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* Created by: Jason Wessel <>
* Copyright (c) 2009 Wind River Systems, Inc. All Rights Reserved.
* This file is licensed under the terms of the GNU General Public
* License version 2. This program is licensed "as is" without any
* warranty of any kind, whether express or implied.
#ifndef _DEBUG_CORE_H_
#define _DEBUG_CORE_H_
* These are the private implementation headers between the kernel
* debugger core and the debugger front end code.
/* kernel debug core data structures */
struct kgdb_state {
int ex_vector;
int signo;
int err_code;
int cpu;
int pass_exception;
unsigned long thr_query;
unsigned long threadid;
long kgdb_usethreadid;
struct pt_regs *linux_regs;
atomic_t *send_ready;
/* Exception state values */
#define DCPU_WANT_MASTER 0x1 /* Waiting to become a master kgdb cpu */
#define DCPU_NEXT_MASTER 0x2 /* Transition from one master cpu to another */
#define DCPU_IS_SLAVE 0x4 /* Slave cpu enter exception */
#define DCPU_WANT_BT 0x8 /* Slave cpu should backtrace then clear flag */
struct debuggerinfo_struct {
void *debuggerinfo;
struct task_struct *task;
int exception_state;
int ret_state;
int irq_depth;
int enter_kgdb;
bool rounding_up;
extern struct debuggerinfo_struct kgdb_info[];
/* kernel debug core break point routines */
extern int dbg_remove_all_break(void);
extern int dbg_set_sw_break(unsigned long addr);
extern int dbg_remove_sw_break(unsigned long addr);
extern int dbg_activate_sw_breakpoints(void);
extern int dbg_deactivate_sw_breakpoints(void);
/* polled character access to i/o module */
extern int dbg_io_get_char(void);
/* stub return value for switching between the gdbstub and kdb */
#define DBG_PASS_EVENT -12345
/* Switch from one cpu to another */
#define DBG_SWITCH_CPU_EVENT -123456
extern int dbg_switch_cpu;
/* gdbstub interface functions */
extern int gdb_serial_stub(struct kgdb_state *ks);
extern void gdbstub_msg_write(const char *s, int len);
/* gdbstub functions used for kdb <-> gdbstub transition */
extern int gdbstub_state(struct kgdb_state *ks, char *cmd);
extern int dbg_kdb_mode;
extern int kdb_stub(struct kgdb_state *ks);
extern int kdb_parse(const char *cmdstr);
extern int kdb_common_init_state(struct kgdb_state *ks);
extern int kdb_common_deinit_state(void);
extern void kdb_dump_stack_on_cpu(int cpu);
#else /* ! CONFIG_KGDB_KDB */
static inline int kdb_stub(struct kgdb_state *ks)
#endif /* CONFIG_KGDB_KDB */
#endif /* _DEBUG_CORE_H_ */