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/* SPDX-License-Identifier: GPL-2.0 */
struct bch_reflink_p {
struct bch_val v;
__le64 idx;
* A reflink pointer might point to an indirect extent which is then
* later split (by copygc or rebalance). If we only pointed to part of
* the original indirect extent, and then one of the fragments is
* outside the range we point to, we'd leak a refcount: so when creating
* reflink pointers, we need to store pad values to remember the full
* range we were taking a reference on.
__le32 front_pad;
__le32 back_pad;
} __packed __aligned(8);
struct bch_reflink_v {
struct bch_val v;
__le64 refcount;
union bch_extent_entry start[0];
__u64 _data[];
} __packed __aligned(8);
struct bch_indirect_inline_data {
struct bch_val v;
__le64 refcount;
u8 data[];