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# Send data between two processes across namespaces
# Run twice: once without and once with zerocopy
set -e
readonly DEV="veth0"
readonly DEV_MTU=65535
readonly BIN="./msg_zerocopy"
readonly RAND="$(mktemp -u XXXXXX)"
readonly NSPREFIX="ns-${RAND}"
readonly NS1="${NSPREFIX}1"
readonly NS2="${NSPREFIX}2"
readonly SADDR4=''
readonly DADDR4=''
readonly SADDR6='fd::1'
readonly DADDR6='fd::2'
readonly path_sysctl_mem="net.core.optmem_max"
# No arguments: automated test
if [[ "$#" -eq "0" ]]; then
$0 4 tcp -t 1
$0 6 tcp -t 1
$0 4 udp -t 1
$0 6 udp -t 1
echo "OK. All tests passed"
exit 0
# Argument parsing
if [[ "$#" -lt "2" ]]; then
echo "Usage: $0 [4|6] [tcp|udp|raw|raw_hdrincl|packet|packet_dgram] <args>"
exit 1
readonly IP="$1"
readonly TXMODE="$1"
readonly EXTRA_ARGS="$@"
# Argument parsing: configure addresses
if [[ "${IP}" == "4" ]]; then
readonly SADDR="${SADDR4}"
readonly DADDR="${DADDR4}"
elif [[ "${IP}" == "6" ]]; then
readonly SADDR="${SADDR6}"
readonly DADDR="${DADDR6}"
echo "Invalid IP version ${IP}"
exit 1
# Argument parsing: select receive mode
# This differs from send mode for
# - packet: use raw recv, because packet receives skb clones
# - raw_hdrinc: use raw recv, because hdrincl is a tx-only option
case "${TXMODE}" in
'packet' | 'packet_dgram' | 'raw_hdrincl')
# Start of state changes: install cleanup handler
save_sysctl_mem="$(sysctl -n ${path_sysctl_mem})"
cleanup() {
ip netns del "${NS2}"
ip netns del "${NS1}"
sysctl -w -q "${path_sysctl_mem}=${save_sysctl_mem}"
trap cleanup EXIT
# Configure system settings
sysctl -w -q "${path_sysctl_mem}=1000000"
# Create virtual ethernet pair between network namespaces
ip netns add "${NS1}"
ip netns add "${NS2}"
ip link add "${DEV}" mtu "${DEV_MTU}" netns "${NS1}" type veth \
peer name "${DEV}" mtu "${DEV_MTU}" netns "${NS2}"
# Bring the devices up
ip -netns "${NS1}" link set "${DEV}" up
ip -netns "${NS2}" link set "${DEV}" up
# Set fixed MAC addresses on the devices
ip -netns "${NS1}" link set dev "${DEV}" address 02:02:02:02:02:02
ip -netns "${NS2}" link set dev "${DEV}" address 06:06:06:06:06:06
# Add fixed IP addresses to the devices
ip -netns "${NS1}" addr add dev "${DEV}"
ip -netns "${NS2}" addr add dev "${DEV}"
ip -netns "${NS1}" addr add fd::1/64 dev "${DEV}" nodad
ip -netns "${NS2}" addr add fd::2/64 dev "${DEV}" nodad
# Optionally disable sg or csum offload to test edge cases
# ip netns exec "${NS1}" ethtool -K "${DEV}" sg off
do_test() {
local readonly ARGS="$1"
echo "ipv${IP} ${TXMODE} ${ARGS}"
ip netns exec "${NS2}" "${BIN}" "-${IP}" -i "${DEV}" -t 2 -C 2 -S "${SADDR}" -D "${DADDR}" ${ARGS} -r "${RXMODE}" &
sleep 0.2
ip netns exec "${NS1}" "${BIN}" "-${IP}" -i "${DEV}" -t 1 -C 3 -S "${SADDR}" -D "${DADDR}" ${ARGS} "${TXMODE}"
do_test "${EXTRA_ARGS}"
do_test "-z ${EXTRA_ARGS}"
echo ok