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/* SPDX-License-Identifier: GPL-2.0 */
#define SUBVOL_POS_MIN POS(0, 1)
#define SUBVOL_POS_MAX POS(0, S32_MAX)
struct bch_subvolume {
struct bch_val v;
__le32 flags;
__le32 snapshot;
__le64 inode;
* Snapshot subvolumes form a tree, separate from the snapshot nodes
* tree - if this subvolume is a snapshot, this is the ID of the
* subvolume it was created from:
* This is _not_ necessarily the subvolume of the directory containing
* this subvolume:
__le32 creation_parent;
__le32 fs_path_parent;
bch_le128 otime;
LE32_BITMASK(BCH_SUBVOLUME_RO, struct bch_subvolume, flags, 0, 1)
* We need to know whether a subvolume is a snapshot so we can know whether we
* can delete it (or whether it should just be rm -rf'd)
LE32_BITMASK(BCH_SUBVOLUME_SNAP, struct bch_subvolume, flags, 1, 2)
LE32_BITMASK(BCH_SUBVOLUME_UNLINKED, struct bch_subvolume, flags, 2, 3)