Alexei Starovoitov says:

1) libbpf should not attempt to load unused subprogs, from Andrii.

2) Make strncpy_from_user() mask out bytes after NUL terminator, from Daniel.

3) Relax return code check for subprograms in the BPF verifier, from Dmitrii.

4) Fix several sockmap issues, from John.

  fail_function: Remove a redundant mutex unlock
  selftest/bpf: Test bpf_probe_read_user_str() strips trailing bytes after NUL
  lib/strncpy_from_user.c: Mask out bytes after NUL terminator.
  libbpf: Fix VERSIONED_SYM_COUNT number parsing
  bpf, sockmap: Avoid failures from skb_to_sgvec when skb has frag_list
  bpf, sockmap: Handle memory acct if skb_verdict prog redirects to self
  bpf, sockmap: Avoid returning unneeded EAGAIN when redirecting to self
  bpf, sockmap: Use truesize with sk_rmem_schedule()
  bpf, sockmap: Ensure SO_RCVBUF memory is observed on ingress redirect
  bpf, sockmap: Fix partial copy_page_to_iter so progress can still be made
  selftests/bpf: Fix error return code in run_getsockopt_test()
  bpf: Relax return code check for subprograms
  tools, bpftool: Add missing close before bpftool net attach exit
  MAINTAINERS/bpf: Update Andrii's entry.
  selftests/bpf: Fix unused attribute usage in subprogs_unused test
  bpf: Fix unsigned 'datasec_id' compared with zero in check_pseudo_btf_id
  bpf: Fix passing zero to PTR_ERR() in bpf_btf_printf_prepare
  libbpf: Don't attempt to load unused subprog as an entry-point BPF program

Signed-off-by: Jakub Kicinski <>