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Intersil ISL1209/19 I2C RTC/Alarm chip with event in
ISL12X9 have additional pins EVIN and #EVDET for tamper detection, while the
ISL1208 and ISL1218 do not. They are all use the same driver with the bindings
described here, with chip specific properties as noted.
Required properties supported by the device:
- "compatible": Should be one of the following:
- "isil,isl1208"
- "isil,isl1209"
- "isil,isl1218"
- "isil,isl1219"
- "reg": I2C bus address of the device
Optional properties:
- "interrupt-names": list which may contains "irq" and "evdet"
evdet applies to isl1209 and isl1219 only
- "interrupts": list of interrupts for "irq" and "evdet"
evdet applies to isl1209 and isl1219 only
- "isil,ev-evienb": Enable or disable internal pull on EVIN pin
Applies to isl1209 and isl1219 only
Possible values are 0 and 1
Value 0 enables internal pull-up on evin pin, 1 disables it.
Default will leave the non-volatile configuration of the pullup
as is.
Example isl1219 node with #IRQ pin connected to SoC gpio1 pin12 and #EVDET pin
connected to SoC gpio2 pin 24 and internal pull-up enabled in EVIN pin.
isl1219: rtc@68 {
compatible = "isil,isl1219";
reg = <0x68>;
interrupt-names = "irq", "evdet";
interrupts-extended = <&gpio1 12 IRQ_TYPE_EDGE_FALLING>,
isil,ev-evienb = <1>;