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/* SPDX-License-Identifier: GPL-2.0 */
/* Copyright (C) 2021, Intel Corporation. */
#ifndef _ICE_PTP_H_
#define _ICE_PTP_H_
#include <linux/ptp_clock_kernel.h>
#include <linux/kthread.h>
#include "ice_ptp_hw.h"
enum ice_ptp_pin {
GPIO_20 = 0,
struct ice_perout_channel {
bool ena;
u32 gpio_pin;
u64 period;
u64 start_time;
/* The ice hardware captures Tx hardware timestamps in the PHY. The timestamp
* is stored in a buffer of registers. Depending on the specific hardware,
* this buffer might be shared across multiple PHY ports.
* On transmit of a packet to be timestamped, software is responsible for
* selecting an open index. Hardware makes no attempt to lock or prevent
* re-use of an index for multiple packets.
* To handle this, timestamp indexes must be tracked by software to ensure
* that an index is not re-used for multiple transmitted packets. The
* structures and functions declared in this file track the available Tx
* register indexes, as well as provide storage for the SKB pointers.
* To allow multiple ports to access the shared register block independently,
* the blocks are split up so that indexes are assigned to each port based on
* hardware logical port number.
* struct ice_tx_tstamp - Tracking for a single Tx timestamp
* @skb: pointer to the SKB for this timestamp request
* @start: jiffies when the timestamp was first requested
* This structure tracks a single timestamp request. The SKB pointer is
* provided when initiating a request. The start time is used to ensure that
* we discard old requests that were not fulfilled within a 2 second time
* window.
struct ice_tx_tstamp {
struct sk_buff *skb;
unsigned long start;
* struct ice_ptp_tx - Tracking structure for all Tx timestamp requests on a port
* @work: work function to handle processing of Tx timestamps
* @lock: lock to prevent concurrent write to in_use bitmap
* @tstamps: array of len to store outstanding requests
* @in_use: bitmap of len to indicate which slots are in use
* @quad: which quad the timestamps are captured in
* @quad_offset: offset into timestamp block of the quad to get the real index
* @len: length of the tstamps and in_use fields.
* @init: if true, the tracker is initialized;
struct ice_ptp_tx {
struct kthread_work work;
spinlock_t lock; /* lock protecting in_use bitmap */
struct ice_tx_tstamp *tstamps;
unsigned long *in_use;
u8 quad;
u8 quad_offset;
u8 len;
u8 init;
/* Quad and port information for initializing timestamp blocks */
#define INDEX_PER_QUAD 64
* struct ice_ptp_port - data used to initialize an external port for PTP
* This structure contains PTP data related to the external ports. Currently
* it is used for tracking the Tx timestamps of a port. In the future this
* structure will also hold information for the E822 port initialization
* logic.
* @tx: Tx timestamp tracking for this port
struct ice_ptp_port {
struct ice_ptp_tx tx;
* struct ice_ptp - data used for integrating with CONFIG_PTP_1588_CLOCK
* @port: data for the PHY port initialization procedure
* @work: delayed work function for periodic tasks
* @extts_work: work function for handling external Tx timestamps
* @cached_phc_time: a cached copy of the PHC time for timestamp extension
* @ext_ts_chan: the external timestamp channel in use
* @ext_ts_irq: the external timestamp IRQ in use
* @kworker: kwork thread for handling periodic work
* @perout_channels: periodic output data
* @info: structure defining PTP hardware capabilities
* @clock: pointer to registered PTP clock device
* @tstamp_config: hardware timestamping configuration
struct ice_ptp {
struct ice_ptp_port port;
struct kthread_delayed_work work;
struct kthread_work extts_work;
u64 cached_phc_time;
u8 ext_ts_chan;
u8 ext_ts_irq;
struct kthread_worker *kworker;
struct ice_perout_channel perout_channels[GLTSYN_TGT_H_IDX_MAX];
struct ptp_clock_info info;
struct ptp_clock *clock;
struct hwtstamp_config tstamp_config;
#define __ptp_port_to_ptp(p) \
container_of((p), struct ice_ptp, port)
#define ptp_port_to_pf(p) \
container_of(__ptp_port_to_ptp((p)), struct ice_pf, ptp)
#define __ptp_info_to_ptp(i) \
container_of((i), struct ice_ptp, info)
#define ptp_info_to_pf(i) \
container_of(__ptp_info_to_ptp((i)), struct ice_pf, ptp)
/* Per-channel register definitions */
#define GLTSYN_AUX_OUT(_chan, _idx) (GLTSYN_AUX_OUT_0(_idx) + ((_chan) * 8))
#define GLTSYN_AUX_IN(_chan, _idx) (GLTSYN_AUX_IN_0(_idx) + ((_chan) * 8))
#define GLTSYN_CLKO(_chan, _idx) (GLTSYN_CLKO_0(_idx) + ((_chan) * 8))
#define GLTSYN_TGT_L(_chan, _idx) (GLTSYN_TGT_L_0(_idx) + ((_chan) * 16))
#define GLTSYN_TGT_H(_chan, _idx) (GLTSYN_TGT_H_0(_idx) + ((_chan) * 16))
#define GLTSYN_EVNT_L(_chan, _idx) (GLTSYN_EVNT_L_0(_idx) + ((_chan) * 16))
#define GLTSYN_EVNT_H(_chan, _idx) (GLTSYN_EVNT_H_0(_idx) + ((_chan) * 16))
/* Pin definitions for PTP PPS out */
#define PPS_CLK_GEN_CHAN 3
#define PPS_CLK_SRC_CHAN 2
#define PPS_PIN_INDEX 5
#define E810_N_EXT_TS 3
#define E810_N_PER_OUT 4
struct ice_pf;
int ice_ptp_set_ts_config(struct ice_pf *pf, struct ifreq *ifr);
int ice_ptp_get_ts_config(struct ice_pf *pf, struct ifreq *ifr);
int ice_get_ptp_clock_index(struct ice_pf *pf);
s8 ice_ptp_request_ts(struct ice_ptp_tx *tx, struct sk_buff *skb);
void ice_ptp_process_ts(struct ice_pf *pf);
ice_ptp_rx_hwtstamp(struct ice_ring *rx_ring,
union ice_32b_rx_flex_desc *rx_desc, struct sk_buff *skb);
void ice_ptp_init(struct ice_pf *pf);
void ice_ptp_release(struct ice_pf *pf);
static inline int ice_ptp_set_ts_config(struct ice_pf *pf, struct ifreq *ifr)
static inline int ice_ptp_get_ts_config(struct ice_pf *pf, struct ifreq *ifr)
static inline int ice_get_ptp_clock_index(struct ice_pf *pf)
return -1;
static inline s8
ice_ptp_request_ts(struct ice_ptp_tx *tx, struct sk_buff *skb)
return -1;
static inline void ice_ptp_process_ts(struct ice_pf *pf) { }
static inline void
ice_ptp_rx_hwtstamp(struct ice_ring *rx_ring,
union ice_32b_rx_flex_desc *rx_desc, struct sk_buff *skb) { }
static inline void ice_ptp_init(struct ice_pf *pf) { }
static inline void ice_ptp_release(struct ice_pf *pf) { }
#endif /* IS_ENABLED(CONFIG_PTP_1588_CLOCK) */
#endif /* _ICE_PTP_H_ */