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# Syntax:
# N: Firstname Lastname <email>
# F: file pattern or directory
# F: file pattern or directory
# The "F" entries can be:
# - A directory, in which case all patches touching any file in this
# directory or its subdirectories will be CC'ed to the developer.
# - A pattern, in which case the pattern will be expanded, and then
# all files/directories (and their subdirectories) will be
# considered when matching against a patch
# Notes:
# - When a developer adds an "arch/<arch>" file to its list
# of files, he is considered a developer of this architecture. He
# will receive e-mail notifications about build failures occuring on
# this architecture. Not more than one e-mail per day is sent.
# - When a developer adds a directory that contains one or several
# packages, this developer will be notified when build failures
# occur. Not more than one e-mail per day is sent.
# - When a developer adds an "package/pkg-<infra>.mk" file to its list
# of files, he is considered interested by this package
# infrastructure, and will be CC'ed on all patches that add or
# modify packages that use this infrastructure.
N: Adam Heinrich <>
F: package/jack1/
N: Adrian Perez de Castro <>
F: package/brotli/
F: package/bubblewrap/
F: package/cage/
F: package/cog/
F: package/libepoxy/
F: package/libwpe/
F: package/webkitgtk/
F: package/wlroots/
F: package/woff2/
F: package/wpebackend-fdo/
F: package/wpewebkit/
F: package/xdg-dbus-proxy/
N: Adrien Gallouët <>
F: package/bird/
F: package/glorytun/
N: Alejandro González <>
F: package/qprint/
F: package/watchdog/
N: Aleksander Morgado <>
F: package/libmbim/
F: package/libqmi/
F: package/modem-manager/
N: Alex Michel <>
F: package/network-manager-openvpn/
N: Alex Suykov <>
F: board/chromebook/snow/
F: configs/chromebook_snow_defconfig
F: package/vboot-utils/
N: Alexander Clouter <>
F: package/odhcp6c/
N: Alexander Dahl <>
F: package/fastd/
F: package/libuecc/
F: package/putty/
N: Alexander Egorenkov <>
F: package/makedumpfile/
F: package/multipath-tools/
N: Alexander Egorenkov <>
F: arch/
F: board/qemu/s390x/
F: configs/qemu_s390x_defconfig
F: package/s390-tools/
N: Alexander Kurz <>
F: package/minimodem/
N: Alexander Lukichev <>
F: package/openpgm/
N: Alexander Mukhin <>
F: package/tinyproxy/
N: Alexander Sverdlin <>
F: package/mini-snmpd/
N: Alexander Varnin <>
F: package/liblog4c-localtime/
N: Alexandre Belloni <>
F: package/tz/
N: Alexandre Esse <>
F: package/kvazaar/
F: package/v4l2loopback/
N: Alexey Brodkin <>
F: board/cubietech/cubieboard2/
F: configs/cubieboard2_defconfig
N: Alistair Francis <>
F: board/sifive/
F: boot/opensbi/
F: configs/hifive_unleashed_defconfig
F: package/xen/
N: Alvaro G. M <>
F: package/dcron/
F: package/libxmlrpc/
F: package/python-docopt/
N: Anders Darander <>
F: package/ktap/
N: André Hentschel <>
F: board/freescale/imx8qxpmek/
F: configs/freescale_imx8qxpmek_defconfig
F: package/freescale-imx/imx-sc-firmware/
F: package/libkrb5/
F: package/openal/
F: package/p7zip/
F: package/wine/
N: Andrey Smirnov <>
F: package/python-backports-shutil-get-terminal-size/
F: package/python-decorator/
F: package/python-ipython-genutils/
F: package/python-pathlib2/
F: package/python-pickleshare/
F: package/python-scandir/
F: package/python-simplegeneric/
F: package/python-systemd/
F: package/python-traitlets/
F: package/zstd/
N: Andrey Yurovsky <>
F: package/rauc/
N: Angelo Compagnucci <>
F: package/apparmor/
F: package/corkscrew/
F: package/cups/
F: package/cups-filters/
F: package/fail2ban/
F: package/grep/
F: package/htpdate/
F: package/i2c-tools/
F: package/jq/
F: package/libapparmor/
F: package/libb64/
F: package/mender/
F: package/mender-artifact/
F: package/mono/
F: package/mono-gtksharp3/
F: package/monolite/
F: package/openjpeg/
F: package/python-can/
F: package/python-pillow/
F: package/python-pydal/
F: package/python-spidev/
F: package/python-web2py/
F: package/qt5/qt5coap/
F: package/qt5/qt5knx/
F: package/qt5/qt5mqtt/
F: package/sam-ba/
F: package/sshguard/
F: package/sunwait/
F: package/sysdig/
N: Anisse Astier <>
F: package/go/
F: package/nghttp2/
F: package/
N: Anthony Viallard <>
F: package/gnuplot/
N: Antoine Tenart <>
F: package/libselinux/
F: package/refpolicy/
F: support/testing/tests/core/test_selinux/
F: support/testing/tests/core/
F: support/testing/tests/init/test_systemd_selinux/
F: support/testing/tests/init/
N: Antony Pavlov <>
F: package/lsscsi/
N: ARC Maintainers <>
F: arch/
F: board/synopsys/
F: configs/snps_arc700_axs101_defconfig
F: configs/snps_archs38_axs103_defconfig
F: configs/snps_archs38_haps_defconfig
F: configs/snps_archs38_hsdk_defconfig
F: configs/snps_archs38_vdk_defconfig
N: Ariel D'Alessandro <>
F: package/axfsutils/
F: package/mali-t76x/
N: Arnaud Aujon <>
F: package/espeak/
N: Arnout Vandecappelle <>
F: package/arp-scan/
F: package/dehydrated/
F: package/freescale-imx/firmware-imx/
F: package/freescale-imx/imx-lib/
F: package/libpagekite/
F: package/lua-bit32/
F: package/owfs/
F: package/python-bottle/
F: package/sqlcipher/
F: package/stress/
N: Arthur Courtel <>
F: board/raspberrypi/genimage-raspberrypi4-64.cfg
F: configs/raspberrypi4_64_defconfig
N: Asaf Kahlon <>
F: package/collectd/
F: package/libfuse3/
F: package/libuv/
F: package/python*
F: package/snmpclitools/
F: package/spdlog/
F: package/uftp/
F: package/uvw/
F: package/zeromq/
N: Ash Charles <>
F: package/pru-software-support/
F: package/ti-cgt-pru/
N: Assaf Inbal <>
F: package/lbase64/
F: package/luabitop/
F: package/luaexpatutils/
F: package/luaposix/
F: package/luasec/
F: package/lua-ev/
F: package/orbit/
N: Attila Wagner <>
F: package/python-canopen/
N: Bartosz Bilas <>
F: board/stmicroelectronics/stm32mp157a-dk1/
F: configs/stm32mp157a_dk1_defconfig
F: package/python-esptool/
F: package/python-pyaes/
F: package/ttyd/
F: package/qt5/qt5scxml/
F: package/qt5/qt5webview/
N: Bartosz Golaszewski <>
F: package/autoconf-archive/
F: package/doxygen/
F: package/libgpiod/
F: package/libserialport/
F: package/libsigrok/
F: package/libsigrokdecode/
F: package/libzip/
F: package/pulseview/
F: package/sigrok-cli/
N: Baruch Siach <>
F: board/solidrun/clearfog_gt_8k/
F: configs/solidrun_clearfog_gt_8k_defconfig
F: package/18xx-ti-utils/
F: package/cpuburn-arm/
F: package/daemon/
F: package/dropbear/
F: package/ebtables/
F: package/i2c-tools/
F: package/libcurl/
F: package/libpcap/
F: package/openipmi/
F: package/socat/
F: package/strace/
F: package/tcpdump/
F: package/ti-uim/
F: package/uhubctl/
N: Ben Boeckel <>
F: package/taskd/
N: Benjamin Kamath <>
F: package/lapack/
N: Bernd Kuhls <>
F: package/alsa-lib/
F: package/alsa-utils/
F: package/apache/
F: package/apr/
F: package/apr-util/
F: package/bcg729/
F: package/bluez-tools/
F: package/boinc/
F: package/clamav/
F: package/dav1d/
F: package/dovecot/
F: package/dovecot-pigeonhole/
F: package/dtv-scan-tables/
F: package/eudev/
F: package/exim/
F: package/fetchmail/
F: package/ffmpeg/
F: package/flac/
F: package/freeswitch/
F: package/freeswitch-mod-bcg729/
F: package/freetype/
F: package/fstrcmp/
F: package/ghostscript/
F: package/giflib/
F: package/gkrellm/
F: package/gli/
F: package/glmark2/
F: package/gpsd/
F: package/hdparm/
F: package/jsoncpp/
F: package/kodi*
F: package/lame/
F: package/leafnode2/
F: package/libaacs/
F: package/libasplib/
F: package/libass/
F: package/libbdplus/
F: package/libbluray/
F: package/libbroadvoice/
F: package/libcdio/
