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/* SPDX-License-Identifier: MIT */
* Copyright © 2015 Intel Corporation
#ifndef INTEL_MOCS_H
#define INTEL_MOCS_H
* DOC: Memory Objects Control State (MOCS)
* Motivation:
* In previous Gens the MOCS settings was a value that was set by user land as
* part of the batch. In Gen9 this has changed to be a single table (per ring)
* that all batches now reference by index instead of programming the MOCS
* directly.
* The one wrinkle in this is that only PART of the MOCS tables are included
* in context (The GFX_MOCS_0 - GFX_MOCS_64 and the LNCFCMOCS0 - LNCFCMOCS32
* registers). The rest are not (the settings for the other rings).
* This table needs to be set at system start-up because the way the table
* interacts with the contexts and the GmmLib interface.
* Implementation:
* The tables (one per supported platform) are defined in intel_mocs.c
* and are programmed in the first batch after the context is loaded
* (with the hardware workarounds). This will then let the usual
* context handling keep the MOCS in step.
struct intel_engine_cs;
struct intel_gt;
void intel_mocs_init(struct intel_gt *gt);
void intel_mocs_init_engine(struct intel_engine_cs *engine);