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/* SPDX-License-Identifier: GPL-2.0 */
/* Copyright(c) 2018 Intel Corporation. */
#ifndef I40E_TXRX_COMMON_
#define I40E_TXRX_COMMON_
int i40e_xmit_xdp_tx_ring(struct xdp_buff *xdp, struct i40e_ring *xdp_ring);
void i40e_clean_programming_status(struct i40e_ring *rx_ring, u64 qword0_raw,
u64 qword1);
void i40e_process_skb_fields(struct i40e_ring *rx_ring,
union i40e_rx_desc *rx_desc, struct sk_buff *skb);
void i40e_xdp_ring_update_tail(struct i40e_ring *xdp_ring);
void i40e_update_rx_stats(struct i40e_ring *rx_ring,
unsigned int total_rx_bytes,
unsigned int total_rx_packets);
void i40e_finalize_xdp_rx(struct i40e_ring *rx_ring, unsigned int xdp_res);
void i40e_release_rx_desc(struct i40e_ring *rx_ring, u32 val);
#define I40E_XDP_PASS 0
#define I40E_XDP_CONSUMED BIT(0)
#define I40E_XDP_TX BIT(1)
#define I40E_XDP_REDIR BIT(2)
* build_ctob - Builds the Tx descriptor (cmd, offset and type) qword
static inline __le64 build_ctob(u32 td_cmd, u32 td_offset, unsigned int size,
u32 td_tag)
return cpu_to_le64(I40E_TX_DESC_DTYPE_DATA |
((u64)td_cmd << I40E_TXD_QW1_CMD_SHIFT) |
((u64)td_offset << I40E_TXD_QW1_OFFSET_SHIFT) |
((u64)size << I40E_TXD_QW1_TX_BUF_SZ_SHIFT) |
((u64)td_tag << I40E_TXD_QW1_L2TAG1_SHIFT));
* i40e_update_tx_stats - Update the egress statistics for the Tx ring
* @tx_ring: Tx ring to update
* @total_packets: total packets sent
* @total_bytes: total bytes sent
static inline void i40e_update_tx_stats(struct i40e_ring *tx_ring,
unsigned int total_packets,
unsigned int total_bytes)
tx_ring->stats.bytes += total_bytes;
tx_ring->stats.packets += total_packets;
tx_ring->q_vector->tx.total_bytes += total_bytes;
tx_ring->q_vector->tx.total_packets += total_packets;
#define WB_STRIDE 4
* i40e_arm_wb - (Possibly) arms Tx write-back
* @tx_ring: Tx ring to update
* @vsi: the VSI
* @budget: the NAPI budget left
static inline void i40e_arm_wb(struct i40e_ring *tx_ring,
struct i40e_vsi *vsi,
int budget)
if (tx_ring->flags & I40E_TXR_FLAGS_WB_ON_ITR) {
/* check to see if there are < 4 descriptors
* waiting to be written back, then kick the hardware to force
* them to be written back in case we stay in NAPI.
* In this mode on X722 we do not enable Interrupt.
unsigned int j = i40e_get_tx_pending(tx_ring, false);
if (budget &&
((j / WB_STRIDE) == 0) && j > 0 &&
!test_bit(__I40E_VSI_DOWN, vsi->state) &&
(I40E_DESC_UNUSED(tx_ring) != tx_ring->count))
tx_ring->arm_wb = true;
* i40e_rx_is_programming_status - check for programming status descriptor
* @qword1: qword1 representing status_error_len in CPU ordering
* The value of in the descriptor length field indicate if this
* is a programming status descriptor for flow director or FCoE
* by the value of I40E_RX_PROG_STATUS_DESC_LENGTH, otherwise
* it is a packet descriptor.
static inline bool i40e_rx_is_programming_status(u64 qword1)
/* The Rx filter programming status and SPH bit occupy the same
* spot in the descriptor. Since we don't support packet split we
* can just reuse the bit as an indication that this is a
* programming status descriptor.
return qword1 & I40E_RXD_QW1_LENGTH_SPH_MASK;
void i40e_xsk_clean_rx_ring(struct i40e_ring *rx_ring);
void i40e_xsk_clean_tx_ring(struct i40e_ring *tx_ring);
bool i40e_xsk_any_rx_ring_enabled(struct i40e_vsi *vsi);
#endif /* I40E_TXRX_COMMON_ */