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/* SPDX-License-Identifier: GPL-2.0-or-later */
* AMCC SoC PPC4xx Crypto Driver
* Copyright (c) 2008 Applied Micro Circuits Corporation.
* All rights reserved. James Hsiao <>
* This is the header file for AMCC Crypto offload Linux device driver for
* use with Linux CryptoAPI.
#ifndef __CRYPTO4XX_CORE_H__
#define __CRYPTO4XX_CORE_H__
#include <linux/ratelimit.h>
#include <linux/mutex.h>
#include <linux/scatterlist.h>
#include <crypto/internal/hash.h>
#include <crypto/internal/aead.h>
#include <crypto/internal/rng.h>
#include <crypto/internal/skcipher.h>
#include "crypto4xx_reg_def.h"
#include "crypto4xx_sa.h"
#define PPC460SX_SDR0_SRST 0x201
#define PPC405EX_SDR0_SRST 0x200
#define PPC460EX_SDR0_SRST 0x201
#define PPC460EX_CE_RESET 0x08000000
#define PPC460SX_CE_RESET 0x20000000
#define PPC405EX_CE_RESET 0x00000008
#define PPC4XX_NUM_PD 256
#define PPC4XX_LAST_PD (PPC4XX_NUM_PD - 1)
#define PPC4XX_NUM_GD 1024
#define PPC4XX_LAST_GD (PPC4XX_NUM_GD - 1)
#define PPC4XX_NUM_SD 256
#define PPC4XX_LAST_SD (PPC4XX_NUM_SD - 1)
#define PPC4XX_SD_BUFFER_SIZE 2048
#define PD_ENTRY_BUSY BIT(1)
#define PD_ENTRY_FREE 0
#define ERING_WAS_FULL 0xffffffff
struct crypto4xx_device;
union shadow_sa_buf {
struct dynamic_sa_ctl sa;
/* alloc 256 bytes which is enough for any kind of dynamic sa */
u8 buf[256];
} __packed;
struct pd_uinfo {
struct crypto4xx_device *dev;
u32 state;
u32 first_gd; /* first gather discriptor
used by this packet */
u32 num_gd; /* number of gather discriptor
used by this packet */
u32 first_sd; /* first scatter discriptor
used by this packet */
u32 num_sd; /* number of scatter discriptors
used by this packet */
struct dynamic_sa_ctl *sa_va; /* shadow sa */
struct sa_state_record *sr_va; /* state record for shadow sa */
u32 sr_pa;
struct scatterlist *dest_va;
struct crypto_async_request *async_req; /* base crypto request
for this packet */
struct crypto4xx_device {
struct crypto4xx_core_device *core_dev;
void __iomem *ce_base;
void __iomem *trng_base;
struct ce_pd *pdr; /* base address of packet descriptor ring */
dma_addr_t pdr_pa; /* physical address of pdr_base_register */
struct ce_gd *gdr; /* gather descriptor ring */
dma_addr_t gdr_pa; /* physical address of gdr_base_register */
struct ce_sd *sdr; /* scatter descriptor ring */
dma_addr_t sdr_pa; /* physical address of sdr_base_register */
void *scatter_buffer_va;
dma_addr_t scatter_buffer_pa;
union shadow_sa_buf *shadow_sa_pool;
dma_addr_t shadow_sa_pool_pa;
struct sa_state_record *shadow_sr_pool;
dma_addr_t shadow_sr_pool_pa;
u32 pdr_tail;
u32 pdr_head;
u32 gdr_tail;
u32 gdr_head;
u32 sdr_tail;
u32 sdr_head;
struct pd_uinfo *pdr_uinfo;
struct list_head alg_list; /* List of algorithm supported
by this device */
struct ratelimit_state aead_ratelimit;
bool is_revb;
struct crypto4xx_core_device {
struct device *device;
struct platform_device *ofdev;
struct crypto4xx_device *dev;
struct hwrng *trng;
u32 int_status;
u32 irq;
struct tasklet_struct tasklet;
spinlock_t lock;
struct mutex rng_lock;
struct crypto4xx_ctx {
struct crypto4xx_device *dev;
struct dynamic_sa_ctl *sa_in;
struct dynamic_sa_ctl *sa_out;
__le32 iv_nonce;
u32 sa_len;
union {
struct crypto_sync_skcipher *cipher;
struct crypto_aead *aead;
} sw_cipher;
struct crypto4xx_aead_reqctx {
struct scatterlist dst[2];