F: package/libcec/
F: package/libcodec2/
F: package/libcrossguid/
F: package/libdcadec/
F: package/libdrm/
F: package/libdvbcsa/
F: package/libdvdcss/
F: package/libdvdnav/
F: package/libdvdread/
F: package/libebur128/
F: package/libfreeglut/
F: package/libg7221/
F: package/libglew/
F: package/libglfw/
F: package/libglu/
F: package/libhdhomerun/
F: package/libilbc/
F: package/libldns/
F: package/libmicrohttpd/
F: package/libminiupnpc/
F: package/libmspack/
F: package/libnatpmp/
F: package/libnpth/
F: package/libogg/
F: package/libopenh264/
F: package/libpciaccess/
F: package/libplatform/
F: package/libpng/
F: package/libsidplay2/
F: package/libsilk/
F: package/libsndfile/
F: package/libsoil/
F: package/libsoundtouch/
F: package/libsquish/
F: package/libudfread/
F: package/liburiparser/
F: package/libva/
F: package/libva-intel-driver/
F: package/libva-utils/
F: package/libvorbis/
F: package/libvpx/
F: package/libyuv/
F: package/mesa3d/
F: package/minidlna/
F: package/mjpg-streamer/
F: package/perl-crypt-openssl-guess/
F: package/perl-crypt-openssl-random/
F: package/perl-crypt-openssl-rsa/
F: package/perl-digest-sha1/
F: package/perl-encode-detect/
F: package/perl-encode-locale/
F: package/perl-file-listing/
F: package/perl-html-parser/
F: package/perl-html-tagset/
F: package/perl-http-cookies/
F: package/perl-http-daemon/
F: package/perl-http-date/
F: package/perl-http-message/
F: package/perl-http-negotiate/
F: package/perl-io-html/
F: package/perl-lwp-mediatypes/
F: package/perl-mail-dkim/
F: package/perl-mailtools/
F: package/perl-net-dns/
F: package/perl-net-http/
F: package/perl-netaddr-ip/
F: package/perl-timedate/
F: package/perl-uri/
F: package/perl-www-robotrules/
F: package/php/
F: package/pixman/
F: package/pngquant/
F: package/pound/
F: package/pulseaudio/
F: package/pure-ftpd/
F: package/python-couchdb/
F: package/python-cssutils/
F: package/python-futures/
F: package/python-mwclient/
F: package/python-mwscrape/
F: package/python-mwscrape2slob/
F: package/python-mako/
F: package/python-oauthlib/
F: package/python-pyicu/
F: package/python-pylru/
F: package/python-requests-oauthlib/
F: package/python-slob/
F: package/rtmpdump/
F: package/samba4/
F: package/softether/
F: package/spandsp/
F: package/sqlite/
F: package/stellarium/
F: package/taglib/
F: package/tinyxml2/
F: package/tor/
F: package/transmission/
F: package/tvheadend/
F: package/unixodbc/
F: package/utf8proc/
F: package/vdr/
F: package/vdr-plugin-vnsiserver/
F: package/vlc/
F: package/vnstat/
F: package/waylandpp/
F: package/x11r7/
F: package/x264/
F: package/x265/
F: package/ytree/
F: package/znc/
F: support/testing/tests/package/
N: Biagio Montaruli <>
F: board/acmesystems/
F: configs/acmesystems_*
N: Bilal Wasim <>
F: board/chromebook/elm/
F: configs/chromebook_elm_defconfig
N: Bogdan Radulescu <>
F: package/iftop/
F: package/ncdu/
N: Brandon Maier <>
F: package/vmtouch/
N: Brock Williams <>
F: package/pdmenu/
N: Carlo Caione <>
F: package/jailhouse/
F: package/sunxi-boards/
N: Carsten Schoenert <>
F: package/dvbsnoop/
F: package/libdvbsi/
F: package/libsvg/
F: package/libsvg-cairo/
N: Cédric Chépied <>
F: package/znc/
N: Chakra Divi <>
F: board/friendlyarm/nanopi-m1
F: board/friendlyarm/nanopi-m1-plus
F: board/olimex/a13_olinuxino
F: board/orangepi/orangepi-plus
F: configs/nanopi_m1_defconfig
F: configs/nanopi_m1_plus_defconfig
F: configs/olimex_a13_olinuxino_defconfig
F: configs/orangepi_plus_defconfig
N: Chris Packham <>
F: package/coremark/
F: package/coremark-pro/
F: package/gstreamer1/gst1-shark/
F: package/micropython/
F: package/micropython-lib/
F: package/syslog-ng/
N: Christian Kellermann <>
F: package/python-pylibftdi/
N: Christian Stewart <>
F: linux/
F: package/aufs/
F: package/aufs-util/
F: package/batman-adv/
F: package/delve/
F: package/docker-cli/
F: package/docker-containerd/
F: package/docker-engine/
F: package/docker-proxy/
F: package/fuse-overlayfs/
F: package/go/
F: package/mbpfan/
F: package/mosh/
F: package/
F: package/rtl8821au/
F: package/runc/
F: package/tini/
N: Christophe Priouzeau <>
F: board/stmicroelectronics/stm32f429-disco/
F: board/stmicroelectronics/stm32f469-disco/
F: configs/stm32f429_disco_defconfig
F: configs/stm32f469_disco_defconfig
N: Christophe Vu-Brugier <>
F: package/drbd-utils/
F: package/iotop/
F: package/python-configshell-fb/
F: package/python-rtslib-fb/
F: package/python-urwid/
F: package/targetcli-fb/
N: Christopher McCrory <>
F: package/perl-appconfig/
F: package/perl-astro-suntime/
F: package/perl-class-load/
F: package/perl-class-std/
F: package/perl-class-std-fast/
F: package/perl-data-dump/
F: package/perl-data-optlist/
F: package/perl-data-uuid/
F: package/perl-date-manip/
F: package/perl-dbd-mysql/
F: package/perl-dbi/
F: package/perl-device-serialport/
F: package/perl-dist-checkconflicts/
F: package/perl-file-slurp/
F: package/perl-io-interface/
F: package/perl-io-socket-multicast/
F: package/perl-json-maybexs/
F: package/perl-mime-tools/
F: package/perl-module-implementation/
F: package/perl-module-runtime/
F: package/perl-number-bytes-human/
F: package/perl-package-stash/
F: package/perl-params-util/
F: package/perl-sub-install/
F: package/perl-sys-cpu/
F: package/perl-sys-meminfo/
F: package/perl-sys-mmap/
F: package/perl-time-parsedate/
F: package/perl-x10/
N: Clayton Shotwell <>
F: package/audit/
F: package/checkpolicy/
F: package/cpio/
F: package/libcgroup/
F: package/libee/
F: package/libestr/
F: package/liblogging/
F: package/libselinux/
F: package/libsemanage/
F: package/libsepol/
F: package/policycoreutils/
N: Clément Péron <>
F: board/beelink/gs1/
F: configs/beelink_gs1_defconfig
N: Corentin Guillevic <>
F: package/libloki/
N: Cyril Bur <>
F: arch/
F: package/kvm-unit-tests
N: Dagg Stompler <>
F: board/hardkernel/odroidc2/
F: configs/odroidc2_defconfig
F: package/meson-tools/
F: package/odroidc2-firmware/
N: Daniel J. Leach <>
F: package/dacapo/
N: Damien Lanson <>
F: package/libvdpau/
F: package/log4cpp/
N: Daniel Nicoletti <>
F: package/cutelyst/
N: Daniel Price <>
F: package/nodejs/
F: package/redis/
N: Daniel Sangue <>
F: package/libftdi1/
N: Danilo Bargen <>
F: board/pcengines/apu2/
F: configs/pcengines_apu2_defconfig
N: Danomi Manchego <>
F: package/cjson/
F: package/jq/
F: package/libwebsockets/
F: package/ljsyscall/
F: package/lua-cjson/
F: package/luaexpat/
F: package/xinetd/
N: David Bachelart <>
F: package/ccrypt/
F: package/dos2unix/
F: package/ipmiutil/
F: package/jsmn/
F: package/python-daemon/
F: package/sslh/
F: package/udpxy/
N: David Bender <>
F: package/benejson/
F: package/cgic/
F: package/freeradius-client/
F: package/openldap/
N: David du Colombier <>
F: package/x264/
N: David GOUARIN <>
F: package/librelp/
N: David Lechner <>
F: board/lego/ev3/
F: configs/lego_ev3_defconfig
F: linux/
F: package/brickd/
F: package/ev3dev-linux-drivers/
N: Davide Viti <>
F: board/friendlyarm/nanopi-r1/
F: configs/nanopi_r1_defconfig
F: package/flann/
F: package/python-paho-mqtt/
F: package/qhull/
F: package/tcllib/
N: Denis Bodor <>
F: package/libstrophe/
N: Derrick Lyndon Pallas <>
F: package/ipcalc/
N: Dimitrios Siganos <>
F: package/wireless-regdb/
N: Dominik Faessler <>
F: package/logsurfer/
F: package/python-id3/
N: Doug Kehn <>
F: package/nss-pam-ldapd/
F: package/sp-oops-extract/
F: package/unscd/
N: Dushara Jayasinghe <>
F: package/prosody/
N: Eloi Bail <>
F: package/bayer2rgb-neon/
F: package/gstreamer1/gst1-plugins-bayer2rgb-neon/
