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/* SPDX-License-Identifier: GPL-2.0-only */
* Copyright (C) 2016,2017 ARM Limited, All Rights Reserved.
* Author: Marc Zyngier <>
struct its_vpe;
* Maximum number of ITTs when GITS_TYPER.VMOVP == 0, using the
* ITSList mechanism to perform inter-ITS synchronization.
#define GICv4_ITS_LIST_MAX 16
/* Embedded in kvm.arch */
struct its_vm {
struct fwnode_handle *fwnode;
struct irq_domain *domain;
struct page *vprop_page;
struct its_vpe **vpes;
int nr_vpes;
irq_hw_number_t db_lpi_base;
unsigned long *db_bitmap;
int nr_db_lpis;
u32 vlpi_count[GICv4_ITS_LIST_MAX];
/* Embedded in kvm_vcpu.arch */
struct its_vpe {
struct page *vpt_page;
struct its_vm *its_vm;
/* per-vPE VLPI tracking */
atomic_t vlpi_count;
/* Doorbell interrupt */
int irq;
irq_hw_number_t vpe_db_lpi;
/* VPE resident */
bool resident;
/* VPT parse complete */
bool ready;
union {
/* GICv4.0 implementations */
struct {
/* VPE proxy mapping */
int vpe_proxy_event;
/* Implementation Defined Area Invalid */
bool idai;
/* GICv4.1 implementations */
struct {
struct fwnode_handle *fwnode;
struct irq_domain *sgi_domain;
struct {
u8 priority;
bool enabled;
bool group;
} sgi_config[16];
atomic_t vmapp_count;
* Ensures mutual exclusion between affinity setting of the
* vPE and vLPI operations using vpe->col_idx.
raw_spinlock_t vpe_lock;
* This collection ID is used to indirect the target
* redistributor for this VPE. The ID itself isn't involved in
* programming of the ITS.
u16 col_idx;
/* Unique (system-wide) VPE identifier */
u16 vpe_id;
/* Pending VLPIs on schedule out? */
bool pending_last;
* struct its_vlpi_map: structure describing the mapping of a
* VLPI. Only to be interpreted in the context of a physical interrupt
* it complements. To be used as the vcpu_info passed to
* irq_set_vcpu_affinity().
* @vm: Pointer to the GICv4 notion of a VM
* @vpe: Pointer to the GICv4 notion of a virtual CPU (VPE)
* @vintid: Virtual LPI number
* @properties: Priority and enable bits (as written in the prop table)
* @db_enabled: Is the VPE doorbell to be generated?
struct its_vlpi_map {
struct its_vm *vm;
struct its_vpe *vpe;
u32 vintid;
u8 properties;
bool db_enabled;
enum its_vcpu_info_cmd_type {
struct its_cmd_info {
enum its_vcpu_info_cmd_type cmd_type;
union {
struct its_vlpi_map *map;
u8 config;
bool req_db;
struct {
bool g0en;
bool g1en;
struct {
u8 priority;
bool group;
int its_alloc_vcpu_irqs(struct its_vm *vm);
void its_free_vcpu_irqs(struct its_vm *vm);
int its_make_vpe_resident(struct its_vpe *vpe, bool g0en, bool g1en);
int its_make_vpe_non_resident(struct its_vpe *vpe, bool db);
int its_commit_vpe(struct its_vpe *vpe);
int its_invall_vpe(struct its_vpe *vpe);
int its_map_vlpi(int irq, struct its_vlpi_map *map);
int its_get_vlpi(int irq, struct its_vlpi_map *map);
int its_unmap_vlpi(int irq);
int its_prop_update_vlpi(int irq, u8 config, bool inv);
int its_prop_update_vsgi(int irq, u8 priority, bool group);
struct irq_domain_ops;
int its_init_v4(struct irq_domain *domain,
const struct irq_domain_ops *vpe_ops,
const struct irq_domain_ops *sgi_ops);
bool gic_cpuif_has_vsgi(void);