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/* SPDX-License-Identifier: GPL-2.0-only */
* Most ISHTP provider device and ISHTP logic declarations
* Copyright (c) 2003-2016, Intel Corporation.
#ifndef _ISHTP_DEV_H_
#define _ISHTP_DEV_H_
#include <linux/types.h>
#include <linux/spinlock.h>
#include <linux/intel-ish-client-if.h>
#include "bus.h"
#include "hbm.h"
#define IPC_PAYLOAD_SIZE 128
#define IPC_FULL_MSG_SIZE 132
/* Number of messages to be held in ISR->BH FIFO */
#define RD_INT_FIFO_SIZE 64
* Number of IPC messages to be held in Tx FIFO, to be sent by ISR -
* Tx complete interrupt or RX_COMPLETE handler
#define IPC_TX_FIFO_SIZE 512
* Number of Maximum ISHTP Clients
* Number of File descriptors/handles
* that can be opened to the driver.
* Limit to 255: 256 Total Clients
* minus internal client for ISHTP Bus Messages
/* Internal Clients Number */
#define MAX_DMA_DELAY 20
/* ISHTP device states */
enum ishtp_dev_state {
const char *ishtp_dev_state_str(int state);
struct ishtp_cl;
* struct ishtp_fw_client - representation of fw client
* @props - client properties
* @client_id - fw client id
struct ishtp_fw_client {
struct ishtp_client_properties props;
uint8_t client_id;
* Control info for IPC messages ISHTP/IPC sending FIFO -
* list with inline data buffer
* This structure will be filled with parameters submitted
* by the caller glue layer
* 'buf' may be pointing to the external buffer or to 'inline_data'
* 'offset' will be initialized to 0 by submitting
* 'ipc_send_compl' is intended for use by clients that send fragmented
* messages. When a fragment is sent down to IPC msg regs,
* it will be called.
* If it has more fragments to send, it will do it. With last fragment
* it will send appropriate ISHTP "message-complete" flag.
* It will remove the outstanding message
* (mark outstanding buffer as available).
* If counting flow control is in work and there are more flow control
* credits, it can put the next client message queued in cl.
* structure for IPC processing.
struct wr_msg_ctl_info {
/* Will be called with 'ipc_send_compl_prm' as parameter */
void (*ipc_send_compl)(void *);
void *ipc_send_compl_prm;
size_t length;
struct list_head link;
unsigned char inline_data[IPC_FULL_MSG_SIZE];
* The ISHTP layer talks to hardware IPC message using the following
* callbacks
struct ishtp_hw_ops {
int (*hw_reset)(struct ishtp_device *dev);
int (*ipc_reset)(struct ishtp_device *dev);
uint32_t (*ipc_get_header)(struct ishtp_device *dev, int length,
int busy);
int (*write)(struct ishtp_device *dev,
void (*ipc_send_compl)(void *), void *ipc_send_compl_prm,
unsigned char *msg, int length);
uint32_t (*ishtp_read_hdr)(const struct ishtp_device *dev);
int (*ishtp_read)(struct ishtp_device *dev, unsigned char *buffer,
unsigned long buffer_length);
uint32_t (*get_fw_status)(struct ishtp_device *dev);
void (*sync_fw_clock)(struct ishtp_device *dev);
bool (*dma_no_cache_snooping)(struct ishtp_device *dev);
* struct ishtp_device - ISHTP private device struct
struct ishtp_device {
struct device *devc; /* pointer to lowest device */
struct pci_dev *pdev; /* PCI device to get device ids */
/* waitq for waiting for suspend response */
wait_queue_head_t suspend_wait;
bool suspend_flag; /* Suspend is active */
/* waitq for waiting for resume response */
wait_queue_head_t resume_wait;
bool resume_flag; /*Resume is active */
* lock for the device, for everything that doesn't have
* a dedicated spinlock
spinlock_t device_lock;
bool recvd_hw_ready;
struct hbm_version version;
int transfer_path; /* Choice of transfer path: IPC or DMA */
/* ishtp device states */
enum ishtp_dev_state dev_state;
enum ishtp_hbm_state hbm_state;
/* driver read queue */
struct ishtp_cl_rb read_list;
spinlock_t read_list_spinlock;
/* list of ishtp_cl's */
struct list_head cl_list;
spinlock_t cl_list_lock;
long open_handle_count;
/* List of bus devices */
struct list_head device_list;
spinlock_t device_list_lock;
/* waiting queues for receive message from FW */
wait_queue_head_t wait_hw_ready;
wait_queue_head_t wait_hbm_recvd_msg;
/* FIFO for input messages for BH processing */
unsigned char rd_msg_fifo[RD_INT_FIFO_SIZE * IPC_PAYLOAD_SIZE];
unsigned int rd_msg_fifo_head, rd_msg_fifo_tail;
spinlock_t rd_msg_spinlock;
struct work_struct bh_hbm_work;
/* IPC write queue */
struct list_head wr_processing_list, wr_free_list;
/* For both processing list and free list */
spinlock_t wr_processing_spinlock;
struct ishtp_fw_client *fw_clients; /*Note:memory has to be allocated*/
uint8_t fw_clients_num;
uint8_t fw_client_presentation_num;
uint8_t fw_client_index;
spinlock_t fw_clients_lock;
/* TX DMA buffers and slots */
int ishtp_host_dma_enabled;
void *ishtp_host_dma_tx_buf;
unsigned int ishtp_host_dma_tx_buf_size;
uint64_t ishtp_host_dma_tx_buf_phys;
int ishtp_dma_num_slots;
/* map of 4k blocks in Tx dma buf: 0-free, 1-used */
uint8_t *ishtp_dma_tx_map;
spinlock_t ishtp_dma_tx_lock;
/* RX DMA buffers and slots */
void *ishtp_host_dma_rx_buf;
unsigned int ishtp_host_dma_rx_buf_size;
uint64_t ishtp_host_dma_rx_buf_phys;
/* Dump to trace buffers if enabled*/
ishtp_print_log print_log;
/* Debug stats */
unsigned int ipc_rx_cnt;
unsigned long long ipc_rx_bytes_cnt;
unsigned int ipc_tx_cnt;
unsigned long long ipc_tx_bytes_cnt;
const struct ishtp_hw_ops *ops;
size_t mtu;
uint32_t ishtp_msg_hdr;
char hw[] __aligned(sizeof(void *));
static inline unsigned long ishtp_secs_to_jiffies(unsigned long sec)
return msecs_to_jiffies(sec * MSEC_PER_SEC);
* Register Access Function
static inline int ish_ipc_reset(struct ishtp_device *dev)
return dev->ops->ipc_reset(dev);
/* Exported function */
void ishtp_device_init(struct ishtp_device *dev);
int ishtp_start(struct ishtp_device *dev);
#endif /*_ISHTP_DEV_H_*/