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/* SPDX-License-Identifier: GPL-2.0-only */
* Copyright (c) 2015-2018 The Linux Foundation. All rights reserved.
* Copyright (C) 2013 Red Hat
* Author: Rob Clark <>
#ifndef _DPU_CRTC_H_
#define _DPU_CRTC_H_
#include <linux/kthread.h>
#include <drm/drm_crtc.h>
#include "dpu_kms.h"
#include "dpu_core_perf.h"
#include "dpu_hw_blk.h"
/* define the maximum number of in-flight frame events */
* enum dpu_crtc_client_type: crtc client type
* @RT_CLIENT: RealTime client like video/cmd mode display
* voting through apps rsc
* @NRT_CLIENT: Non-RealTime client like WB display
* voting through apps rsc
enum dpu_crtc_client_type {
* enum dpu_crtc_smmu_state: smmu state
* @ATTACHED: all the context banks are attached.
* @DETACHED: all the context banks are detached.
* @ATTACH_ALL_REQ: transient state of attaching context banks.
* @DETACH_ALL_REQ: transient state of detaching context banks.
enum dpu_crtc_smmu_state {
* enum dpu_crtc_smmu_state_transition_type: state transition type
* @NONE: no pending state transitions
* @PRE_COMMIT: state transitions should be done before processing the commit
* @POST_COMMIT: state transitions to be done after processing the commit.
enum dpu_crtc_smmu_state_transition_type {
* struct dpu_crtc_smmu_state_data: stores the smmu state and transition type
* @state: current state of smmu context banks
* @transition_type: transition request type
* @transition_error: whether there is error while transitioning the state
struct dpu_crtc_smmu_state_data {
uint32_t state;
uint32_t transition_type;
uint32_t transition_error;
* struct dpu_crtc_mixer: stores the map for each virtual pipeline in the CRTC
* @hw_lm: LM HW Driver context
* @lm_ctl: CTL Path HW driver context
* @lm_dspp: DSPP HW driver context
* @mixer_op_mode: mixer blending operation mode
* @flush_mask: mixer flush mask for ctl, mixer and pipe
struct dpu_crtc_mixer {
struct dpu_hw_mixer *hw_lm;
struct dpu_hw_ctl *lm_ctl;
struct dpu_hw_dspp *hw_dspp;
u32 mixer_op_mode;
u32 flush_mask;
* struct dpu_crtc_frame_event: stores crtc frame event for crtc processing
* @work: base work structure
* @crtc: Pointer to crtc handling this event
* @list: event list
* @ts: timestamp at queue entry
* @event: event identifier
struct dpu_crtc_frame_event {
struct kthread_work work;
struct drm_crtc *crtc;
struct list_head list;
ktime_t ts;
u32 event;
* Maximum number of free event structures to cache
* struct dpu_crtc - virtualized CRTC data structure
* @base : Base drm crtc structure
* @name : ASCII description of this crtc
* @event : Pointer to last received drm vblank event. If there is a
* pending vblank event, this will be non-null.
* @vsync_count : Running count of received vsync events
* @drm_requested_vblank : Whether vblanks have been enabled in the encoder
* @property_info : Opaque structure for generic property support
* @property_defaults : Array of default values for generic property support
* @stage_cfg : H/w mixer stage configuration
* @debugfs_root : Parent of debugfs node
* @vblank_cb_count : count of vblank callback since last reset
* @play_count : frame count between crtc enable and disable
* @vblank_cb_time : ktime at vblank count reset
* @enabled : whether the DPU CRTC is currently enabled. updated in the
* commit-thread, not state-swap time which is earlier, so
* safe to make decisions on during VBLANK on/off work
* @feature_list : list of color processing features supported on a crtc
* @active_list : list of color processing features are active
* @dirty_list : list of color processing features are dirty
* @ad_dirty: list containing ad properties that are dirty
* @ad_active: list containing ad properties that are active
* @frame_pending : Whether or not an update is pending
* @frame_events : static allocation of in-flight frame events
* @frame_event_list : available frame event list
* @spin_lock : spin lock for frame event, transaction status, etc...