N: Eric Le Bihan <>
F: docs/manual/adding-packages-meson.txt
F: package/adwaita-icon-theme/
F: package/darkhttpd/
F: package/eudev/
F: package/execline/
F: package/hicolor-icon-theme/
F: package/jemalloc/
F: package/mdevd/
F: package/meson/
F: package/ninja/
F: package/
F: package/rust-bin/
F: package/rust/
F: package/s6/
F: package/s6-dns/
F: package/s6-linux-init/
F: package/s6-linux-utils/
F: package/s6-networking/
F: package/s6-portable-utils/
F: package/s6-rc/
F: package/skalibs/
F: package/smack/
F: package/xvisor/
N: Eric Limpens <>
F: package/pifmrds/
F: package/ympd/
N: Erico Nunes <>
F: board/aarch64-efi/
F: configs/aarch64_efi_defconfig
F: package/acpica/
F: package/acpitool/
F: package/efibootmgr/
F: package/efivar/
F: package/fwts/
F: package/spi-tools/
F: package/xdotool/
F: configs/pc_x86_64_*
N: Erik Larsson <>
F: package/imx-mkimage/
N: Erik Stromdahl <>
F: package/mxsldr/
N: Ernesto L. Williams Jr <>
F: package/szip/
N: Esben Haabendal <>
F: boot/gummiboot/
F: package/python-kiwisolver/
N: Etienne Carriere <>
F: boot/optee-os/
F: package/optee-benchmark/
F: package/optee-client/
F: package/optee-examples/
F: package/optee-test/
N: Eugene Tarassov <>
F: package/tcf-agent/
N: Evan Zelkowitz <>
F: package/sdl_gfx/
N: Ezequiel Garcia <>
F: board/ci20/
F: configs/ci20_defconfig
F: arch/
F: package/fio/
F: package/iptraf-ng/
F: package/jimtcl/
F: package/mimic/
F: package/nodm/
F: package/openbox/
F: package/rtl8723bs/
F: package/supertuxkart/
N: Fabio Estevam <>
F: board/freescale/warpboard/
F: board/warp7/
F: configs/freescale_imx*
F: configs/imx23evk_defconfig
F: configs/imx6-sabre*
F: configs/imx6slevk_defconfig
F: configs/imx6sx-sdb_defconfig
F: configs/imx6ulevk_defconfig
F: configs/imx6ullevk_defconfig
F: configs/imx6ulpico_defconfig
F: configs/imx7d-sdb_defconfig
F: configs/imx7dpico_defconfig
F: configs/imx8mqevk_defconfig
F: configs/mx25pdk_defconfig
F: configs/mx51evk_defconfig
F: configs/mx53loco_defconfig
F: configs/mx6cubox_defconfig
F: configs/mx6sx_udoo_neo_defconfig
F: configs/mx6udoo_defconfig
F: configs/wandboard_defconfig
F: configs/warp7_defconfig
F: configs/warpboard_defconfig
F: package/atest/
F: package/kmscube/
N: Fabio Porcedda <>
F: package/netsurf-buildsystem/
N: Fabio Urquiza <>
F: package/bitcoin/
N: Fabrice Fontaine <>
F: package/domoticz/
F: package/libmediaart/
F: package/libmaxminddb/
F: package/openzwave/
N: Fabrice Fontaine <>
F: package/bearssl/
F: package/belle-sip/
F: package/belr/
F: package/boinc/
F: package/cairo/
F: package/duktape/
F: package/expat/
F: package/flatbuffers/
F: package/gerbera/
F: package/gtksourceview/
F: package/gssdp/
F: package/gupnp/
F: package/gupnp-dlna/
F: package/gupnp-tools/
F: package/haproxy/
F: package/hiredis/
F: package/i2pd/
F: package/igd2-for-linux/
F: package/json-c/
F: package/lcms2/
F: package/lftp/
F: package/libcap-ng/
F: package/libcdio-paranoia/
F: package/libcgicc/
F: package/libconfig/
F: package/libcue/
F: package/libebml/
F: package/libgee/
F: package/libglib2/
F: package/libgtk2/
F: package/libgtk3/
F: package/libhtp/
F: package/libidn/
F: package/libidn2/
F: package/libjpeg/
F: package/liblockfile/
F: package/libmatroska/
F: package/libmpdclient/
F: package/libnetfilter_conntrack/
F: package/libnetfilter_queue/
F: package/libnpupnp/
F: package/liboping/
F: package/libpfm4/
F: package/libraw/
F: package/libraw1394/
F: package/libroxml/
F: package/librsvg/
F: package/librsync/
F: package/libsoup/
F: package/libsoxr/
F: package/libupnp/
F: package/libupnp18/
F: package/libv4l/
F: package/libxslt/
F: package/mbedtls/
F: package/minissdpd/
F: package/minizip/
F: package/mongodb/
F: package/motion/
F: package/mutt/
F: package/ncmpc/
F: package/oniguruma/
F: package/oprofile/
F: package/pcmanfm/
F: package/python-backcall/
F: package/python-jedi/
F: package/python-parso/
F: package/python-yatl/
F: package/rocksdb/
F: package/rygel/
F: package/safeclib/
F: package/suricata/
F: package/tinycbor/
F: package/tinydtls/
F: package/tinymembench/
F: package/whois/
N: Fabrice Goucem <>
F: board/freescale/imx6ullevk/
F: configs/freescale_imx6ullevk_defconfig
N: Falco Hyfing <>
F: package/python-pymodbus/
N: Floris Bos <>
F: package/ipmitool/
F: package/odhcploc/
N: Francisco Gonzalez <>
F: package/ser2net/
N: Francois Perrad <>
F: board/olimex/a20_olinuxino
F: board/olimex/imx233_olinuxino/
F: configs/olimex_a20_olinuxino_*
F: configs/olimex_imx233_olinuxino_defconfig
F: package/4th/
F: package/cgilua/
F: package/chipmunk/
F: package/cog/
F: package/collectl/
F: package/copas/
F: package/coxpcall/
F: package/dado/
F: package/ficl/
F: package/libtomcrypt/
F: package/libtommath/
F: package/libwpe/
F: package/linenoise/
F: package/ljlinenoise/
F: package/lpeg/
F: package/lpty/
F: package/lrandom/
F: package/lsqlite3/
F: package/lua*
F: package/lzlib/
F: package/moarvm/
F: package/netsurf/
F: package/perl*
F: package/
F: package/
F: package/quickjs/
F: package/rings/
F: package/tekui/
F: package/wpebackend-fdo/
F: package/wpewebkit/
F: package/wsapi/
F: package/wsapi-fcgi/
F: package/wsapi-xavante/
F: package/xavante/
F: support/testing/tests/package/test_lua*
F: utils/scancpan
N: Frank Hunleth <>
F: package/am335x-pru-package/
F: package/libconfuse/
F: package/libdmtx/
F: package/libsodium/
F: package/php-amqp/
F: package/python-cherrypy/
F: package/rabbitmq-server/
F: package/sane-backends/
F: package/ucl/
F: package/upx/
F: package/zxing-cpp/
N: Frank Vanbever <>
F: package/elixir/
F: package/libmodsecurity/
F: package/nginx-modsecurity/
N: Gaël Portay <>
F: package/qt5/qt5virtualkeyboard/
F: package/qt5/qt5webengine/
F: package/qt5/qt5webkit/
F: package/qt5/qt5webkit-examples/
N: Gao Xiang <>
F: package/erofs-utils/
N: Gary Bisson <>
F: board/boundarydevices/
F: configs/nitrogen*
F: package/freescale-imx/
F: package/gstreamer1/gst1-imx/
F: package/libimxvpuapi/
F: package/mfgtools/
F: package/sshpass/
F: package/x11r7/xdriver_xf86-video-imx-viv/
N: Geoff Levand <>
F: package/flannel/
N: Geoffrey Ragot <>
F: package/python-pycli/
F: package/python-pyyaml/
N: Gerome Burlats <>
F: board/qemu/
F: configs/qemu_*
N: Gilles Talis <>
F: board/freescale/imx8mmevk/
F: configs/freescale_imx8mmevk_defconfig
F: package/cctz/
F: package/fdk-aac/
F: package/httping/
F: package/iozone/
F: package/leptonica/
F: package/libeXosip2/
F: package/libolm/
F: package/libosip2/
F: package/ocrad/
F: package/restclient-cpp/
F: package/tesseract-ocr/
F: package/webp/
F: package/xapian/
N: Giulio Benetti <>
F: package/at/
F: package/libnspr/
F: package/libnss/
F: package/minicom/
F: package/nfs-utils/
F: package/sunxi-mali-mainline/
F: package/sunxi-mali-mainline-driver/
N: Gregory Dymarek <>
F: package/ding-libs/
F: package/gengetopt/
F: package/janus-gateway/
F: package/libnice/
F: package/libsrtp/
F: package/libwebsock/
F: package/sofia-sip/
N: Grzegorz Blach <>
F: fs/f2fs/
F: package/bluez5_utils-headers/
F: package/f2fs-tools/
F: package/graphicsmagick/
F: package/pigpio/
F: package/python-aioblescan/
F: package/python-bluezero/
F: package/python-crontab/
F: package/python-falcon/
F: package/python-ifaddr/
F: package/python-hiredis/
F: package/python-mimeparse/
F: package/python-pigpio/
F: package/python-pyjwt/
F: package/python-redis/
F: package/python-rpi-ws281x/
F: package/python-wtforms/
N: Guillaume Gardet <>
F: package/c-icap/
F: package/c-icap-modules/
F: package/sdl2/
N: Guillaume William Brs <>
F: package/libnids/
