Merge tag 'mm-nonmm-stable-2024-05-19-11-56' of git://

Pull non-mm updates from Andrew Morton:
 "Mainly singleton patches, documented in their respective changelogs.
  Notable series include:

   - Some maintenance and performance work for ocfs2 in Heming Zhao's
     series "improve write IO performance when fragmentation is high".

   - Some ocfs2 bugfixes from Su Yue in the series "ocfs2 bugs fixes
     exposed by fstests".

   - kfifo header rework from Andy Shevchenko in the series "kfifo:
     Clean up kfifo.h".

   - GDB script fixes from Florian Rommel in the series "scripts/gdb:
     Fixes for $lx_current and $lx_per_cpu".

   - After much discussion, a coding-style update from Barry Song
     explaining one reason why inline functions are preferred over
     macros. The series is "codingstyle: avoid unused parameters for a
     function-like macro""

* tag 'mm-nonmm-stable-2024-05-19-11-56' of git:// (62 commits)
  fs/proc: fix softlockup in __read_vmcore
  nilfs2: convert BUG_ON() in nilfs_finish_roll_forward() to WARN_ON()
  scripts: checkpatch: check unused parameters for function-like macro
  Documentation: coding-style: ask function-like macros to evaluate parameters
  nilfs2: use __field_struct() for a bitwise field
  selftests/kcmp: remove unused open mode
  nilfs2: remove calls to folio_set_error() and folio_clear_error()
  kernel/watchdog_perf.c: tidy up kerneldoc
  watchdog: allow nmi watchdog to use raw perf event
  watchdog: handle comma separated nmi_watchdog command line
  nilfs2: make superblock data array index computation sparse friendly
  squashfs: remove calls to set the folio error flag
  squashfs: convert squashfs_symlink_read_folio to use folio APIs
  scripts/gdb: fix detection of current CPU in KGDB
  scripts/gdb: make get_thread_info accept pointers
  scripts/gdb: fix parameter handling in $lx_per_cpu
  scripts/gdb: fix failing KGDB detection during probe
  kfifo: don't use "proxy" headers
  media: stih-cec: add missing io.h
  media: rc: add missing io.h