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/* SPDX-License-Identifier: GPL-2.0-only */
* drivers/media/i2c/ccs-pll.h
* Generic MIPI CCS/SMIA/SMIA++ PLL calculator
* Copyright (C) 2020 Intel Corporation
* Copyright (C) 2012 Nokia Corporation
* Contact: Sakari Ailus <>
#ifndef CCS_PLL_H
#define CCS_PLL_H
#include <linux/bits.h>
/* CSI-2 or CCP-2 */
/* Old SMIA and implementation specific flags */
/* op pix clock is for all lanes in total normally */
/* CCS PLL flags */
* struct ccs_pll_branch_fr - CCS PLL configuration (front)
* A single branch front-end of the CCS PLL tree.
* @pre_pll_clk_div: Pre-PLL clock divisor
* @pll_multiplier: PLL multiplier
* @pll_ip_clk_freq_hz: PLL input clock frequency
* @pll_op_clk_freq_hz: PLL output clock frequency
struct ccs_pll_branch_fr {
u16 pre_pll_clk_div;
u16 pll_multiplier;
u32 pll_ip_clk_freq_hz;
u32 pll_op_clk_freq_hz;
* struct ccs_pll_branch_bk - CCS PLL configuration (back)
* A single branch back-end of the CCS PLL tree.
* @sys_clk_div: System clock divider
* @pix_clk_div: Pixel clock divider
* @sys_clk_freq_hz: System clock frequency
* @pix_clk_freq_hz: Pixel clock frequency
struct ccs_pll_branch_bk {
u16 sys_clk_div;
u16 pix_clk_div;
u32 sys_clk_freq_hz;
u32 pix_clk_freq_hz;
* struct ccs_pll - Full CCS PLL configuration
* All information required to calculate CCS PLL configuration.
* @bus_type: Type of the data bus, CCS_PLL_BUS_TYPE_* (input)
* @op_lanes: Number of operational lanes (input)
* @vt_lanes: Number of video timing lanes (input)
* @csi2: CSI-2 related parameters
* @csi2.lanes: The number of the CSI-2 data lanes (input)
* @binning_vertical: Vertical binning factor (input)
* @binning_horizontal: Horizontal binning factor (input)
* @scale_m: Downscaling factor, M component, [16, max] (input)
* @scale_n: Downscaling factor, N component, typically 16 (input)
* @bits_per_pixel: Bits per pixel on the output data bus (input)
* @op_bits_per_lane: Number of bits per OP lane (input)
* @flags: CCS_PLL_FLAG_* (input)
* @link_freq: Chosen link frequency (input)
* @ext_clk_freq_hz: External clock frequency, i.e. the sensor's input clock
* (input)
* @vt_fr: Video timing front-end configuration (output)
* @vt_bk: Video timing back-end configuration (output)
* @op_fr: Operational timing front-end configuration (output)
* @op_bk: Operational timing back-end configuration (output)
* @pixel_rate_csi: Pixel rate on the output data bus (output)
* @pixel_rate_pixel_array: Nominal pixel rate in the sensor's pixel array
* (output)
struct ccs_pll {
/* input values */
u8 bus_type;
u8 op_lanes;
u8 vt_lanes;
struct {
u8 lanes;
} csi2;
u8 binning_horizontal;
u8 binning_vertical;
u8 scale_m;
u8 scale_n;
u8 bits_per_pixel;
u8 op_bits_per_lane;
u16 flags;
u32 link_freq;
u32 ext_clk_freq_hz;
/* output values */
struct ccs_pll_branch_fr vt_fr;
struct ccs_pll_branch_bk vt_bk;
struct ccs_pll_branch_fr op_fr;
struct ccs_pll_branch_bk op_bk;
u32 pixel_rate_csi;
u32 pixel_rate_pixel_array;
* struct ccs_pll_branch_limits_fr - CCS PLL front-end limits
* @min_pre_pll_clk_div: Minimum pre-PLL clock divider
* @max_pre_pll_clk_div: Maximum pre-PLL clock divider
* @min_pll_ip_clk_freq_hz: Minimum PLL input clock frequency
* @max_pll_ip_clk_freq_hz: Maximum PLL input clock frequency
* @min_pll_multiplier: Minimum PLL multiplier
* @max_pll_multiplier: Maximum PLL multiplier
* @min_pll_op_clk_freq_hz: Minimum PLL output clock frequency
* @max_pll_op_clk_freq_hz: Maximum PLL output clock frequency
struct ccs_pll_branch_limits_fr {
u16 min_pre_pll_clk_div;
u16 max_pre_pll_clk_div;
u32 min_pll_ip_clk_freq_hz;
u32 max_pll_ip_clk_freq_hz;
u16 min_pll_multiplier;
u16 max_pll_multiplier;
u32 min_pll_op_clk_freq_hz;
u32 max_pll_op_clk_freq_hz;
* struct ccs_pll_branch_limits_bk - CCS PLL back-end limits
* @min_sys_clk_div: Minimum system clock divider
* @max_sys_clk_div: Maximum system clock divider
* @min_sys_clk_freq_hz: Minimum system clock frequency
* @max_sys_clk_freq_hz: Maximum system clock frequency
* @min_pix_clk_div: Minimum pixel clock divider
* @max_pix_clk_div: Maximum pixel clock divider
* @min_pix_clk_freq_hz: Minimum pixel clock frequency
* @max_pix_clk_freq_hz: Maximum pixel clock frequency
struct ccs_pll_branch_limits_bk {
u16 min_sys_clk_div;
u16 max_sys_clk_div;
u32 min_sys_clk_freq_hz;
u32 max_sys_clk_freq_hz;
u16 min_pix_clk_div;
u16 max_pix_clk_div;
u32 min_pix_clk_freq_hz;
u32 max_pix_clk_freq_hz;
* struct ccs_pll_limits - CCS PLL limits
* @min_ext_clk_freq_hz: Minimum external clock frequency
* @max_ext_clk_freq_hz: Maximum external clock frequency
* @vt_fr: Video timing front-end limits
* @vt_bk: Video timing back-end limits
* @op_fr: Operational timing front-end limits
* @op_bk: Operational timing back-end limits
* @min_line_length_pck_bin: Minimum line length in pixels, with binning
* @min_line_length_pck: Minimum line length in pixels without binning
struct ccs_pll_limits {
/* Strict PLL limits */
u32 min_ext_clk_freq_hz;
u32 max_ext_clk_freq_hz;
struct ccs_pll_branch_limits_fr vt_fr;
struct ccs_pll_branch_limits_bk vt_bk;
struct ccs_pll_branch_limits_fr op_fr;
struct ccs_pll_branch_limits_bk op_bk;
/* Other relevant limits */
u32 min_line_length_pck_bin;
u32 min_line_length_pck;
struct device;
* ccs_pll_calculate - Calculate CCS PLL configuration based on input parameters
* @dev: Device pointer, used for printing messages
* @limits: Limits specific to the sensor
* @pll: Given PLL configuration
* Calculate the CCS PLL configuration based on the limits as well as given
* device specific, system specific or user configured input data.
int ccs_pll_calculate(struct device *dev, const struct ccs_pll_limits *limits,
struct ccs_pll *pll);
#endif /* CCS_PLL_H */