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Palmas RTC controller bindings
Required properties:
- compatible:
- "ti,palmas-rtc" for palma series of the RTC controller
- interrupts: Interrupt number of RTC submodule on device.
Optional properties:
- ti,backup-battery-chargeable: The Palmas series device like TPS65913 or
TPS80036 supports the backup battery for powering the RTC when main
battery is removed or in very low power state. The backup battery
can be chargeable or non-chargeable. This flag will tells whether
battery is chargeable or not. If charging battery then driver can
enable the charging.
- ti,backup-battery-charge-high-current: Enable high current charging in
backup battery. Device supports the < 100uA and > 100uA charging.
The high current will be > 100uA. Absence of this property will
charge battery to lower current i.e. < 100uA.
palmas: tps65913@58 {
palmas_rtc: rtc {
compatible = "ti,palmas-rtc";
interrupt-parent = <&palmas>;
interrupts = <8 0>;