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Rockchip internal OTP (One Time Programmable) memory device tree bindings
Required properties:
- compatible: Should be one of the following.
- "rockchip,px30-otp" - for PX30 SoCs.
- "rockchip,rk3308-otp" - for RK3308 SoCs.
- reg: Should contain the registers location and size
- clocks: Must contain an entry for each entry in clock-names.
- clock-names: Should be "otp", "apb_pclk" and "phy".
- resets: Must contain an entry for each entry in reset-names.
See ../../reset/reset.txt for details.
- reset-names: Should be "phy".
See nvmem.txt for more information.
otp: otp@ff290000 {
compatible = "rockchip,px30-otp";
reg = <0x0 0xff290000 0x0 0x4000>;
#address-cells = <1>;
#size-cells = <1>;
clocks = <&cru SCLK_OTP_USR>, <&cru PCLK_OTP_NS>,
<&cru PCLK_OTP_PHY>;
clock-names = "otp", "apb_pclk", "phy";