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/* SPDX-License-Identifier: GPL-2.0-or-later */
* Copyright (C) 2019 Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.
#ifndef __KSMBD_WORK_H__
#define __KSMBD_WORK_H__
#include <linux/ctype.h>
#include <linux/workqueue.h>
struct ksmbd_conn;
struct ksmbd_session;
struct ksmbd_tree_connect;
enum {
/* one of these for every pending CIFS request at the connection */
struct ksmbd_work {
/* Server corresponding to this mid */
struct ksmbd_conn *conn;
struct ksmbd_session *sess;
struct ksmbd_tree_connect *tcon;
/* Pointer to received SMB header */
void *request_buf;
/* Response buffer */
void *response_buf;
/* Read data buffer */
void *aux_payload_buf;
/* Next cmd hdr in compound req buf*/
int next_smb2_rcv_hdr_off;
/* Next cmd hdr in compound rsp buf*/
int next_smb2_rsp_hdr_off;
* Current Local FID assigned compound response if SMB2 CREATE
* command is present in compound request
u64 compound_fid;
u64 compound_pfid;
u64 compound_sid;
const struct cred *saved_cred;
/* Number of granted credits */
unsigned int credits_granted;
/* response smb header size */
unsigned int resp_hdr_sz;
unsigned int response_sz;
/* Read data count */
unsigned int aux_payload_sz;
void *tr_buf;
unsigned char state;
/* Multiple responses for one request e.g. SMB ECHO */
bool multiRsp:1;
/* No response for cancelled request */
bool send_no_response:1;
/* Request is encrypted */
bool encrypted:1;
/* Is this SYNC or ASYNC ksmbd_work */
bool syncronous:1;
bool need_invalidate_rkey:1;
unsigned int remote_key;
/* cancel works */
int async_id;
void **cancel_argv;
void (*cancel_fn)(void **argv);
struct work_struct work;
/* List head at conn->requests */
struct list_head request_entry;
/* List head at conn->async_requests */
struct list_head async_request_entry;
struct list_head fp_entry;
struct list_head interim_entry;
* ksmbd_resp_buf_next - Get next buffer on compound response.
* @work: smb work containing response buffer
static inline void *ksmbd_resp_buf_next(struct ksmbd_work *work)
return work->response_buf + work->next_smb2_rsp_hdr_off;
* ksmbd_req_buf_next - Get next buffer on compound request.
* @work: smb work containing response buffer
static inline void *ksmbd_req_buf_next(struct ksmbd_work *work)
return work->request_buf + work->next_smb2_rcv_hdr_off;
struct ksmbd_work *ksmbd_alloc_work_struct(void);
void ksmbd_free_work_struct(struct ksmbd_work *work);
void ksmbd_work_pool_destroy(void);
int ksmbd_work_pool_init(void);
int ksmbd_workqueue_init(void);
void ksmbd_workqueue_destroy(void);
bool ksmbd_queue_work(struct ksmbd_work *work);
#endif /* __KSMBD_WORK_H__ */