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EEPROM / CSR SMBus-slave interface of IDT 89HPESx devices
Required properties:
- compatible : should be "<manufacturer>,<type>"
Basically there is only one manufacturer: idt, but some
compatible devices may be produced in future. Following devices
are supported: 89hpes8nt2, 89hpes12nt3, 89hpes24nt6ag2,
89hpes32nt8ag2, 89hpes32nt8bg2, 89hpes12nt12g2, 89hpes16nt16g2,
89hpes24nt24g2, 89hpes32nt24ag2, 89hpes32nt24bg2;
89hpes12n3, 89hpes12n3a, 89hpes24n3, 89hpes24n3a;
89hpes32h8, 89hpes32h8g2, 89hpes48h12, 89hpes48h12g2,
89hpes48h12ag2, 89hpes16h16, 89hpes22h16, 89hpes22h16g2,
89hpes34h16, 89hpes34h16g2, 89hpes64h16, 89hpes64h16g2,
89hpes12t3g2, 89hpes24t3g2, 89hpes16t4, 89hpes4t4g2,
89hpes10t4g2, 89hpes16t4g2, 89hpes16t4ag2, 89hpes5t5,
89hpes6t5, 89hpes8t5, 89hpes8t5a, 89hpes24t6, 89hpes6t6g2,
89hpes24t6g2, 89hpes16t7, 89hpes32t8, 89hpes32t8g2,
89hpes48t12, 89hpes48t12g2.
- reg : I2C address of the IDT 89HPESx device.
Optionally there can be EEPROM-compatible subnode:
- compatible: There are five EEPROM devices supported: 24c32, 24c64, 24c128,
24c256 and 24c512 differed by size.
- reg: Custom address of EEPROM device (If not specified IDT 89HPESx
(optional) device will try to communicate with EEPROM sited by default
address - 0x50)
- read-only : Parameterless property disables writes to the EEPROM
idt@60 {
compatible = "idt,89hpes32nt8ag2";
reg = <0x74>;
#address-cells = <1>;
#size-cells = <0>;
eeprom@50 {
compatible = "onsemi,24c64";
reg = <0x50>;