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Spreadtrum PWM controller
Spreadtrum SoCs PWM controller provides 4 PWM channels.
Required properties:
- compatible : Should be "sprd,ums512-pwm".
- reg: Physical base address and length of the controller's registers.
- clocks: The phandle and specifier referencing the controller's clocks.
- clock-names: Should contain following entries:
"pwmn": used to derive the functional clock for PWM channel n (n range: 0 ~ 3).
"enablen": for PWM channel n enable clock (n range: 0 ~ 3).
- #pwm-cells: Should be 2. See pwm.yaml in this directory for a description of
the cells format.
Optional properties:
- assigned-clocks: Reference to the PWM clock entries.
- assigned-clock-parents: The phandle of the parent clock of PWM clock.
pwms: pwm@32260000 {
compatible = "sprd,ums512-pwm";
reg = <0 0x32260000 0 0x10000>;
clock-names = "pwm0", "enable0",
"pwm1", "enable1",
"pwm2", "enable2",
"pwm3", "enable3";
clocks = <&aon_clk CLK_PWM0>, <&aonapb_gate CLK_PWM0_EB>,
<&aon_clk CLK_PWM1>, <&aonapb_gate CLK_PWM1_EB>,
<&aon_clk CLK_PWM2>, <&aonapb_gate CLK_PWM2_EB>,
<&aon_clk CLK_PWM3>, <&aonapb_gate CLK_PWM3_EB>;
assigned-clocks = <&aon_clk CLK_PWM0>,
<&aon_clk CLK_PWM1>,
<&aon_clk CLK_PWM2>,
<&aon_clk CLK_PWM3>;
assigned-clock-parents = <&ext_26m>,
#pwm-cells = <2>;