F: package/liquid-dsp/
F: package/pixiewps/
F: package/python-pybind/
F: package/reaver/
N: Guo Ren <>
F: arch/
F: board/csky/
F: board/qemu/csky
F: configs/csky_*
F: configs/qemu_csky*
N: Gustavo Heinz <>
F: package/python-m2crypto/
N: Gustavo Pimentel <>
F: configs/arm_juno_defconfig
F: board/arm/juno/
N: Gwenhael Goavec-Merou <>
F: package/gnuradio/
F: package/gqrx/
F: package/gr-osmosdr/
F: package/librtlsdr/
F: package/libusbgx/
F: package/matio/
F: package/python-cheetah/
F: package/python-markdown/
F: package/python-remi/
F: package/python-sip/
F: package/uhd/
N: Heiko Thiery <>
F: package/altera-stapl/
F: package/ipmitool/
F: package/libnetconf2/
F: package/libyang/
F: package/linuxptp/
F: package/netopeer2/
F: package/sysrepo/
N: Henrique Camargo <>
F: package/json-glib/
N: Hiroshi Kawashima <>
F: package/gauche/
F: package/gmrender-resurrect/
F: package/squeezelite/
N: Horatiu Vultur <>
F: package/easyframes/
F: package/mrp/
N: Ian Haylock <>
F: package/python-rpi-gpio/
N: Ignacy Gawędzki <>
F: package/angularjs/
N: Ilias Apalodimas <>
F: package/keepalived/
N: Ilya Averyanov <>
F: package/exempi/
N: Ismael Luceno <>
F: package/axel/
N: Jagan Teki <>
F: board/amarula/
F: board/asus/
F: board/bananapi/
F: board/engicam/
F: board/friendlyarm/nanopi-a64/
F: board/friendlyarm/nanopi-neo2/
F: board/olimex/a33_olinuxino/
F: board/olimex/a64-olinuxino/
F: board/orangepi/orangepi-lite2/
F: board/orangepi/orangepi-one-plus
F: board/orangepi/orangepi-pc2/
F: board/orangepi/orangepi-prime/
F: board/orangepi/orangepi-win/
F: board/orangepi/orangepi-zero-plus2/
F: board/pine64/
F: configs/amarula_a64_relic_defconfig
F: configs/amarula_vyasa_rk3288_defconfig
F: configs/asus_tinker_rk3288_defconfig
F: configs/bananapi_m1_defconfig
F: configs/bananapi_m64_defconfig
F: configs/engicam_imx6qdl_icore_defconfig
F: configs/engicam_imx6qdl_icore_qt5_defconfig
F: configs/engicam_imx6qdl_icore_rqs_defconfig
F: configs/engicam_imx6ul_geam_defconfig
F: configs/engicam_imx6ul_isiot_defconfig
F: configs/friendlyarm_nanopi_a64_defconfig
F: configs/friendlyarm_nanopi_neo2_defconfig
F: configs/olimex_a33_olinuxino_defconfig
F: configs/olimex_a64_olinuxino_defconfig
F: configs/orangepi_lite2_defconfig
F: configs/orangepi_one_plus_defconfig
F: configs/orangepi_pc2_defconfig
F: configs/orangepi_prime_defconfig
F: configs/orangepi_win_defconfig
F: configs/orangepi_zero_plus2_defconfig
F: configs/pine64_defconfig
F: configs/pine64_sopine_defconfig
N: James Hilliard <>
F: package/apcupsd/
F: package/exfatprogs/
F: package/gensio/
F: package/lua-std-debug/
F: package/lua-std-normalize/
F: package/pipewire/
F: package/python-aioconsole/
F: package/python-aiodns/
F: package/python-aiohttp/
F: package/python-aiohttp-cors/
F: package/python-aiohttp-debugtoolbar/
F: package/python-aiohttp-jinja2/
F: package/python-aiohttp-mako/
F: package/python-aiohttp-remotes/
F: package/python-aiohttp-security/
F: package/python-aiohttp-session/
F: package/python-aiohttp-sse/
F: package/python-aiologstash/
F: package/python-aiomonitor/
F: package/python-aiojobs/
F: package/python-aiorwlock/
F: package/python-aiosignal/
F: package/python-aiozipkin/
F: package/python-argon2-cffi/
F: package/python-async-lru/
F: package/python-async-timeout/
F: package/python-brotli/
F: package/python-cbor2/
F: package/python-cchardet/
F: package/python-flatbuffers/
F: package/python-frozenlist/
F: package/python-greenlet/
F: package/python-janus/
F: package/python-logstash/
F: package/python-multidict/
F: package/python-pycares/
F: package/python-snappy/
F: package/python-sockjs/
F: package/python-terminaltables/
F: package/python-yarl/
N: James Knight <>
F: package/atkmm/
F: package/cairomm/
F: package/google-material-design-icons/
F: package/glibmm/
F: package/gtkmm3/
F: package/libpqxx/
F: package/pangomm/
F: package/rpm/
F: package/yad/
N: Jan Heylen <>
F: package/opentracing-cpp/
N: Jan Kraval <>
F: board/orangepi/orangepi-lite
F: configs/orangepi_lite_defconfig
N: Jan Kundrát <>
F: configs/solidrun_clearfog_defconfig
F: board/solidrun/clearfog/
F: package/libnetconf2/
F: package/libyang/
F: package/sysrepo/
N: Jan Pedersen <>
F: package/zip/
N: Jan Viktorin <>
F: package/python-pexpect/
F: package/python-ptyprocess/
F: package/zynq-boot-bin/
N: Jarkko Sakkinen <>
F: package/quota/
N: Jason Pruitt <>
F: package/librtlsdr/
N: Jean Burgat <>
F: package/openfpgaloader/
N: Jens Kleintje <>
F: package/gcnano-binaries/
N: Jens Rosenboom <>
F: package/sl/
N: Jens Zettelmeyer <>
F: package/batctl/
N: Jeremy Rosen <>
F: package/fxload/
N: Jérôme Oufella <>
F: package/libdri2/
F: package/qt-webkit-kiosk/
N: Jérôme Pouiller <>
F: package/apitrace/
F: package/freescale-imx/gpu-amd-bin-mx51/
F: package/freescale-imx/libz160/
F: package/lxc/
F: package/strongswan/
F: package/wmctrl/
F: package/x11r7/xdriver_xf86-video-imx/
F: package/x11r7/xdriver_xf86-video-imx-viv/
N: Jianhui Zhao <>
F: package/libuhttpd/
F: package/libuwsc/
F: package/rtty/
N: Joachim Wiberg <>
F: configs/globalscale_espressobin_defconfig
F: board/globalscale/espressobin/
F: package/mg/
F: package/netcalc/
N: Joao Pinto <>
F: board/synopsys/vdk/
F: configs/snps_aarch64_vdk_defconfig
N: Jochen Baltes <>
F: package/altera-stapl
N: Joel Carlson <>
F: package/c-capnproto/
F: package/capnproto/
F: package/cmocka/
F: package/flatcc/
F: package/libcorrect/
N: Joel Stanley <>
F: package/pdbg/
F: board/qemu/ppc64le-pseries/
F: configs/qemu_ppc64le_pseries_defconfig
F: board/qemu/ppc-mac99/
F: configs/qemu_ppc_mac99_defconfig
N: Johan Derycke <>
F: package/python-libconfig/
N: Johan Oudinet <>
F: package/ejabberd/
F: package/erlang-base64url/
F: package/erlang-eimp/
F: package/erlang-goldrush/
F: package/erlang-idna/
F: package/erlang-jiffy/
F: package/erlang-jose/
F: package/erlang-lager/
F: package/erlang-p1-acme/
F: package/erlang-p1-cache-tab/
F: package/erlang-p1-mqtree/
F: package/erlang-p1-oauth2/
F: package/erlang-p1-pkix/
F: package/erlang-p1-sip/
F: package/erlang-p1-stringprep/
F: package/erlang-p1-stun/
F: package/erlang-p1-tls/
F: package/erlang-p1-utils/
F: package/erlang-p1-xml/
F: package/erlang-p1-xmpp/
F: package/erlang-p1-yaml/
F: package/erlang-p1-yconf/
F: package/erlang-p1-zlib/
F: package/nginx-dav-ext/
F: package/vuejs/
N: John Stile <>
F: package/dhcpcd/
N: John Faith <>
F: package/python-inflection/
F: package/sdbusplus/
N: Jonathan Ben Avraham <>
F: arch/
F: package/autofs/
F: package/dawgdic/
F: package/libphidget/
F: package/phidgetwebservice/
F: package/rapidxml/
F: package/sphinxbase/
N: Joris Offouga <>
F: package/python-colorlog/
F: package/python-simplelogging/
N: Jörg Krause <>
F: board/lemaker/bananapro/
F: configs/bananapro_defconfig
F: package/augeas/
F: package/bluez-alsa/
F: package/caps/
F: package/freescale-imx/imx-alsa-plugins/
F: package/libopusenc/
F: package/libupnpp/
F: package/luv/
F: package/luvi/
F: package/mpd/
F: package/shairport-sync/
F: package/swupdate/
F: package/upmpdcli/
F: package/wavemon/
N: Joris Lijssens <>
F: package/emlog/
F: package/libcoap/
F: package/libnet/
F: package/libuio/
F: package/netsniff-ng/
F: package/rabbitmq-c/
N: Joseph Kogut <>
F: package/at-spi2-atk/
F: package/at-spi2-core/
F: package/clang/
F: package/earlyoom/
F: package/gconf/
F: package/libnss/
F: package/lld/
F: package/llvm/
F: package/python-cython/
F: package/python-pycups/
F: package/python-raven/
F: package/python-schedule/
F: package/python-sentry-sdk/
