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Multi-Inno MI0283QT display panel
Required properties:
- compatible: "multi-inno,mi0283qt".
The node for this driver must be a child node of a SPI controller, hence
all mandatory properties described in ../spi/spi-bus.txt must be specified.
Optional properties:
- dc-gpios: D/C pin. The presence/absence of this GPIO determines
the panel interface mode (IM[3:0] pins):
- present: IM=x110 4-wire 8-bit data serial interface
- absent: IM=x101 3-wire 9-bit data serial interface
- reset-gpios: Reset pin
- power-supply: A regulator node for the supply voltage.
- backlight: phandle of the backlight device attached to the panel
- rotation: panel rotation in degrees counter clockwise (0,90,180,270)
compatible = "multi-inno,mi0283qt";
reg = <0>;
spi-max-frequency = <32000000>;
rotation = <90>;
dc-gpios = <&gpio 25 0>;
backlight = <&backlight>;