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/* SPDX-License-Identifier: GPL-2.0-only */
* Copyright (c) 2015-2018, The Linux Foundation. All rights reserved.
* Copyright (C) 2013 Red Hat
* Author: Rob Clark <>
#ifndef _DPU_PLANE_H_
#define _DPU_PLANE_H_
#include <drm/drm_crtc.h>
#include "dpu_kms.h"
#include "dpu_hw_mdss.h"
#include "dpu_hw_sspp.h"
* struct dpu_plane_state: Define dpu extension of drm plane state object
* @base: base drm plane state object
* @aspace: pointer to address space for input/output buffers
* @stage: assigned by crtc blender
* @needs_qos_remap: qos remap settings need to be updated
* @multirect_index: index of the rectangle of SSPP
* @multirect_mode: parallel or time multiplex multirect mode
* @pending: whether the current update is still pending
* @scaler3_cfg: configuration data for scaler3
* @pixel_ext: configuration data for pixel extensions
* @cdp_cfg: CDP configuration
* @plane_fetch_bw: calculated BW per plane
* @plane_clk: calculated clk per plane
struct dpu_plane_state {
struct drm_plane_state base;
struct msm_gem_address_space *aspace;
enum dpu_stage stage;
bool needs_qos_remap;
uint32_t multirect_index;
uint32_t multirect_mode;
bool pending;
/* scaler configuration */
struct dpu_hw_scaler3_cfg scaler3_cfg;
struct dpu_hw_pixel_ext pixel_ext;
struct dpu_hw_pipe_cdp_cfg cdp_cfg;
u64 plane_fetch_bw;
u64 plane_clk;
* struct dpu_multirect_plane_states: Defines multirect pair of drm plane states
* @r0: drm plane configured on rect 0
* @r1: drm plane configured on rect 1
struct dpu_multirect_plane_states {
const struct drm_plane_state *r0;
const struct drm_plane_state *r1;
#define to_dpu_plane_state(x) \
container_of(x, struct dpu_plane_state, base)
* dpu_plane_pipe - return sspp identifier for the given plane
* @plane: Pointer to DRM plane object
* Returns: sspp identifier of the given plane
enum dpu_sspp dpu_plane_pipe(struct drm_plane *plane);
* is_dpu_plane_virtual - check for virtual plane
* @plane: Pointer to DRM plane object
* returns: true - if the plane is virtual
* false - if the plane is primary
bool is_dpu_plane_virtual(struct drm_plane *plane);
* dpu_plane_get_ctl_flush - get control flush mask
* @plane: Pointer to DRM plane object
* @ctl: Pointer to control hardware
* @flush_sspp: Pointer to sspp flush control word
void dpu_plane_get_ctl_flush(struct drm_plane *plane, struct dpu_hw_ctl *ctl,
u32 *flush_sspp);
* dpu_plane_flush - final plane operations before commit flush
* @plane: Pointer to drm plane structure
void dpu_plane_flush(struct drm_plane *plane);
* dpu_plane_set_error: enable/disable error condition
* @plane: pointer to drm_plane structure
void dpu_plane_set_error(struct drm_plane *plane, bool error);
* dpu_plane_init - create new dpu plane for the given pipe
* @dev: Pointer to DRM device
* @pipe: dpu hardware pipe identifier
* @type: Plane type - PRIMARY/OVERLAY/CURSOR
* @possible_crtcs: bitmask of crtc that can be attached to the given pipe
* @master_plane_id: primary plane id of a multirect pipe. 0 value passed for
* a regular plane initialization. A non-zero primary plane
* id will be passed for a virtual pipe initialization.
struct drm_plane *dpu_plane_init(struct drm_device *dev,
uint32_t pipe, enum drm_plane_type type,
unsigned long possible_crtcs, u32 master_plane_id);
* dpu_plane_validate_multirecti_v2 - validate the multirect planes
* against hw limitations
* @plane: drm plate states of the multirect pair
int dpu_plane_validate_multirect_v2(struct dpu_multirect_plane_states *plane);
* dpu_plane_clear_multirect - clear multirect bits for the given pipe
* @drm_state: Pointer to DRM plane state
void dpu_plane_clear_multirect(const struct drm_plane_state *drm_state);
* dpu_plane_color_fill - enables color fill on plane
* @plane: Pointer to DRM plane object
* @color: RGB fill color value, [23..16] Blue, [15..8] Green, [7..0] Red
* @alpha: 8-bit fill alpha value, 255 selects 100% alpha
* Returns: 0 on success
int dpu_plane_color_fill(struct drm_plane *plane,
uint32_t color, uint32_t alpha);
#endif /* _DPU_PLANE_H_ */