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/* SPDX-License-Identifier: GPL-2.0 */
/* Copyright 2019 NXP Semiconductors
#ifndef _MSCC_FELIX_H
#define _MSCC_FELIX_H
#define ocelot_to_felix(o) container_of((o), struct felix, ocelot)
/* Platform-specific information */
struct felix_info {
const struct resource *target_io_res;
const struct resource *port_io_res;
const struct resource *imdio_res;
const struct reg_field *regfields;
const u32 *const *map;
const struct ocelot_ops *ops;
int num_mact_rows;
const struct ocelot_stat_layout *stats_layout;
unsigned int num_stats;
int num_ports;
int num_tx_queues;
struct vcap_props *vcap;
int switch_pci_bar;
int imdio_pci_bar;
const struct ptp_clock_info *ptp_caps;
/* Some Ocelot switches are integrated into the SoC without the
* extraction IRQ line connected to the ARM GIC. By enabling this
* workaround, the few packets that are delivered to the CPU port
* module (currently only PTP) are copied not only to the hardware CPU
* port module, but also to the 802.1Q Ethernet CPU port, and polling
* the extraction registers is triggered once the DSA tagger sees a PTP
* frame. The Ethernet frame is only used as a notification: it is
* dropped, and the original frame is extracted over MMIO and annotated
* with the RX timestamp.
bool quirk_no_xtr_irq;
int (*mdio_bus_alloc)(struct ocelot *ocelot);
void (*mdio_bus_free)(struct ocelot *ocelot);
void (*phylink_validate)(struct ocelot *ocelot, int port,
unsigned long *supported,
struct phylink_link_state *state);
int (*prevalidate_phy_mode)(struct ocelot *ocelot, int port,
phy_interface_t phy_mode);
int (*port_setup_tc)(struct dsa_switch *ds, int port,
enum tc_setup_type type, void *type_data);
void (*port_sched_speed_set)(struct ocelot *ocelot, int port,
u32 speed);
extern const struct dsa_switch_ops felix_switch_ops;
/* DSA glue / front-end for struct ocelot */
struct felix {
struct dsa_switch *ds;
const struct felix_info *info;
struct ocelot ocelot;
struct mii_bus *imdio;
struct lynx_pcs **pcs;
resource_size_t switch_base;
resource_size_t imdio_base;
enum dsa_tag_protocol tag_proto;
struct net_device *felix_port_to_netdev(struct ocelot *ocelot, int port);
int felix_netdev_to_port(struct net_device *dev);