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/* SPDX-License-Identifier: GPL-2.0-only */
/* Copyright (c) 2015-2018, The Linux Foundation. All rights reserved.
#include "dpu_hw_catalog.h"
#include "dpu_hw_mdss.h"
#include "dpu_hw_util.h"
#include "dpu_hw_blk.h"
struct dpu_hw_pingpong;
struct dpu_hw_tear_check {
* This is ratio of MDP VSYNC clk freq(Hz) to
* refresh rate divided by no of lines
u32 vsync_count;
u32 sync_cfg_height;
u32 vsync_init_val;
u32 sync_threshold_start;
u32 sync_threshold_continue;
u32 start_pos;
u32 rd_ptr_irq;
u8 hw_vsync_mode;
struct dpu_hw_pp_vsync_info {
u32 rd_ptr_init_val; /* value of rd pointer at vsync edge */
u32 rd_ptr_frame_count; /* num frames sent since enabling interface */
u32 rd_ptr_line_count; /* current line on panel (rd ptr) */
u32 wr_ptr_line_count; /* current line within pp fifo (wr ptr) */
* struct dpu_hw_dither_cfg - dither feature structure
* @flags: for customizing operations
* @temporal_en: temperal dither enable
* @c0_bitdepth: c0 component bit depth
* @c1_bitdepth: c1 component bit depth
* @c2_bitdepth: c2 component bit depth
* @c3_bitdepth: c2 component bit depth
* @matrix: dither strength matrix
struct dpu_hw_dither_cfg {
u64 flags;
u32 temporal_en;
u32 c0_bitdepth;
u32 c1_bitdepth;
u32 c2_bitdepth;
u32 c3_bitdepth;
u32 matrix[DITHER_MATRIX_SZ];
* struct dpu_hw_pingpong_ops : Interface to the pingpong Hw driver functions
* Assumption is these functions will be called after clocks are enabled
* @setup_tearcheck : program tear check values
* @enable_tearcheck : enables tear check
* @get_vsync_info : retries timing info of the panel
* @setup_autorefresh : configure and enable the autorefresh config
* @get_autorefresh : retrieve autorefresh config from hardware
* @setup_dither : function to program the dither hw block
* @get_line_count: obtain current vertical line counter
struct dpu_hw_pingpong_ops {
* enables vysnc generation and sets up init value of
* read pointer and programs the tear check cofiguration
int (*setup_tearcheck)(struct dpu_hw_pingpong *pp,
struct dpu_hw_tear_check *cfg);
* enables tear check block
int (*enable_tearcheck)(struct dpu_hw_pingpong *pp,
bool enable);
* read, modify, write to either set or clear listening to external TE
* @Return: 1 if TE was originally connected, 0 if not, or -ERROR
int (*connect_external_te)(struct dpu_hw_pingpong *pp,
bool enable_external_te);
* provides the programmed and current
* line_count
int (*get_vsync_info)(struct dpu_hw_pingpong *pp,
struct dpu_hw_pp_vsync_info *info);
* configure and enable the autorefresh config
void (*setup_autorefresh)(struct dpu_hw_pingpong *pp,
u32 frame_count, bool enable);
* retrieve autorefresh config from hardware
bool (*get_autorefresh)(struct dpu_hw_pingpong *pp,
u32 *frame_count);
* poll until write pointer transmission starts
* @Return: 0 on success, -ETIMEDOUT on timeout
int (*poll_timeout_wr_ptr)(struct dpu_hw_pingpong *pp, u32 timeout_us);
* Obtain current vertical line counter
u32 (*get_line_count)(struct dpu_hw_pingpong *pp);
* Setup dither matix for pingpong block
void (*setup_dither)(struct dpu_hw_pingpong *pp,
struct dpu_hw_dither_cfg *cfg);
struct dpu_hw_merge_3d;
struct dpu_hw_pingpong {
struct dpu_hw_blk base;
struct dpu_hw_blk_reg_map hw;
/* pingpong */
enum dpu_pingpong idx;
const struct dpu_pingpong_cfg *caps;
struct dpu_hw_merge_3d *merge_3d;
/* ops */
struct dpu_hw_pingpong_ops ops;
* to_dpu_hw_pingpong - convert base object dpu_hw_base to container
* @hw: Pointer to base hardware block
* return: Pointer to hardware block container
static inline struct dpu_hw_pingpong *to_dpu_hw_pingpong(struct dpu_hw_blk *hw)
return container_of(hw, struct dpu_hw_pingpong, base);
* dpu_hw_pingpong_init - initializes the pingpong driver for the passed
* pingpong idx.
* @idx: Pingpong index for which driver object is required
* @addr: Mapped register io address of MDP
* @m: Pointer to mdss catalog data
* Returns: Error code or allocated dpu_hw_pingpong context
struct dpu_hw_pingpong *dpu_hw_pingpong_init(enum dpu_pingpong idx,
void __iomem *addr,
const struct dpu_mdss_cfg *m);
* dpu_hw_pingpong_destroy - destroys pingpong driver context
* should be called to free the context
* @pp: Pointer to PP driver context returned by dpu_hw_pingpong_init
void dpu_hw_pingpong_destroy(struct dpu_hw_pingpong *pp);
#endif /*_DPU_HW_PINGPONG_H */