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* Faraday Technology FTGMAC100 gigabit ethernet controller
Required properties:
- compatible: "faraday,ftgmac100"
Must also contain one of these if used as part of an Aspeed AST2400
or 2500 family SoC as they have some subtle tweaks to the
- "aspeed,ast2400-mac"
- "aspeed,ast2500-mac"
- "aspeed,ast2600-mac"
- reg: Address and length of the register set for the device
- interrupts: Should contain ethernet controller interrupt
Optional properties:
- phy-handle: See ethernet.txt file in the same directory.
- phy-mode: See ethernet.txt file in the same directory. If the property is
absent, "rgmii" is assumed. Supported values are "rgmii*" and "rmii" for
aspeed parts. Other (unknown) parts will accept any value.
- use-ncsi: Use the NC-SI stack instead of an MDIO PHY. Currently assumes
rmii (100bT) but kept as a separate property in case NC-SI grows support
for a gigabit link.
- no-hw-checksum: Used to disable HW checksum support. Here for backward
compatibility as the driver now should have correct defaults based on
the SoC.
- clocks: In accordance with the generic clock bindings. Must describe the MAC
IP clock, and optionally an RMII RCLK gate for the AST2500/AST2600. The
required MAC clock must be the first cell.
- clock-names:
- "MACCLK": The MAC IP clock
- "RCLK": Clock gate for the RMII RCLK
Optional subnodes:
- mdio: See mdio.txt file in the same directory.
mac0: ethernet@1e660000 {
compatible = "aspeed,ast2500-mac", "faraday,ftgmac100";
reg = <0x1e660000 0x180>;
interrupts = <2>;
Example with phy-handle:
mac1: ethernet@1e680000 {
compatible = "aspeed,ast2500-mac", "faraday,ftgmac100";
reg = <0x1e680000 0x180>;
interrupts = <2>;
phy-handle = <&phy>;
phy-mode = "rgmii";
mdio {
#address-cells = <1>;
#size-cells = <0>;
phy: ethernet-phy@1 {
compatible = "ethernet-phy-ieee802.3-c22";
reg = <1>;