F: package/python-websockets/
F: package/python-xlib/
F: package/sentry-cli/
F: package/sentry-native/
F: package/unclutter-xfixes/
N: Joshua Henderson <>
F: package/qt5/qt5wayland/
N: Jugurtha BELKALEM <>
F: package/python-aiofiles/
F: package/python-crayons/
F: package/python-cycler/
F: package/python-matplotlib/
F: package/python-opcua-asyncio/
F: package/python-piexif/
N: Juha Rantanen <>
F: package/acsccid/
N: Julian Scheel <>
F: package/bitstream/
F: package/cbootimage/
F: package/cryptopp/
F: package/dvblast/
F: package/tegrarcm/
N: Julien Boibessot <>
F: board/armadeus/
F: configs/armadeus*
F: package/abootimg/
F: package/gpm/
F: package/lbreakout2/
F: package/libcddb/
F: package/libmodbus/
F: package/ltris/
F: package/opentyrian/
F: package/python-pygame/
N: Julien Corjon <>
F: package/qt5/
N: Julien Grossholtz <>
F: board/technologic/ts7680/
F: configs/ts7680_defconfig
F: package/paho-mqtt-c
N: Julien Olivain <>
F: board/qmtech/zynq/
F: board/technexion/imx8mmpico/
F: board/technexion/imx8mpico/
F: configs/imx8mmpico_defconfig
F: configs/imx8mpico_defconfig
F: configs/zynq_qmtech_defconfig
F: package/fluid-soundfont/
F: package/fluidsynth/
F: package/glslsandbox-player/
F: package/ptm2human/
F: package/python-pyalsa/
N: Julien Viard de Galbert <>
F: package/dieharder/
F: package/easy-rsa/
N: Justin Maggard <>
F: package/dtach/
N: Kamel Bouhara <>
F: package/libodb-boost/
F: package/libodb-mysql/
N: Karoly Kasza <>
F: package/irqbalance/
F: package/openvmtools/
N: Kelvin Cheung <>
F: package/cpuload/
F: package/bwm-ng/
F: package/ramsmp/
N: Kieran Bingham <>
F: package/libcamera/
N: Klaus Heinrich Kiwi <>
F: package/wqy-zenhei/
N: Koen Martens <>
F: package/capnproto/
F: package/linuxconsoletools/
N: Kurt Van Dijck <>
F: package/bcusdk/
F: package/libpthsem/
F: package/nilfs-utils/
N: Laurent Cans <>
F: package/aircrack-ng/
N: Laurent Charpentier <>
F: package/open-lldp/
N: Lee Jones <>
F: boot/afboot-stm32/
N: Leon Anavi <>
F: board/olimex/a10_olinuxino
F: configs/olimex_a10_olinuxino_lime_defconfig
N: Leonid Yuriev <>
F: package/libmdbx/
N: Lionel Flandrin <>
F: package/python-babel/
F: package/python-daemonize/
F: package/python-flask/
F: package/python-flask-babel/
F: package/python-gunicorn/
N: Lionel Orry <>
F: package/mongrel2/
N: Lothar Felten <>
F: board/bananapi/bananapi-m2-ultra/
F: board/beaglebone/
F: configs/bananapi_m2_ultra_defconfig
F: configs/beaglebone_defconfig
F: configs/beaglebone_qt5_defconfig
F: package/ti-sgx-demos/
F: package/ti-sgx-km/
F: package/ti-sgx-um/
N: Louis Aussedat <>
F: board/friendlyarm/nanopi-neo-plus2/
F: configs/friendlyarm_nanopi_neo_plus2_defconfig
F: package/mfoc
F: package/libpam-nfc
F: package/python-dnspython/
F: package/python-future/
F: package/python-huepy/
F: package/python-tqdm/
N: Louis-Paul Cordier <>
F: package/intel-gmmlib/
F: package/intel-mediadriver/
F: package/intel-mediasdk/
N: Luca Ceresoli <>
F: board/olimex/a20_olinuxino/
F: board/zynq/
F: board/zynqmp/
F: configs/olimex_a20_olinuxino_*
F: configs/zynq_microzed_defconfig
F: configs/zynq_zed_defconfig
F: configs/zynq_zc706_defconfig
F: configs/zynqmp_zcu106_defconfig
F: package/agentpp/
F: package/exim/
F: package/libpjsip/
F: package/qpid-proton/
F: package/rtl8188eu/
F: package/snmppp/
F: package/stm32flash/
F: package/unzip/
F: support/legal-info/
N: Lucas De Marchi <>
F: package/fswebcam/
N: Lubomir Rintel <>
F: board/olpc/
F: configs/olpc_xo1_defconfig
F: configs/olpc_xo175_defconfig
N: Ludovic Desroches <>
F: board/atmel/
F: board/microchip/
F: configs/at91*
F: configs/atmel_*
F: configs/microchip_*
F: package/fb-test-app/
F: package/python-json-schema-validator/
F: package/python-keyring/
F: package/python-simplejson/
F: package/python-versiontools/
F: package/wilc1000-firmware/
N: Maeva Manuel <>
F: board/freescale/imx8qmmek/
F: configs/freescale_imx8qmmek_defconfig
F: package/freescale-imx/imx-seco/
N: Mahyar Koshkouei <>
F: package/ffmpeg/
F: package/mpv/
F: package/rpi-firmware/
F: package/rpi-userland/
N: Manuel Vögele <>
F: package/python-pyqt5/
F: package/python-requests-toolbelt/
N: Marcin Bis <>
F: package/bluez5_utils/
F: package/cc-tool/
F: package/ecryptfs-utils/
N: Marcin Niestroj <>
F: board/grinn/
F: board/orangepi/orangepi-zero-plus/
F: configs/grinn_*
F: configs/orangepi_zero_plus_defconfig
F: package/argparse/
F: package/dt-utils/
F: package/easydbus/
F: package/lua-flu/
F: package/lua-stdlib/
F: package/luaossl/
F: package/murata-cyw-fw/
F: package/netdata/
F: package/python-ansicolors/
F: package/python-bleak/
F: package/python-iniconfig/
F: package/python-intelhex/
F: package/python-packaging/
F: package/python-pluggy/
F: package/python-pytest/
F: package/python-pytest-asyncio/
F: package/python-typing-extensions/
F: package/python-xmodem/
F: package/rs485conf/
F: package/turbolua/
F: support/testing/tests/package/
F: support/testing/tests/package/
F: support/testing/tests/package/
F: support/testing/tests/package/
F: support/testing/tests/package/
N: Marcus Folkesson <>
F: package/libostree/
F: package/libselinux/
F: package/libsemanage/
F: package/libsepol/
F: package/selinux-python/
F: utils/config
F: utils/diffconfig
N: Marek Belisko <>
F: board/friendlyarm/nanopi-neo4/
F: configs/nanopi_neo4_defconfig
F: package/libatasmart/
F: package/polkit/
F: package/sg3_utils/
F: package/udisks/
N: Mario Lang <>
F: package/brltty/
F: package/lynx/
N: Mario Rugiero <>
F: package/ratpoison/
N: Mark Corbin <>
F: arch/
F: arch/
F: board/qemu/riscv32-virt/
F: board/qemu/riscv64-virt/
F: configs/qemu_riscv32_virt_defconfig
F: configs/qemu_riscv64_virt_defconfig
N: Martin Bark <>
F: board/raspberrypi/
F: configs/raspberrypi3_defconfig
F: package/ca-certificates/
F: package/connman/
F: package/nodejs/
F: package/rpi-bt-firmware/
F: package/rpi-firmware/
F: package/rpi-wifi-firmware/
F: package/tzdata/
F: package/zic/
N: Martin Hicks <>
F: package/cryptsetup/
N: Martin Kepplinger <>
F: package/tslib/
F: package/x11r7/xdriver_xf86-input-tslib/
F: package/x11vnc/
N: Masahiro Yamada <>
F: board/arm/foundation-v8/
F: configs/arm_foundationv8_defconfig
N: Mathieu Audat <>
F: board/technologic/ts4900/
F: configs/ts4900_defconfig
F: package/ts4900-fpga/
N: Matt Weber <>
F: board/freescale/p*
F: board/freescale/t*
F: board/qemu/ppc64-e5500/
F: configs/freescale_p*
F: configs/freescale_t*
F: configs/qemu_ppc64_e5500_defconfig
F: package/argp-standalone/
F: package/aufs/
F: package/aufs-util/
F: package/bc/
F: package/bridge-utils/
F: package/checkpolicy/
F: package/checksec/
F: package/cgroupfs-mount/
F: package/crda/
F: package/cunit/
F: package/dacapo/
F: package/davici/
F: package/dnsmasq/
F: package/dosfstools/
F: package/eigen/
F: package/ethtool/
F: package/flashbench/
F: package/fmc/
F: package/fmlib/
F: package/git/
F: package/gnutls/
F: package/hostapd/
F: package/i2c-tools/
F: package/ifplugd/
F: package/igmpproxy/
F: package/iperf/
F: package/iperf3/
F: package/iputils/
F: package/iw/
F: package/jitterentropy-library/
F: package/kvm-unit-tests/
F: package/kvmtool/
F: package/libcsv/
F: package/libcurl/
F: package/libeastl/
F: package/libfcgi/
F: package/libopenssl/
F: package/libselinux/
F: package/libsemanage/
F: package/libsepol/
F: package/libssh2/
F: package/libqmi/
F: package/lighttpd/
F: package/logrotate/
F: package/makedevs/
F: package/memtester/
F: package/mii-diag/
F: package/mrouted/
F: package/mtd/
F: package/mtools/
F: package/nginx-upload/
