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/* SPDX-License-Identifier: GPL-2.0-only */
/* Copyright (c) 2015-2018, The Linux Foundation. All rights reserved.
#ifndef _DPU_HW_LM_H
#define _DPU_HW_LM_H
#include "dpu_hw_mdss.h"
#include "dpu_hw_util.h"
#include "dpu_hw_blk.h"
struct dpu_hw_mixer;
struct dpu_hw_mixer_cfg {
u32 out_width;
u32 out_height;
bool right_mixer;
int flags;
struct dpu_hw_color3_cfg {
u8 keep_fg[DPU_STAGE_MAX];
* struct dpu_hw_lm_ops : Interface to the mixer Hw driver functions
* Assumption is these functions will be called after clocks are enabled
struct dpu_hw_lm_ops {
* Sets up mixer output width and height
* and border color if enabled
void (*setup_mixer_out)(struct dpu_hw_mixer *ctx,
struct dpu_hw_mixer_cfg *cfg);
* Alpha blending configuration
* for the specified stage
void (*setup_blend_config)(struct dpu_hw_mixer *ctx, uint32_t stage,
uint32_t fg_alpha, uint32_t bg_alpha, uint32_t blend_op);
* Alpha color component selection from either fg or bg
void (*setup_alpha_out)(struct dpu_hw_mixer *ctx, uint32_t mixer_op);
* setup_border_color : enable/disable border color
void (*setup_border_color)(struct dpu_hw_mixer *ctx,
struct dpu_mdss_color *color,
u8 border_en);
struct dpu_hw_mixer {
struct dpu_hw_blk base;
struct dpu_hw_blk_reg_map hw;
/* lm */
enum dpu_lm idx;
const struct dpu_lm_cfg *cap;
const struct dpu_mdp_cfg *mdp;
const struct dpu_ctl_cfg *ctl;
/* ops */
struct dpu_hw_lm_ops ops;
/* store mixer info specific to display */
struct dpu_hw_mixer_cfg cfg;
* to_dpu_hw_mixer - convert base object dpu_hw_base to container
* @hw: Pointer to base hardware block
* return: Pointer to hardware block container
static inline struct dpu_hw_mixer *to_dpu_hw_mixer(struct dpu_hw_blk *hw)
return container_of(hw, struct dpu_hw_mixer, base);
* dpu_hw_lm_init(): Initializes the mixer hw driver object.
* should be called once before accessing every mixer.
* @idx: mixer index for which driver object is required
* @addr: mapped register io address of MDP
* @m : pointer to mdss catalog data
struct dpu_hw_mixer *dpu_hw_lm_init(enum dpu_lm idx,
void __iomem *addr,
const struct dpu_mdss_cfg *m);
* dpu_hw_lm_destroy(): Destroys layer mixer driver context
* @lm: Pointer to LM driver context
void dpu_hw_lm_destroy(struct dpu_hw_mixer *lm);
#endif /*_DPU_HW_LM_H */