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Dallas DS1307 and compatible RTC
Required properties:
- compatible: should be one of:
- reg: I2C bus address of the device
Optional properties:
- interrupts: rtc alarm interrupt.
- clock-output-names: From common clock binding to override the default output
clock name
- wakeup-source: Enables wake up of host system on alarm
- trickle-resistor-ohms : ds1339, ds1340 and ds 1388 only
Selected resistor for trickle charger
Possible values are 250, 2000, 4000
Should be given if trickle charger should be enabled
- aux-voltage-chargeable: ds1339, ds1340, ds1388 and rx8130 only
Tells whether the battery/supercap of the RTC (if any) is
chargeable or not.
Possible values are 0 (not chargeable), 1 (chargeable)
Deprecated properties:
- trickle-diode-disable : ds1339, ds1340 and ds1388 only
Do not use internal trickle charger diode
Should be given if internal trickle charger diode should be disabled
(superseded by aux-voltage-chargeable)
ds1339: rtc@68 {
compatible = "dallas,ds1339";
reg = <0x68>;
interrupt-parent = <&gpio4>;
interrupts = <20 0>;
trickle-resistor-ohms = <250>;