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/* SPDX-License-Identifier: GPL-2.0-only */
* Copyright (C) 2013 Red Hat
* Author: Rob Clark <>
#ifndef __MSM_RINGBUFFER_H__
#define __MSM_RINGBUFFER_H__
#include "drm/gpu_scheduler.h"
#include "msm_drv.h"
#define rbmemptr(ring, member) \
((ring)->memptrs_iova + offsetof(struct msm_rbmemptrs, member))
#define rbmemptr_stats(ring, index, member) \
(rbmemptr((ring), stats) + \
((index) * sizeof(struct msm_gpu_submit_stats)) + \
offsetof(struct msm_gpu_submit_stats, member))
struct msm_gpu_submit_stats {
u64 cpcycles_start;
u64 cpcycles_end;
u64 alwayson_start;
u64 alwayson_end;
struct msm_rbmemptrs {
volatile uint32_t rptr;
volatile uint32_t fence;
volatile struct msm_gpu_submit_stats stats[MSM_GPU_SUBMIT_STATS_COUNT];
volatile u64 ttbr0;
struct msm_ringbuffer {
struct msm_gpu *gpu;
int id;
struct drm_gem_object *bo;
uint32_t *start, *end, *cur, *next;
* The job scheduler for this ring.
struct drm_gpu_scheduler sched;
* List of in-flight submits on this ring. Protected by submit_lock.
* Currently just submits that are already written into the ring, not
* submits that are still in drm_gpu_scheduler's queues. At a later
* step we could probably move to letting drm_gpu_scheduler manage
* hangcheck detection and keep track of submit jobs that are in-
* flight.
struct list_head submits;
spinlock_t submit_lock;
uint64_t iova;
uint32_t seqno;
uint32_t hangcheck_fence;
struct msm_rbmemptrs *memptrs;
uint64_t memptrs_iova;
struct msm_fence_context *fctx;
* preempt_lock protects preemption and serializes wptr updates against
* preemption. Can be aquired from irq context.
spinlock_t preempt_lock;
struct msm_ringbuffer *msm_ringbuffer_new(struct msm_gpu *gpu, int id,
void *memptrs, uint64_t memptrs_iova);
void msm_ringbuffer_destroy(struct msm_ringbuffer *ring);
/* ringbuffer helpers (the parts that are same for a3xx/a2xx/z180..) */
static inline void
OUT_RING(struct msm_ringbuffer *ring, uint32_t data)
* ring->next points to the current command being written - it won't be
* committed as ring->cur until the flush
if (ring->next == ring->end)
ring->next = ring->start;
*(ring->next++) = data;
#endif /* __MSM_RINGBUFFER_H__ */