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/* SPDX-License-Identifier: GPL-2.0-or-later */
/* Linux driver for Philips webcam
(C) 2004-2006 Luc Saillard (
NOTE: this version of pwc is an unofficial (modified) release of pwc & pcwx
driver and thus may have bugs that are not present in the original version.
Please send bug reports and support requests to <>.
The decompression routines have been implemented by reverse-engineering the
Nemosoft binary pwcx module. Caveat emptor.
/* This tables contains entries for the 675/680/690 (Timon) camera, with
4 different qualities (no compression, low, medium, high).
It lists the bandwidth requirements for said mode by its alternate interface
number. An alternate of 0 means that the mode is unavailable.
There are 6 * 4 * 4 entries:
6 different resolutions subqcif, qsif, qcif, sif, cif, vga
6 framerates: 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30
4 compression modi: none, low, medium, high
When an uncompressed mode is not available, the next available compressed mode
will be chosen (unless the decompressor is absent). Sometimes there are only
1 or 2 compressed modes available; in that case entries are duplicated.
#ifndef PWC_TIMON_H
#define PWC_TIMON_H
#include "pwc.h"
struct Timon_table_entry
char alternate; /* USB alternate interface */
unsigned short packetsize; /* Normal packet size */
unsigned short bandlength; /* Bandlength when decompressing */
unsigned char mode[13]; /* precomputed mode settings for cam */
extern const struct Timon_table_entry Timon_table[PSZ_MAX][PWC_FPS_MAX_TIMON][4];
extern const unsigned int TimonRomTable [16][2][16][8];
extern const unsigned int Timon_fps_vector[PWC_FPS_MAX_TIMON];