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# SPDX-License-Identifier: GPL-2.0-only
config NET_DSA_SJA1105
tristate "NXP SJA1105 Ethernet switch family support"
depends on NET_DSA && SPI
depends on PTP_1588_CLOCK_OPTIONAL
select NET_DSA_TAG_SJA1105
select PCS_XPCS
select PACKING
select CRC32
This is the driver for the NXP SJA1105 (5-port) and SJA1110 (10-port)
automotive Ethernet switch family. These are managed over an SPI
interface. Probing is handled based on OF bindings and so is the
linkage to PHYLINK. The driver supports the following revisions:
- SJA1105E (Gen. 1, No TT-Ethernet)
- SJA1105T (Gen. 1, TT-Ethernet)
- SJA1105P (Gen. 2, No SGMII, No TT-Ethernet)
- SJA1105Q (Gen. 2, No SGMII, TT-Ethernet)
- SJA1105R (Gen. 2, SGMII, No TT-Ethernet)
- SJA1105S (Gen. 2, SGMII, TT-Ethernet)
- SJA1110A (Gen. 3, SGMII, TT-Ethernet, 100base-TX PHY, 10 ports)
- SJA1110B (Gen. 3, SGMII, TT-Ethernet, 100base-TX PHY, 9 ports)
- SJA1110C (Gen. 3, SGMII, TT-Ethernet, 100base-TX PHY, 7 ports)
- SJA1110D (Gen. 3, SGMII, TT-Ethernet, no 100base-TX PHY, 7 ports)
config NET_DSA_SJA1105_PTP
bool "Support for the PTP clock on the NXP SJA1105 Ethernet switch"
depends on NET_DSA_SJA1105
depends on PTP_1588_CLOCK
This enables support for timestamping and PTP clock manipulations in
the SJA1105 DSA driver.
config NET_DSA_SJA1105_TAS
bool "Support for the Time-Aware Scheduler on NXP SJA1105"
depends on NET_DSA_SJA1105 && NET_SCH_TAPRIO
depends on NET_SCH_TAPRIO=y || NET_DSA_SJA1105=m
depends on NET_DSA_SJA1105_PTP
This enables support for the TTEthernet-based egress scheduling
engine in the SJA1105 DSA driver, which is controlled using a
hardware offload of the tc-tqprio qdisc.
config NET_DSA_SJA1105_VL
bool "Support for Virtual Links on NXP SJA1105"
depends on NET_DSA_SJA1105_TAS
This enables support for flow classification using capable devices
(SJA1105T, SJA1105Q, SJA1105S). The following actions are supported:
- redirect, trap, drop
- time-based ingress policing, via the tc-gate action