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// SPDX-License-Identifier: GPL-2.0
#include <test_progs.h>
#include "test_probe_read_user_str.skel.h"
static const char str1[] = "mestring";
static const char str2[] = "mestringalittlebigger";
static const char str3[] = "mestringblubblubblubblubblub";
static int test_one_str(struct test_probe_read_user_str *skel, const char *str,
size_t len)
int err, duration = 0;
char buf[256];
/* Ensure bytes after string are ones */
memset(buf, 1, sizeof(buf));
memcpy(buf, str, len);
/* Give prog our userspace pointer */
skel->bss->user_ptr = buf;
/* Trigger tracepoint */
/* Did helper fail? */
if (CHECK(skel->bss->ret < 0, "prog_ret", "prog returned: %ld\n",
return 1;
/* Check that string was copied correctly */
err = memcmp(skel->bss->buf, str, len);
if (CHECK(err, "memcmp", "prog copied wrong string"))
return 1;
/* Now check that no extra trailing bytes were copied */
memset(buf, 0, sizeof(buf));
err = memcmp(skel->bss->buf + len, buf, sizeof(buf) - len);
if (CHECK(err, "memcmp", "trailing bytes were not stripped"))
return 1;
return 0;
void test_probe_read_user_str(void)
struct test_probe_read_user_str *skel;
int err, duration = 0;
skel = test_probe_read_user_str__open_and_load();
if (CHECK(!skel, "test_probe_read_user_str__open_and_load",
"skeleton open and load failed\n"))
/* Give pid to bpf prog so it doesn't read from anyone else */
skel->bss->pid = getpid();
err = test_probe_read_user_str__attach(skel);
if (CHECK(err, "test_probe_read_user_str__attach",
"skeleton attach failed: %d\n", err))
goto out;
if (test_one_str(skel, str1, sizeof(str1)))
goto out;
if (test_one_str(skel, str2, sizeof(str2)))
goto out;
if (test_one_str(skel, str3, sizeof(str3)))
goto out;