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/* SPDX-License-Identifier: GPL-2.0 */
struct bch_snapshot {
struct bch_val v;
__le32 flags;
__le32 parent;
__le32 children[2];
__le32 subvol;
/* corresponds to a bch_snapshot_tree in BTREE_ID_snapshot_trees */
__le32 tree;
__le32 depth;
__le32 skip[3];
bch_le128 btime;
LE32_BITMASK(BCH_SNAPSHOT_DELETED, struct bch_snapshot, flags, 0, 1)
/* True if a subvolume points to this snapshot node: */
LE32_BITMASK(BCH_SNAPSHOT_SUBVOL, struct bch_snapshot, flags, 1, 2)
* Snapshot trees:
* The snapshot_trees btree gives us persistent indentifier for each tree of
* bch_snapshot nodes, and allow us to record and easily find the root/master
* subvolume that other snapshots were created from:
struct bch_snapshot_tree {
struct bch_val v;
__le32 master_subvol;
__le32 root_snapshot;