F: package/omniorb/
F: package/openresolv/
F: package/paxtest/
F: package/picocom/
F: package/policycoreutils/
F: package/proftpd/
F: package/protobuf-c/
F: package/protobuf/
F: package/python-bunch/
F: package/python-colorama/
F: package/python-filelock/
F: package/python-flask-cors/
F: package/python-iptables/
F: package/python-ipy/
F: package/python-posix-ipc/
F: package/python-pycairo/
F: package/python-pypcap/
F: package/python-pyrex/
F: package/python-pysftp/
F: package/python-tinyrpc/
F: package/python-txdbus/
F: package/qoriq-rcw/
F: package/raptor/
F: package/rng-tools/
F: package/rsyslog/
F: package/setools/
F: package/smcroute/
F: package/tclap/
F: package/tini/
F: package/uboot-tools/
F: package/unionfs/
F: package/valijson/
F: package/wpa_supplicant/
F: package/wireless_tools/
F: package/xen/
F: support/testing/tests/package/br2-external/openjdk/
F: support/testing/tests/package/
F: support/testing/tests/package/test_opkg/
F: support/testing/tests/package/
N: Mauro Condarelli <>
F: package/mc/
F: package/python-autobahn/
F: package/python-cbor/
F: package/python-characteristic/
F: package/python-click/
F: package/python-crossbar/
F: package/python-lmdb/
F: package/python-mistune/
F: package/python-netaddr/
F: package/python-pygments/
F: package/python-pynacl/
F: package/python-pytrie/
F: package/python-service-identity/
F: package/python-setproctitle/
F: package/python-shutilwhich/
F: package/python-treq/
F: package/python-txaio/
F: package/python-ujson/
F: package/python-wsaccel/
N: Max Filippov <>
F: arch/
N: Maxim Kochetkov <>
F: package/timescaledb/
N: Maxime Hadjinlian <>
F: package/babeld/
F: package/dante/
F: package/faifa/
F: package/initscripts/
F: package/intel-microcode/
F: package/iucode-tool/
F: package/jasper/
F: package/kodi/
F: package/libass/
F: package/libbluray/
F: package/libcdio/
F: package/libcofi/
F: package/libenca/
F: package/libmodplug/
F: package/libnfs/
F: package/libplist/
F: package/libshairplay/
F: package/linux-zigbee/
F: package/netcat-openbsd/
F: package/open-plc-utils/
F: package/rpi-firmware/
F: package/rpi-userland/
F: package/rtmpdump/
F: package/skeleton/
F: package/systemd/
F: package/systemd-bootchart/
F: package/tinyalsa/
F: package/tinyxml/
N: Michael Durrant <>
F: board/arcturus/
F: configs/arcturus_ucp1020_defconfig
F: configs/arcturus_ucls1012a_defconfig
N: Michael Fischer <>
F: package/gnuplot/
F: package/sdl2/
N: Michael Nosthoff <>
F: package/grpc/
F: package/gtest/
F: package/libabseil-cpp/
F: package/protobuf/
F: package/re2/
N: Michael Rommel <>
F: package/knock/
F: package/python-crc16/
F: package/python-pyzmq/
N: Michael Trimarchi <>
F: package/python-spidev/
N: Michael Vetter <>
F: package/jasper/
F: package/libstrophe/
N: Michael Walle <>
F: board/kontron/smarc-sal28/
F: configs/kontron_smarc_sal28_defconfig
F: package/libavl/
N: Michał Łyszczek <>
F: board/altera/socrates_cyclone5/
F: board/pine64/rock64
F: configs/rock64_defconfig
F: configs/socrates_cyclone5_defconfig
F: package/netifrc/
F: package/openrc/
F: package/skeleton-init-openrc/
N: Michel Stempin <>
F: board/licheepi/
F: configs/licheepi_zero_defconfig
N: Mike Frampton <>
F: package/qcom-db410c-firmware/
N: Mike Harmony <>
F: board/sinovoip/m2-plus/
F: configs/bananapi_m2_plus_defconfig
N: Mikhail Boiko <>
F: package/libfribidi/
N: Min Xu <>
F: package/shadowsocks-libev/
N: Mircea Gliga <>
F: package/mbuffer/
N: Mirza Krak <>
F: package/mender/
F: package/mender-artifact/
N: Murat Demirten <>
F: package/jpeg-turbo/
F: package/libgeotiff/
N: Mylène Josserand <>
F: package/rtl8723bu/
N: Nathaniel Roach <>
F: package/bandwidthd/
F: package/libgudev/
N: Naumann Andreas <>
F: package/evemu/
F: package/libevdev/
F: package/
N: Nicola Di Lieto <>
F: package/uacme/
N: Nicholas Sielicki <>
F: board/intel/galileo/
F: configs/galileo_defconfig
N: Nicolas Carrier <>
F: package/php-xdebug/
N: Nicolas Cavallari <>
F: package/libgit2/
N: Nicolas Serafini <>
F: package/exiv2/
F: package/ofono/
N: Nikolay Dimitrov <>
F: board/embest/riotboard/
F: configs/riotboard_defconfig
N: Nimai Mahajan <>
F: package/libucl/
N: Noé Rubinstein <>
F: package/tpm-tools/
F: package/trousers/
N: Norbert Lange <>
F: package/systemd/
F: package/tcf-agent/
N: Nylon Chen <>
F: arch/
F: board/andes
F: configs/andes_ae3xx_defconfig
F: toolchain/toolchain-external/toolchain-external-andes-nds32/
N: Olaf Rempel <>
F: package/ctorrent/
N: Oleksandr Zhadan <>
F: board/arcturus/
F: configs/arcturus_ucp1020_defconfig
F: configs/arcturus_ucls1012a_defconfig
N: Oli Vogt <>
F: package/python-django/
F: package/python-flup/
N: Olivier Matz <>
F: package/python-pyelftools/
N: Olivier Schonken <>
F: package/cups/
F: package/cups-filters/
F: package/ijs/
F: package/poppler/
F: package/qpdf/
F: package/openjpeg/
N: Olivier Singla <>
F: package/shellinabox/
N: Parnell Springmeyer <>
F: package/scrypt/
N: Pascal de Bruijn <>
F: package/libargon2/
F: package/linux-tools/S10hyperv
F: package/linux-tools/hyperv*.service
F: package/linux-tools/
N: Pascal Huerst <>
F: package/google-breakpad/
N: Patrick Gerber <>
F: package/yavta/
N: Patrick Havelange <>
F: support/testing/tests/package/
F: support/testing/tests/package/test_lxc/
N: Paul Cercueil <>
F: package/libiio/
F: package/lightning/
F: package/umtprd/
N: Pedro Aguilar <>
F: package/libunistring/
N: Peter Korsgaard <>
F: board/beagleboneai/
F: board/minnowboard/
F: board/librecomputer/lafrite/
F: board/nexbox/a95x/
F: board/openblocks/a6/
F: board/orangepi/
F: board/pandaboard/
F: board/roseapplepi/
F: boot/shim/
F: configs/beagleboneai_defconfig
F: configs/lafrite_defconfig
F: configs/minnowboard_max-graphical_defconfig
F: configs/minnowboard_max_defconfig
F: configs/nexbox_a95x_defconfig
F: configs/openblocks_a6_defconfig
F: configs/orangepi_pc_defconfig
F: configs/orangepi_r1_defconfig
F: configs/pandaboard_defconfig
F: configs/roseapplepi_defconfig
F: configs/sheevaplug_defconfig
F: package/bats-core/
F: package/docker-compose/
F: package/dump1090/
F: package/fatcat/
F: package/flickcurl/
F: package/fscryptctl/
F: package/ifmetric/
F: package/jo/
F: package/jose/
F: package/libfastjson/
F: package/luksmeta/
F: package/lzop/
F: package/memtool/
F: package/mosquitto/
F: package/python-alsaaudio/
F: package/python-backports-ssl-match-hostname/
F: package/python-cached-property/
F: package/python-docker/
F: package/python-dockerpty/
F: package/python-docker-pycreds/
F: package/python-enum/
F: package/python-enum34/
F: package/python-functools32/
F: package/python-ipaddr/
F: package/python-pam/
F: package/python-psutil/
F: package/python-request-id/
F: package/python-semver/
F: package/python-texttable/
F: package/python-validators/
F: package/python-webob/
F: package/python-websocket-client/
F: package/sedutil/
F: package/tpm2-totp/
F: package/triggerhappy/
F: package/wireguard-linux-compat/
F: package/wireguard-tools/
F: support/testing/tests/package/
N: Peter Seiderer <>
F: board/raspberrypi/
F: configs/raspberrypi*_defconfig
F: package/assimp/
F: package/bcm2835/
F: package/ddrescue/
F: package/dejavu/
F: package/dillo/
F: package/edid-decode/
F: package/ell/
F: package/ghostscript-fonts/
F: package/gstreamer1/gst1-devtools/
F: package/gstreamer1/gst1-interpipe/
F: package/gstreamer1/gstreamer1-editing-services/
F: package/iwd/
F: package/libevdev/
F: package/libuev/
F: package/log4cplus/
F: package/postgresql/
F: package/python-colorzero/
F: package/python-gpiozero/
