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/* SPDX-License-Identifier: GPL-2.0-only */
* Copyright (c) 2016-2018, The Linux Foundation. All rights reserved.
#ifndef __DPU_RM_H__
#define __DPU_RM_H__
#include <linux/list.h>
#include "msm_kms.h"
#include "dpu_hw_top.h"
struct dpu_global_state;
* struct dpu_rm - DPU dynamic hardware resource manager
* @pingpong_blks: array of pingpong hardware resources
* @mixer_blks: array of layer mixer hardware resources
* @ctl_blks: array of ctl hardware resources
* @intf_blks: array of intf hardware resources
* @dspp_blks: array of dspp hardware resources
* @lm_max_width: cached layer mixer maximum width
* @rm_lock: resource manager mutex
struct dpu_rm {
struct dpu_hw_blk *pingpong_blks[PINGPONG_MAX - PINGPONG_0];
struct dpu_hw_blk *mixer_blks[LM_MAX - LM_0];
struct dpu_hw_blk *ctl_blks[CTL_MAX - CTL_0];
struct dpu_hw_blk *intf_blks[INTF_MAX - INTF_0];
struct dpu_hw_blk *dspp_blks[DSPP_MAX - DSPP_0];
struct dpu_hw_blk *merge_3d_blks[MERGE_3D_MAX - MERGE_3D_0];
uint32_t lm_max_width;
* dpu_rm_init - Read hardware catalog and create reservation tracking objects
* for all HW blocks.
* @rm: DPU Resource Manager handle
* @cat: Pointer to hardware catalog
* @mmio: mapped register io address of MDP
* @Return: 0 on Success otherwise -ERROR
int dpu_rm_init(struct dpu_rm *rm,
struct dpu_mdss_cfg *cat,
void __iomem *mmio);
* dpu_rm_destroy - Free all memory allocated by dpu_rm_init
* @rm: DPU Resource Manager handle
* @Return: 0 on Success otherwise -ERROR
int dpu_rm_destroy(struct dpu_rm *rm);
* dpu_rm_reserve - Given a CRTC->Encoder->Connector display chain, analyze
* the use connections and user requirements, specified through related
* topology control properties, and reserve hardware blocks to that
* display chain.
* HW blocks can then be accessed through dpu_rm_get_* functions.
* HW Reservations should be released via dpu_rm_release_hw.
* @rm: DPU Resource Manager handle
* @drm_enc: DRM Encoder handle
* @crtc_state: Proposed Atomic DRM CRTC State handle
* @topology: Pointer to topology info for the display
* @Return: 0 on Success otherwise -ERROR
int dpu_rm_reserve(struct dpu_rm *rm,
struct dpu_global_state *global_state,
struct drm_encoder *drm_enc,
struct drm_crtc_state *crtc_state,
struct msm_display_topology topology);
* dpu_rm_reserve - Given the encoder for the display chain, release any
* HW blocks previously reserved for that use case.
* @rm: DPU Resource Manager handle
* @enc: DRM Encoder handle
* @Return: 0 on Success otherwise -ERROR
void dpu_rm_release(struct dpu_global_state *global_state,
struct drm_encoder *enc);
* Get hw resources of the given type that are assigned to this encoder.
int dpu_rm_get_assigned_resources(struct dpu_rm *rm,
struct dpu_global_state *global_state, uint32_t enc_id,
enum dpu_hw_blk_type type, struct dpu_hw_blk **blks, int blks_size);
#endif /* __DPU_RM_H__ */