* @frame_done_comp : for frame_event_done synchronization
* @event_thread : Pointer to event handler thread
* @event_worker : Event worker queue
* @event_lock : Spinlock around event handling code
* @phandle: Pointer to power handler
* @cur_perf : current performance committed to clock/bandwidth driver
struct dpu_crtc {
struct drm_crtc base;
char name[DPU_CRTC_NAME_SIZE];
struct drm_pending_vblank_event *event;
u32 vsync_count;
struct dpu_hw_stage_cfg stage_cfg;
struct dentry *debugfs_root;
u32 vblank_cb_count;
u64 play_count;
ktime_t vblank_cb_time;
bool enabled;
struct list_head feature_list;
struct list_head active_list;
struct list_head dirty_list;
struct list_head ad_dirty;
struct list_head ad_active;
atomic_t frame_pending;
struct dpu_crtc_frame_event frame_events[DPU_CRTC_FRAME_EVENT_SIZE];
struct list_head frame_event_list;
spinlock_t spin_lock;
struct completion frame_done_comp;
/* for handling internal event thread */
spinlock_t event_lock;
struct dpu_core_perf_params cur_perf;
struct dpu_crtc_smmu_state_data smmu_state;
#define to_dpu_crtc(x) container_of(x, struct dpu_crtc, base)
* struct dpu_crtc_state - dpu container for atomic crtc state
* @base: Base drm crtc state structure
* @bw_control : true if bw/clk controlled by core bw/clk properties
* @bw_split_vote : true if bw controlled by llcc/dram bw properties
* @lm_bounds : LM boundaries based on current mode full resolution, no ROI.
* Origin top left of CRTC.
* @property_state: Local storage for msm_prop properties
* @property_values: Current crtc property values
* @input_fence_timeout_ns : Cached input fence timeout, in ns
* @new_perf: new performance state being requested
* @num_mixers : Number of mixers in use
* @mixers : List of active mixers
* @num_ctls : Number of ctl paths in use
* @hw_ctls : List of active ctl paths
struct dpu_crtc_state {
struct drm_crtc_state base;
bool bw_control;
bool bw_split_vote;
struct drm_rect lm_bounds[CRTC_DUAL_MIXERS];
uint64_t input_fence_timeout_ns;
struct dpu_core_perf_params new_perf;
/* HW Resources reserved for the crtc */
u32 num_mixers;
struct dpu_crtc_mixer mixers[CRTC_DUAL_MIXERS];
u32 num_ctls;
struct dpu_hw_ctl *hw_ctls[CRTC_DUAL_MIXERS];
#define to_dpu_crtc_state(x) \
container_of(x, struct dpu_crtc_state, base)
* dpu_crtc_frame_pending - retun the number of pending frames
* @crtc: Pointer to drm crtc object
static inline int dpu_crtc_frame_pending(struct drm_crtc *crtc)
return crtc ? atomic_read(&to_dpu_crtc(crtc)->frame_pending) : -EINVAL;
* dpu_crtc_vblank - enable or disable vblanks for this crtc
* @crtc: Pointer to drm crtc object
* @en: true to enable vblanks, false to disable
int dpu_crtc_vblank(struct drm_crtc *crtc, bool en);
* dpu_crtc_vblank_callback - called on vblank irq, issues completion events
* @crtc: Pointer to drm crtc object
void dpu_crtc_vblank_callback(struct drm_crtc *crtc);
* dpu_crtc_commit_kickoff - trigger kickoff of the commit for this crtc
* @crtc: Pointer to drm crtc object
void dpu_crtc_commit_kickoff(struct drm_crtc *crtc);
* dpu_crtc_complete_commit - callback signalling completion of current commit
* @crtc: Pointer to drm crtc object
void dpu_crtc_complete_commit(struct drm_crtc *crtc);
* dpu_crtc_init - create a new crtc object
* @dev: dpu device
* @plane: base plane
* @cursor: cursor plane
* @Return: new crtc object or error
struct drm_crtc *dpu_crtc_init(struct drm_device *dev, struct drm_plane *plane,
struct drm_plane *cursor);
* dpu_crtc_register_custom_event - api for enabling/disabling crtc event
* @kms: Pointer to dpu_kms
* @crtc_drm: Pointer to crtc object
* @event: Event that client is interested
* @en: Flag to enable/disable the event
int dpu_crtc_register_custom_event(struct dpu_kms *kms,
struct drm_crtc *crtc_drm, u32 event, bool en);
* dpu_crtc_get_intf_mode - get interface mode of the given crtc
* @crtc: Pointert to crtc
enum dpu_intf_mode dpu_crtc_get_intf_mode(struct drm_crtc *crtc);
* dpu_crtc_get_client_type - check the crtc type- rt, nrt etc.
* @crtc: Pointer to crtc
static inline enum dpu_crtc_client_type dpu_crtc_get_client_type(
struct drm_crtc *crtc)
return crtc && crtc->state ? RT_CLIENT : NRT_CLIENT;
#endif /* _DPU_CRTC_H_ */