F: package/qt5/
F: package/quotatool/
F: package/racehound/
F: package/redir/
F: package/uredir/
F: package/wayland-utils/
N: Peter Thompson <>
F: package/sdl2_gfx/
F: package/sdl2_image/
F: package/sdl2_ttf/
N: Petr Kulhavy <>
F: package/linuxptp/
N: Petr Vorel <>
F: package/ima-evm-utils/
F: package/iproute2/
F: package/iputils/
F: package/libtirpc/
F: package/linux-backports/
F: package/ltp-testsuite/
F: package/nfs-utils/
F: support/kconfig/
N: Phil Eichinger <>
F: package/libqrencode/
F: package/psplash/
F: package/sispmctl/
F: package/zsh/
N: Philipp Richter <>
F: package/libtorrent-rasterbar/
N: Philippe Proulx <>
F: package/babeltrace2/
F: package/lttng-babeltrace/
F: package/lttng-libust/
F: package/lttng-modules/
F: package/lttng-tools/
F: package/python-ipython/
F: package/liburcu/
N: Philippe Reynes <>
F: package/ibm-sw-tpm2/
N: Pierre Crokaert <>
F: board/hardkernel/odroidxu4/
F: configs/odroidxu4_defconfig
N: Pierre Ducroquet <>
F: package/kf5/
N: Pierre Floury <>
F: package/trace-cmd/
N: Pierre-Jean Texier <>
F: package/fping/
F: package/genimage/
F: package/haveged/
F: package/ipset/
F: package/libarchive/
F: package/libevent/
F: package/libubootenv/
F: package/libxml2/
F: package/mongoose/
F: package/mxml/
F: package/numactl/
F: package/python-modbus-tk/
F: package/python-periphery/
F: package/raspi-gpio/
F: package/sbc/
F: package/stunnel/
F: package/tree/
N: Pieter De Gendt <>
F: package/libvips/
N: Pieterjan Camerlynck <>
F: package/libdvbpsi/
F: package/mraa/
F: package/synergy/
N: Rafal Susz <>
F: board/avnet/s6lx9_microboard/
F: configs/s6lx9_microboard_defconfig
N: Rahul Bedarkar <>
F: package/cxxtest/
F: package/gflags/
F: package/glog/
F: package/gssdp/
F: package/gupnp/
F: package/gupnp-av/
F: package/let-me-create/
F: package/nanomsg/
N: Rahul Jain <>
F: package/uhttpd/
F: package/ustream-ssl/
N: Ramon Fried <>
F: package/bitwise/
N: Raphaël Mélotte <>
F: package/jbig2dec/
F: package/python-boto3/
F: package/python-botocore/
F: package/python-jmespath/
F: package/python-s3transfer/
N: Refik Tuzakli <>
F: package/freescale-imx/
F: package/paho-mqtt-cpp/
N: Rémi Rérolle <>
F: package/libfreeimage/
N: Renaud Aubin <>
F: package/libhttpparser/
N: Ricardo Martincoski <>
F: package/atop/
F: package/thermald/
N: Ricardo Martincoski <>
F: support/testing/infra/
F: support/testing/run-tests
F: support/testing/tests/core/
F: support/testing/tests/download/
F: support/testing/tests/package/*_python*.py
F: support/testing/tests/package/
F: support/testing/tests/package/
F: support/testing/tests/package/
F: support/testing/tests/utils/
F: utils/check-package
F: utils/checkpackagelib/
N: Richard Braun <>
F: package/curlftpfs/
F: package/tzdata/
N: RJ Ascani <>
F: package/azmq/
N: Robert Rose <>
F: package/grpc/
N: Rodrigo Rebello <>
F: package/chocolate-doom/
F: package/irssi/
F: package/vnstat/
N: Romain Naour <>
F: board/qemu/
F: configs/qemu_*
F: package/alure/
F: package/aubio/
F: package/binutils/
F: package/bullet/
F: package/clang/
F: package/clinfo/
F: package/efl/
F: package/enet/
F: package/enlightenment/
F: package/flare-engine/
F: package/flare-game/
F: package/gcc/
F: package/glibc/
F: package/irrlicht/
F: package/liblinear/
F: package/lensfun/
F: package/libclc/
F: package/libgta/
F: package/libiec61850/
F: package/libspatialindex/
F: package/linux-syscall-support/
F: package/llvm/
F: package/lugaru/
F: package/mcelog/
F: package/mesa3d/
F: package/minetest/
F: package/minetest-game/
F: package/ogre/
F: package/openpowerlink/
F: package/physfs/
F: package/piglit/
F: package/qemu/
F: package/solarus/
F: package/stress-ng/
F: package/supertux/
F: package/supertuxkart/
F: package/terminology/
F: package/tk/
F: package/upower/
F: package/waffle/
F: package/xenomai/
F: package/zziplib/
F: support/testing/tests/package/
F: support/testing/tests/package/
F: toolchain/
N: Roman Gorbenkov <>
F: package/davfs2/
N: Ryan Barnett <>
F: package/atftp/
F: package/c-periphery/
F: package/miraclecast/
F: package/python-pysnmp/
F: package/python-pysnmp-mibs/
F: package/python-tornado/
F: package/resiprocate/
F: package/websocketpp/
N: Ryan Wilkins <>
F: package/biosdevname/
N: Sam Lancia <>
F: package/lrzip/
N: Samuel Martin <>
F: package/armadillo/
F: package/canfestival/
F: package/clapack/
F: package/cwiid/
F: package/flite/
F: package/nginx/
F: package/opencv3/
F: package/openobex/
F: package/
F: package/python-numpy/
F: package/scrub/
F: package/urg/
F: package/ussp-push/
F: support/misc/
N: Sam Voss <>
F: package/ripgrep/
N: Santosh Multhalli <>
F: package/valijson/
N: Scott Fan <>
F: package/libssh/
F: package/x11r7/xdriver_xf86-video-fbturbo/
N: Sébastien Szymanski <>
F: package/mmc-utils/
F: package/python-flask-jsonrpc/
F: package/python-flask-login/
F: package/qt5/qt5charts/
N: Semyon Kolganov <>
F: package/fmt/
F: package/libbson/
F: package/lua-resty-http/
F: package/mpir/
N: Sergey Matyukevich <>
F: boot/arm-trusted-firmware/
F: boot/binaries-marvell/
F: boot/mv-ddr-marvell/
F: board/linksprite/pcduino
F: board/orangepi/orangepi-zero
F: board/orangepi/orangepi-one
F: board/orangepi/orangepi-pc-plus/
F: board/solidrun/macchiatobin
F: configs/linksprite_pcduino_defconfig
F: configs/orangepi_one_defconfig
F: configs/orangepi_pc_plus_defconfig
F: configs/orangepi_zero_defconfig
F: configs/solidrun_macchiatobin_defconfig
F: package/armbian-firmware/
F: package/hostapd/
F: package/rtl8189fs/
F: package/wpa_supplicant/
F: package/xr819-xradio/
N: Sergio Prado <>
F: board/toradex/apalis-imx6/
F: configs/toradex_apalis_imx6_defconfig
F: package/aoetools/
F: package/asn1c/
F: package/azure-iot-sdk-c/
F: package/curlpp/
F: package/daq/
F: package/libgdiplus/
F: package/pimd/
F: package/snort/
F: package/stella/
F: package/tio/
F: package/traceroute/
F: package/tunctl/
F: package/ubus/
F: package/wolfssl/
N: Shyam Saini <>
F: package/cukinia/
N: Simon Dawson <>
F: boot/at91bootstrap3/
F: package/cppzmq/
F: package/czmq/
F: package/filemq/
F: package/googlefontdirectory/
F: package/jansson/
F: package/jquery-ui/
F: package/jquery-ui-themes/
F: package/json-javascript/
F: package/lcdapi/
F: package/libfreefare/
F: package/libjson/
F: package/libnfc/
F: package/libnfc/
F: package/libserial/
F: package/libsigsegv/
F: package/macchanger/
F: package/minicom/
F: package/minidlna/
F: package/msgpack/
F: package/nanocom/
F: package/neard/
F: package/neardal/
F: package/owl-linux/
F: package/python-nfc/
F: package/rapidjson/
F: package/sconeserver/
F: package/sound-theme-borealis/
F: package/sound-theme-freedesktop/
F: package/vlc/
F: package/xscreensaver/
F: package/zmqpp/
F: package/zyre/
N: Spenser Gilliland <>
F: arch/
F: package/a10disp/
F: package/glmark2/
F: package/libvpx/
F: package/mesa3d-demos/
F: package/ti-gfx/
N: Stefan Ott <>
F: package/unbound/
N: Stefan Sørensen <>
F: package/cracklib/
F: package/libpwquality/
F: package/libscrypt/
N: Stephan Hoffmann <>
F: package/cache-calibrator/
F: package/gtest/
F: package/libhttpserver/
F: package/mtdev/
N: Stephane Viau <>
F: board/freescale/imx8mnevk/
F: configs/freescale_imx8mnevk_defconfig
N: Steve Calfee <>
F: package/python-pymysql/
F: package/python-pyratemp/
N: Steve James <>
F: package/leveldb/
F: package/libcli/
N: Steve Kenton <>
F: package/dvdauthor/
F: package/dvdrw-tools/
F: package/memtest86/
F: package/mjpegtools/
F: package/tovid/
F: package/udftools/
F: package/xorriso/
N: Steven Noonan <>
F: package/hwloc/
