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/* SPDX-License-Identifier: GPL-2.0-or-later */
* nodemanager.h
* Function prototypes
* Copyright (C) 2004 Oracle. All rights reserved.
#include "ocfs2_nodemanager.h"
/* This totally doesn't belong here. */
#include <linux/configfs.h>
#include <linux/rbtree.h>
enum o2nm_fence_method {
O2NM_FENCE_METHODS, /* Number of fence methods */
struct o2nm_node {
spinlock_t nd_lock;
struct config_item nd_item;
char nd_name[O2NM_MAX_NAME_LEN+1]; /* replace? */
__u8 nd_num;
/* only one address per node, as attributes, for now. */
__be32 nd_ipv4_address;
__be16 nd_ipv4_port;
struct rb_node nd_ip_node;
/* there can be only one local node for now */
int nd_local;
unsigned long nd_set_attributes;
struct o2nm_cluster {
struct config_group cl_group;
unsigned cl_has_local:1;
u8 cl_local_node;
rwlock_t cl_nodes_lock;
struct o2nm_node *cl_nodes[O2NM_MAX_NODES];
struct rb_root cl_node_ip_tree;
unsigned int cl_idle_timeout_ms;
unsigned int cl_keepalive_delay_ms;
unsigned int cl_reconnect_delay_ms;
enum o2nm_fence_method cl_fence_method;
/* this bitmap is part of a hack for disk bitmap.. will go eventually. - zab */
unsigned long cl_nodes_bitmap[BITS_TO_LONGS(O2NM_MAX_NODES)];
extern struct o2nm_cluster *o2nm_single_cluster;
u8 o2nm_this_node(void);
int o2nm_configured_node_map(unsigned long *map, unsigned bytes);
struct o2nm_node *o2nm_get_node_by_num(u8 node_num);
struct o2nm_node *o2nm_get_node_by_ip(__be32 addr);
void o2nm_node_get(struct o2nm_node *node);
void o2nm_node_put(struct o2nm_node *node);
int o2nm_depend_item(struct config_item *item);
void o2nm_undepend_item(struct config_item *item);
int o2nm_depend_this_node(void);
void o2nm_undepend_this_node(void);