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/* SPDX-License-Identifier: (GPL-2.0-only OR BSD-3-Clause) */
* This file is provided under a dual BSD/GPLv2 license. When using or
* redistributing this file, you may do so under either license.
* Copyright(c) 2019 Intel Corporation. All rights reserved.
#ifndef __IPC_CHANNEL_MAP_H__
#define __IPC_CHANNEL_MAP_H__
#include <uapi/sound/sof/header.h>
#include <sound/sof/header.h>
* \brief Channel map, specifies transformation of one-to-many or many-to-one.
* In case of one-to-many specifies how the output channels are computed out of
* a single source channel,
* in case of many-to-one specifies how a single target channel is computed
* from a multichannel input stream.
* Channel index specifies position of the channel in the stream on the 'one'
* side.
* Ext ID is the identifier of external part of the transformation. Depending
* on the context, it may be pipeline ID, dai ID, ...
* Channel mask describes which channels are taken into account on the "many"
* side. Bit[i] set to 1 means that i-th channel is used for computation
* (either as source or as a target).
* Channel mask is followed by array of coefficients in Q2.30 format,
* one per each channel set in the mask (left to right, LS bit set in the
* mask corresponds to ch_coeffs[0]).
struct sof_ipc_channel_map {
uint32_t ch_index;
uint32_t ext_id;
uint32_t ch_mask;
uint32_t reserved;
int32_t ch_coeffs[0];
} __packed;
* \brief Complete map for each channel of a multichannel stream.
* num_ch_map Specifies number of items in the ch_map.
* More than one transformation per a single channel is allowed (in case
* multiple external entities are transformed).
* A channel may be skipped in the transformation list, then it is filled
* with 0's by the transformation function.
struct sof_ipc_stream_map {
struct sof_ipc_cmd_hdr hdr;
uint32_t num_ch_map;
uint32_t reserved[3];
struct sof_ipc_channel_map ch_map[0];
} __packed;
#endif /* __IPC_CHANNEL_MAP_H__ */