F: package/powertop/
N: Suniel Mahesh <>
F: board/firefly/
F: board/friendlyarm/nanopc-t4
F: board/friendlyarm/nanopi-m4
F: board/orangepi/orangepi-rk3399
F: board/pine64/rockpro64
F: board/radxa/rockpi-4
F: board/radxa/rockpi-n8
F: board/radxa/rockpi-n10
F: configs/nanopc_t4_defconfig
F: configs/nanopi_m4_defconfig
F: configs/orangepi_rk3399_defconfig
F: configs/roc_pc_rk3399_defconfig
F: configs/rock_pi_4_defconfig
F: configs/rock_pi_n8_defconfig
F: configs/rock_pi_n10_defconfig
F: configs/rockpro64_defconfig
F: package/arm-gnu-a-toolchain/
N: Sven Fischer <>
F: package/qt5/qt5remoteobjects/
N: Sven Haardiek <>
F: package/lcdproc/
F: package/python-influxdb/
N: Sven Oliver Moll <>
F: package/most/
N: Theo Debrouwere <>
F: board/beagleboardx15/
F: configs/beagleboardx15_defconfig
F: package/pugixml/
N: Thierry Bultel <>
F: package/mpd-mpc/
N: Thijs Vermeir <>
F: package/ranger/
F: package/x265/
N: Thomas Claveirole <>
F: package/fcgiwrap/
F: package/openlayers/
N: Thomas De Schampheleire <>
F: docs/manual/
F: package/cereal/
F: package/chartjs/
F: package/datatables/
F: package/datatables-buttons/
F: package/datatables-fixedcolumns/
F: package/datatables-responsive/
F: package/jszip/
F: package/libtelnet/
F: package/opkg-utils/
F: package/perl-convert-asn1/
F: package/perl-crypt-blowfish/
F: package/perl-crypt-cbc/
F: package/perl-crypt-openssl-aes/
F: package/perl-devel-cycle/
F: package/perl-devel-size/
F: package/perl-i18n/
F: package/perl-locale-maketext-lexicon/
F: package/perl-lwp-protocol-https/
F: package/perl-math-int64/
F: package/perl-math-prime-util/
F: package/perl-mime-base64-urlsafe/
F: package/perl-mojolicious-plugin-authentication/
F: package/perl-mojolicious-plugin-authorization/
F: package/perl-mojolicious-plugin-cspheader/
F: package/perl-mojolicious-plugin-i18n/
F: package/perl-mojolicious-plugin-securityheader/
F: package/perl-mozilla-ca/
F: package/perl-net-snmp/
F: package/perl-net-ssh2/
F: package/perl-net-telnet/
F: package/perl-path-class/
F: package/pigz/
F: package/popperjs/
F: package/xenomai/
F: support/scripts/size-stats
F: support/testing/tests/package/
F: utils/size-stats-compare
F: toolchain/
N: Thomas Huth <>
F: package/ascii-invaders/
F: package/frotz/
F: package/xorcurses/
N: Thomas Petazzoni <>
F: arch/
F: board/stmicroelectronics/stm32mp157c-dk2/
F: boot/boot-wrapper-aarch64/
F: boot/grub2/
F: boot/gummiboot/
F: configs/stm32mp157c_dk2_defconfig
F: package/android-tools/
F: package/b43-firmware/
F: package/b43-fwcutter/
F: package/c-periphery/
F: package/cdrkit/
F: package/cifs-utils/
F: package/cloop/
F: package/cmake/
F: package/cramfs/
F: package/dmidecode/
F: package/flashrom/
F: package/gcc/
F: package/genext2fs/
F: package/genromfs/
F: package/getent/
F: package/gnu-efi/
F: package/heirloom-mailx/
F: package/hiawatha/
F: package/igh-ethercat/
F: package/intltool/
F: package/libcap/
F: package/libffi/
F: package/libsha1/
F: package/libtirpc/
F: package/libxkbcommon/
F: package/libxml-parser-perl/
F: package/localedef/
F: package/log4cxx/
F: package/monit/
F: package/mpdecimal/
F: package/msmtp/
F: package/musl/
F: package/musl-fts/
F: package/ne10/
F: package/
F: package/
F: package/
F: package/python/
F: package/python3/
F: package/python-mad/
F: package/python-serial/
F: package/qextserialport/
F: package/rpcbind/
F: package/rt-tests/
F: package/rtc-tools/
F: package/sam-ba/
F: package/scons/
F: package/squashfs/
F: package/wayland/
F: package/weston/
F: support/testing/tests/boot/
F: toolchain/
N: Timo Ketola <>
F: package/fbgrab/
N: Titouan Christophe <>
F: package/avro-c/
F: package/mosquitto/
F: package/python-avro/
F: package/redis/
F: package/waf/
F: support/testing/tests/package/
F: support/testing/tests/package/
N: Tudor Holton <>
F: package/openjdk/
N: Tzu-Jung Lee <>
F: package/dropwatch/
F: package/tstools/
N: Vadim Kochan <>
F: package/brcm-patchram-plus/
F: package/frr/
F: package/gettext-tiny/
F: package/tinyssh/
N: Valentin Korenblit <>
F: package/clang/
F: package/clinfo/
F: package/libclc/
F: package/llvm/
N: Vanya Sergeev <>
F: package/lua-periphery/
N: Victor Huesca <>
F: support/testing/tests/core/
N: Vincent Prince <>
F: package/nss-myhostname/
F: package/utp_com/
N: Vincent Stehlé <>
F: board/bananapi/bananapi-m2-zero/
F: configs/bananapi_m2_zero_defconfig
F: package/i7z/
F: package/msr-tools/
F: package/pixz/
N: Vinicius Tinti <>
F: package/python-thrift/
N: Vivien Didelot <>
F: board/technologic/ts5500/
F: configs/ts5500_defconfig
N: Volkov Viacheslav <>
F: package/v4l2grab/
F: package/zbar/
N: Wade Berrier <>
F: package/ngrep/
N: Waldemar Brodkorb <>
F: package/mksh/
F: package/ruby/
F: package/uclibc/
F: package/uclibc-ng-test/
N: Will Newton <>
F: package/enchant/
F: package/erlang/
F: package/libmicrohttpd/
F: package/sysprof/
F: package/time/
N: Will Wagner <>
F: package/yaffs2utils/
N: Wojciech M. Zabolotny <>
F: package/avrdude/
F: package/jack2/
F: package/python-msgpack/
F: package/python-pyusb/
N: Wojciech Niziński <>
F: package/fwup/
N: Yair Ben Avraham <>
F: package/casync/
F: package/gloox/
F: package/open62541/
N: Yann E. MORIN <>
F: board/friendlyarm/nanopi-neo/
F: configs/nanopi_neo_defconfig
F: fs/squashfs/
F: package/asterisk/
F: package/cegui/
F: package/dahdi-linux/
F: package/dahdi-tools/
F: package/dtc/
F: package/dtv-scan-tables/
F: package/dvb-apps/
F: package/freerdp/
F: package/keyutils/
F: package/libbsd/
F: package/libedit/
F: package/libgsm/
F: package/libiberty/
F: package/libinput/
F: package/libiscsi/
F: package/libpri/
F: package/libseccomp/
F: package/libss7/
F: package/linux-firmware/
F: package/linux-tools/
F: package/matchbox*
F: package/mesa3d-headers/
F: package/nbd/
F: package/nut/
F: package/nvidia-driver/
F: package/omxplayer/
F: package/python-pyparsing/
F: package/
F: package/
F: package/slirp/
F: package/snappy/
F: package/spice/
F: package/spice-protocol/
F: package/systemd/
F: package/systemd-bootchart/
F: package/tmux/
F: package/tvheadend/
F: package/usbredir/
F: package/vde2/
F: package/w_scan/
F: package/wayland/
F: package/weston/
F: package/zisofs-tools/
F: support/download/
N: Yegor Yefremov <>
F: configs/beaglebone_defconfig
F: configs/beaglebone_qt5_defconfig
F: package/acl/
F: package/attr/
F: package/boost/
F: package/bootstrap/
F: package/cannelloni/
F: package/can-utils/
F: package/circus/
F: package/dhcpcd/
F: package/feh/
F: package/giblib/
F: package/imlib2/
F: package/jquery-datetimepicker/
F: package/jquery-sidebar/
F: package/kmod/
F: package/libftdi1/
F: package/libical/
F: package/libmbim/
F: package/libndp/
F: package/libnftnl/
F: package/libsoc/
F: package/libsocketcan/
F: package/libubox/
F: package/libuci/
F: package/linux-firmware/
F: package/linux-serial-test/
F: package/modem-manager/
F: package/nftables/
F: package/nuttcp/
F: package/parted/
F: package/phytool/
F: package/poco/
F: package/python*
F: package/ser2net/
F: package/socketcand/
F: package/swig/
F: package/qt5/qt5serialbus/
F: package/sdparm/
F: package/ti-utils/
F: package/x11r7/xapp_xconsole/
F: package/x11r7/xapp_xinput-calibrator/
F: package/zlog/
F: support/testing/tests/package/
F: support/testing/tests/package/
F: utils/scanpypi
N: Zoltan Gyarmati <>
F: package/crudini/
F: package/grantlee/
F: package/libusb/
F: package/libusb-compat/
F: package/proj/
F: package/python-configobj/
F: package/python-iniparse/
F: package/qjson/
F: package/quazip/
F: package/shapelib/
F: package/tinc/