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/* SPDX-License-Identifier: GPL-2.0-or-later */
* RDMA Network Block Driver
* Copyright (c) 2014 - 2018 ProfitBricks GmbH. All rights reserved.
* Copyright (c) 2018 - 2019 1&1 IONOS Cloud GmbH. All rights reserved.
* Copyright (c) 2019 - 2020 1&1 IONOS SE. All rights reserved.
#ifndef RNBD_CLT_H
#define RNBD_CLT_H
#include <linux/wait.h>
#include <linux/in.h>
#include <linux/inet.h>
#include <linux/blk-mq.h>
#include <linux/refcount.h>
#include <rtrs.h>
#include "rnbd-proto.h"
#include "rnbd-log.h"
/* time in seconds between reconnect tries, default to 30 s */
* Number of times to reconnect on error before giving up, 0 for * disabled,
* -1 for forever
enum rnbd_clt_dev_state {
struct rnbd_iu_comp {
wait_queue_head_t wait;
int errno;
#define RNBD_RDMA_SGL_SIZE (sizeof(struct scatterlist) * RNBD_INLINE_SG_CNT)
struct rnbd_iu {
union {
struct request *rq; /* for block io */
void *buf; /* for user messages */
struct rtrs_permit *permit;
union {
/* use to send msg associated with a dev */
struct rnbd_clt_dev *dev;
/* use to send msg associated with a sess */
struct rnbd_clt_session *sess;
struct sg_table sgt;
struct work_struct work;
int errno;
struct rnbd_iu_comp comp;
atomic_t refcount;
struct scatterlist first_sgl[]; /* must be the last one */
struct rnbd_cpu_qlist {
struct list_head requeue_list;
spinlock_t requeue_lock;
unsigned int cpu;
struct rnbd_clt_session {
struct list_head list;
struct rtrs_clt *rtrs;
wait_queue_head_t rtrs_waitq;
bool rtrs_ready;
struct rnbd_cpu_qlist __percpu
DECLARE_BITMAP(cpu_queues_bm, NR_CPUS);
int __percpu *cpu_rr; /* per-cpu var for CPU round-robin */
atomic_t busy;
size_t queue_depth;
u32 max_io_size;
u32 max_segments;
struct blk_mq_tag_set tag_set;
u32 nr_poll_queues;
struct mutex lock; /* protects state and devs_list */
struct list_head devs_list; /* list of struct rnbd_clt_dev */
refcount_t refcount;
char sessname[NAME_MAX];
u8 ver; /* protocol version */
* Submission queues.
struct rnbd_queue {
struct list_head requeue_list;
unsigned long in_list;
struct rnbd_clt_dev *dev;
struct blk_mq_hw_ctx *hctx;
struct rnbd_clt_dev {
struct rnbd_clt_session *sess;
struct request_queue *queue;
struct rnbd_queue *hw_queues;
u32 device_id;
/* local Idr index - used to track minor number allocations. */
u32 clt_device_id;
struct mutex lock;
enum rnbd_clt_dev_state dev_state;
char *pathname;
enum rnbd_access_mode access_mode;
u32 nr_poll_queues;
bool read_only;
bool rotational;
bool wc;
bool fua;
u32 max_hw_sectors;
u32 max_write_same_sectors;
u32 max_discard_sectors;
u32 discard_granularity;
u32 discard_alignment;
u16 secure_discard;
u16 physical_block_size;
u16 logical_block_size;
u16 max_segments;
size_t nsectors;
u64 size; /* device size in bytes */
struct list_head list;
struct gendisk *gd;
struct kobject kobj;
char *blk_symlink_name;
refcount_t refcount;
struct work_struct unmap_on_rmmod_work;
/* rnbd-clt.c */
struct rnbd_clt_dev *rnbd_clt_map_device(const char *sessname,
struct rtrs_addr *paths,
size_t path_cnt, u16 port_nr,
const char *pathname,
enum rnbd_access_mode access_mode,
u32 nr_poll_queues);
int rnbd_clt_unmap_device(struct rnbd_clt_dev *dev, bool force,
const struct attribute *sysfs_self);
int rnbd_clt_remap_device(struct rnbd_clt_dev *dev);
int rnbd_clt_resize_disk(struct rnbd_clt_dev *dev, size_t newsize);
/* rnbd-clt-sysfs.c */
int rnbd_clt_create_sysfs_files(void);
void rnbd_clt_destroy_sysfs_files(void);
void rnbd_clt_remove_dev_symlink(struct rnbd_clt_dev *dev);
#endif /* RNBD_CLT_H */