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/* SPDX-License-Identifier: GPL-2.0-only */
* Copyright (C) 2012,2013 - ARM Ltd
* Author: Marc Zyngier <>
#ifndef __ARM_KVM_INIT_H__
#define __ARM_KVM_INIT_H__
#ifndef __ASSEMBLY__
#error Assembly-only header
#include <asm/kvm_arm.h>
#include <asm/ptrace.h>
#include <asm/sysreg.h>
#include <linux/irqchip/arm-gic-v3.h>
.macro __init_el2_sctlr
msr sctlr_el2, x0
* Allow Non-secure EL1 and EL0 to access physical timer and counter.
* This is not necessary for VHE, since the host kernel runs in EL2,
* and EL0 accesses are configured in the later stage of boot process.
* Note that when HCR_EL2.E2H == 1, CNTHCTL_EL2 has the same bit layout
* as CNTKCTL_EL1, and CNTKCTL_EL1 accessing instructions are redefined
* to access CNTHCTL_EL2. This allows the kernel designed to run at EL1
* to transparently mess with the EL0 bits via CNTKCTL_EL1 access in
* EL2.
.macro __init_el2_timers
mov x0, #3 // Enable EL1 physical timers
msr cnthctl_el2, x0
msr cntvoff_el2, xzr // Clear virtual offset
.macro __init_el2_debug
mrs x1, id_aa64dfr0_el1
sbfx x0, x1, #ID_AA64DFR0_PMUVER_SHIFT, #4
cmp x0, #1 .Lskip_pmu_\@ // Skip if no PMU present
mrs x0, pmcr_el0 // Disable debug access traps
ubfx x0, x0, #11, #5 // to EL2 and allow access to
csel x2, xzr, x0, lt // all PMU counters from EL1
/* Statistical profiling */
ubfx x0, x1, #ID_AA64DFR0_PMSVER_SHIFT, #4
cbz x0, .Lskip_spe_\@ // Skip if SPE not present
mrs_s x0, SYS_PMBIDR_EL1 // If SPE available at EL2,
and x0, x0, #(1 << SYS_PMBIDR_EL1_P_SHIFT)
cbnz x0, .Lskip_spe_el2_\@ // then permit sampling of physical
mov x0, #(1 << SYS_PMSCR_EL2_PCT_SHIFT | \
msr_s SYS_PMSCR_EL2, x0 // addresses and physical counter
orr x2, x2, x0 // If we don't have VHE, then
// use EL1&0 translation.
/* Trace buffer */
ubfx x0, x1, #ID_AA64DFR0_TRBE_SHIFT, #4
cbz x0, .Lskip_trace_\@ // Skip if TraceBuffer is not present
mrs_s x0, SYS_TRBIDR_EL1
and x0, x0, TRBIDR_PROG
cbnz x0, .Lskip_trace_\@ // If TRBE is available at EL2
orr x2, x2, x0 // allow the EL1&0 translation
// to own it.
msr mdcr_el2, x2 // Configure debug traps
/* LORegions */
.macro __init_el2_lor
mrs x1, id_aa64mmfr1_el1
ubfx x0, x1, #ID_AA64MMFR1_LOR_SHIFT, 4
cbz x0, .Lskip_lor_\@
msr_s SYS_LORC_EL1, xzr
/* Stage-2 translation */
.macro __init_el2_stage2
msr vttbr_el2, xzr
/* GICv3 system register access */
.macro __init_el2_gicv3
mrs x0, id_aa64pfr0_el1
ubfx x0, x0, #ID_AA64PFR0_GIC_SHIFT, #4
cbz x0, .Lskip_gicv3_\@
mrs_s x0, SYS_ICC_SRE_EL2
orr x0, x0, #ICC_SRE_EL2_SRE // Set ICC_SRE_EL2.SRE==1
orr x0, x0, #ICC_SRE_EL2_ENABLE // Set ICC_SRE_EL2.Enable==1
msr_s SYS_ICC_SRE_EL2, x0
isb // Make sure SRE is now set
mrs_s x0, SYS_ICC_SRE_EL2 // Read SRE back,
tbz x0, #0, 1f // and check that it sticks
msr_s SYS_ICH_HCR_EL2, xzr // Reset ICC_HCR_EL2 to defaults
.macro __init_el2_hstr
msr hstr_el2, xzr // Disable CP15 traps to EL2
/* Virtual CPU ID registers */
.macro __init_el2_nvhe_idregs
mrs x0, midr_el1
mrs x1, mpidr_el1
msr vpidr_el2, x0
msr vmpidr_el2, x1
/* Coprocessor traps */
.macro __init_el2_nvhe_cptr
mov x0, #0x33ff
msr cptr_el2, x0 // Disable copro. traps to EL2
/* SVE register access */
.macro __init_el2_nvhe_sve
mrs x1, id_aa64pfr0_el1
ubfx x1, x1, #ID_AA64PFR0_SVE_SHIFT, #4
cbz x1, .Lskip_sve_\@
bic x0, x0, #CPTR_EL2_TZ // Also disable SVE traps
msr cptr_el2, x0 // Disable copro. traps to EL2
mov x1, #ZCR_ELx_LEN_MASK // SVE: Enable full vector
msr_s SYS_ZCR_EL2, x1 // length for EL1.
/* Disable any fine grained traps */
.macro __init_el2_fgt
mrs x1, id_aa64mmfr0_el1
ubfx x1, x1, #ID_AA64MMFR0_FGT_SHIFT, #4
cbz x1, .Lskip_fgt_\@
mov x0, xzr
mrs x1, id_aa64dfr0_el1
ubfx x1, x1, #ID_AA64DFR0_PMSVER_SHIFT, #4
cmp x1, #3 .Lset_fgt_\@
/* Disable PMSNEVFR_EL1 read and write traps */
orr x0, x0, #(1 << 62)
msr_s SYS_HDFGRTR_EL2, x0
msr_s SYS_HDFGWTR_EL2, x0
msr_s SYS_HFGRTR_EL2, xzr
msr_s SYS_HFGWTR_EL2, xzr
msr_s SYS_HFGITR_EL2, xzr
mrs x1, id_aa64pfr0_el1 // AMU traps UNDEF without AMU
ubfx x1, x1, #ID_AA64PFR0_AMU_SHIFT, #4
cbz x1, .Lskip_fgt_\@
msr_s SYS_HAFGRTR_EL2, xzr
.macro __init_el2_nvhe_prepare_eret
mov x0, #INIT_PSTATE_EL1
msr spsr_el2, x0
* Initialize EL2 registers to sane values. This should be called early on all
* cores that were booted in EL2. Note that everything gets initialised as
* if VHE was not evailable. The kernel context will be upgraded to VHE
* if possible later on in the boot process
* Regs: x0, x1 and x2 are clobbered.
.macro init_el2_state
#endif /* __ARM_KVM_INIT_H__ */