prepare_request()
* @do_one_request: do encryption for current request
struct crypto_engine_op {
int (*prepare_request)(struct crypto_engine *engine,
void *areq);
int (*unprepare_request)(struct crypto_engine *engine,
void *areq);
int (*do_one_request)(struct crypto_engine *engine,
void *areq);
struct crypto_engine_ctx {
struct crypto_engine_op op;
int crypto_transfer_aead_request_to_engine(struct crypto_engine *engine,
struct aead_request *req);
int crypto_transfer_akcipher_request_to_engine(struct crypto_engine *engine,
struct akcipher_request *req);
int crypto_transfer_hash_request_to_engine(struct crypto_engine *engine,
struct ahash_request *req);
int crypto_transfer_kpp_request_to_engine(struct crypto_engine *engine,
struct kpp_request *req);
int crypto_transfer_skcipher_request_to_engine(struct crypto_engine *engine,
struct skcipher_request *req);
void crypto_finalize_aead_request(struct crypto_engine *engine,
struct aead_request *req, int err);
void crypto_finalize_akcipher_request(struct crypto_engine *engine,
struct akcipher_request *req, int err);
void crypto_finalize_hash_request(struct crypto_engine *engine,
struct ahash_request *req, int err);
void crypto_finalize_kpp_request(struct crypto_engine *engine,
struct kpp_request *req, int err);
void crypto_finalize_skcipher_request(struct crypto_engine *engine,
struct skcipher_request *req, int err);
int crypto_engine_start(struct crypto_engine *engine);
int crypto_engine_stop(struct crypto_engine *engine);
struct crypto_engine *crypto_engine_alloc_init(struct device *dev, bool rt);
struct crypto_engine *crypto_engine_alloc_init_and_set(struct device *dev,
bool retry_support,
int (*cbk_do_batch)(struct crypto_engine *engine),
bool rt, int qlen);
int crypto_engine_exit(struct crypto_engine *engine);
#endif /* _CRYPTO_ENGINE_H */