struct crypto4xx_alg_common {
u32 type;
union {
struct skcipher_alg cipher;
struct ahash_alg hash;
struct aead_alg aead;
struct rng_alg rng;
} u;
struct crypto4xx_alg {
struct list_head entry;
struct crypto4xx_alg_common alg;
struct crypto4xx_device *dev;
int crypto4xx_alloc_sa(struct crypto4xx_ctx *ctx, u32 size);
void crypto4xx_free_sa(struct crypto4xx_ctx *ctx);
void crypto4xx_free_ctx(struct crypto4xx_ctx *ctx);
int crypto4xx_build_pd(struct crypto_async_request *req,
struct crypto4xx_ctx *ctx,
struct scatterlist *src,
struct scatterlist *dst,
const unsigned int datalen,
const __le32 *iv, const u32 iv_len,
const struct dynamic_sa_ctl *sa,
const unsigned int sa_len,
const unsigned int assoclen,
struct scatterlist *dst_tmp);
int crypto4xx_setkey_aes_cbc(struct crypto_skcipher *cipher,
const u8 *key, unsigned int keylen);
int crypto4xx_setkey_aes_cfb(struct crypto_skcipher *cipher,
const u8 *key, unsigned int keylen);
int crypto4xx_setkey_aes_ctr(struct crypto_skcipher *cipher,
const u8 *key, unsigned int keylen);
int crypto4xx_setkey_aes_ecb(struct crypto_skcipher *cipher,
const u8 *key, unsigned int keylen);
int crypto4xx_setkey_aes_ofb(struct crypto_skcipher *cipher,
const u8 *key, unsigned int keylen);
int crypto4xx_setkey_rfc3686(struct crypto_skcipher *cipher,
const u8 *key, unsigned int keylen);
int crypto4xx_encrypt_ctr(struct skcipher_request *req);
int crypto4xx_decrypt_ctr(struct skcipher_request *req);
int crypto4xx_encrypt_iv_stream(struct skcipher_request *req);
int crypto4xx_decrypt_iv_stream(struct skcipher_request *req);
int crypto4xx_encrypt_iv_block(struct skcipher_request *req);
int crypto4xx_decrypt_iv_block(struct skcipher_request *req);
int crypto4xx_encrypt_noiv_block(struct skcipher_request *req);
int crypto4xx_decrypt_noiv_block(struct skcipher_request *req);
int crypto4xx_rfc3686_encrypt(struct skcipher_request *req);
int crypto4xx_rfc3686_decrypt(struct skcipher_request *req);
int crypto4xx_sha1_alg_init(struct crypto_tfm *tfm);
int crypto4xx_hash_digest(struct ahash_request *req);
int crypto4xx_hash_final(struct ahash_request *req);
int crypto4xx_hash_update(struct ahash_request *req);
int crypto4xx_hash_init(struct ahash_request *req);
* Note: Only use this function to copy items that is word aligned.
static inline void crypto4xx_memcpy_swab32(u32 *dst, const void *buf,
size_t len)
for (; len >= 4; buf += 4, len -= 4)
*dst++ = __swab32p((u32 *) buf);
if (len) {
const u8 *tmp = (u8 *)buf;
switch (len) {
case 3:
*dst = (tmp[2] << 16) |
(tmp[1] << 8) |
case 2:
*dst = (tmp[1] << 8) |
case 1:
*dst = tmp[0];
static inline void crypto4xx_memcpy_from_le32(u32 *dst, const void *buf,
size_t len)
crypto4xx_memcpy_swab32(dst, buf, len);
static inline void crypto4xx_memcpy_to_le32(__le32 *dst, const void *buf,
size_t len)
crypto4xx_memcpy_swab32((u32 *)dst, buf, len);
int crypto4xx_setauthsize_aead(struct crypto_aead *ciper,
unsigned int authsize);
int crypto4xx_setkey_aes_ccm(struct crypto_aead *cipher,
const u8 *key, unsigned int keylen);
int crypto4xx_encrypt_aes_ccm(struct aead_request *req);
int crypto4xx_decrypt_aes_ccm(struct aead_request *req);
int crypto4xx_setkey_aes_gcm(struct crypto_aead *cipher,
const u8 *key, unsigned int keylen);
int crypto4xx_encrypt_aes_gcm(struct aead_request *req);
int crypto4xx_decrypt_aes_gcm(struct aead_request *req);