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/* SPDX-License-Identifier: GPL-2.0-only */
/* Copyright (c) 2015-2018, The Linux Foundation. All rights reserved.
#ifndef _DPU_HW_INTF_H
#define _DPU_HW_INTF_H
#include "dpu_hw_catalog.h"
#include "dpu_hw_mdss.h"
#include "dpu_hw_util.h"
#include "dpu_hw_blk.h"
struct dpu_hw_intf;
/* intf timing settings */
struct intf_timing_params {
u32 width; /* active width */
u32 height; /* active height */
u32 xres; /* Display panel width */
u32 yres; /* Display panel height */
u32 h_back_porch;
u32 h_front_porch;
u32 v_back_porch;
u32 v_front_porch;
u32 hsync_pulse_width;
u32 vsync_pulse_width;
u32 hsync_polarity;
u32 vsync_polarity;
u32 border_clr;
u32 underflow_clr;
u32 hsync_skew;
struct intf_prog_fetch {
u8 enable;
/* vsync counter for the front porch pixel line */
u32 fetch_start;
struct intf_status {
u8 is_en; /* interface timing engine is enabled or not */
u8 is_prog_fetch_en; /* interface prog fetch counter is enabled or not */
u32 frame_count; /* frame count since timing engine enabled */
u32 line_count; /* current line count including blanking */
* struct dpu_hw_intf_ops : Interface to the interface Hw driver functions
* Assumption is these functions will be called after clocks are enabled
* @ setup_timing_gen : programs the timing engine
* @ setup_prog_fetch : enables/disables the programmable fetch logic
* @ enable_timing: enable/disable timing engine
* @ get_status: returns if timing engine is enabled or not
* @ get_line_count: reads current vertical line counter
* @bind_pingpong_blk: enable/disable the connection with pingpong which will
* feed pixels to this interface
struct dpu_hw_intf_ops {
void (*setup_timing_gen)(struct dpu_hw_intf *intf,
const struct intf_timing_params *p,
const struct dpu_format *fmt);
void (*setup_prg_fetch)(struct dpu_hw_intf *intf,
const struct intf_prog_fetch *fetch);
void (*enable_timing)(struct dpu_hw_intf *intf,
u8 enable);
void (*get_status)(struct dpu_hw_intf *intf,
struct intf_status *status);
u32 (*get_line_count)(struct dpu_hw_intf *intf);
void (*bind_pingpong_blk)(struct dpu_hw_intf *intf,
bool enable,
const enum dpu_pingpong pp);
struct dpu_hw_intf {
struct dpu_hw_blk base;
struct dpu_hw_blk_reg_map hw;
/* intf */
enum dpu_intf idx;
const struct dpu_intf_cfg *cap;
const struct dpu_mdss_cfg *mdss;
/* ops */
struct dpu_hw_intf_ops ops;
* to_dpu_hw_intf - convert base object dpu_hw_base to container
* @hw: Pointer to base hardware block
* return: Pointer to hardware block container
static inline struct dpu_hw_intf *to_dpu_hw_intf(struct dpu_hw_blk *hw)
return container_of(hw, struct dpu_hw_intf, base);
* dpu_hw_intf_init(): Initializes the intf driver for the passed
* interface idx.
* @idx: interface index for which driver object is required
* @addr: mapped register io address of MDP
* @m : pointer to mdss catalog data
struct dpu_hw_intf *dpu_hw_intf_init(enum dpu_intf idx,
void __iomem *addr,
const struct dpu_mdss_cfg *m);
* dpu_hw_intf_destroy(): Destroys INTF driver context
* @intf: Pointer to INTF driver context
void dpu_hw_intf_destroy(struct dpu_hw_intf *intf);
#endif /*_DPU_HW_INTF_H */